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Spots on a bottom at women: the reasons what to do, as well as than to treat

On a female body often there are any rashes that is caused by an unstable hormonal background. Spots on a bottom at women cause discomfort because the struck part of a body constantly adjoins to clothes. Buttocks are subject to this problem not less than a face, a back or hands.

Spots on a bottom at women: the reasons what to do, as well as than to treat

Emergence reasons

Before therapy of inflammations it is necessary to consult with the dermatologist and to learn the reason of their emergence. Here the most popular of them:

  1. Dry skin. On buttocks practically there are no sebaceous glands therefore this area is subject to drying. Formation of heat-spots is promoted by obstruction of a time and frequent contact with an external irritant.
  2. Sweating. Some people suffer from the strengthened work of sebaceous glands, in this case sweat irritates an integument, but doesn't humidify it. The situation worsens at the available inflammations on a bottom.
  3. Office work. The inactive way of life and sedentary work negatively affect a condition of skin.
  4. The raised keratinization. Natural process of self-cleaning of epidermis doesn't allow the become lifeless cages to leave an integument surface, in a consequence of that there is a blockage and there are spots.
  5. Catarrhal eels. In a cold season skin is subject to overcooling that leads to cooling of temperature of buttocks and development of inflammatory process.
  6. Specific feature. At the woman skin can be very sensitive to cosmetics. Heat-spots become reaction to insufficient hygiene of a body, a metabolism problem, reception of medical preparations, improper feeding, a hormonal imbalance.

Only in lonely cases buttock spots aren't caused by the above-mentioned reasons. The only explanation of a problem is the illness of venereal or catarrhal type which is followed by inflammations and rashes.

Spots on a bottom at women: the reasons what to do, as well as than to treat

Ways of fight

Rashes on a bottom are familiar to most of women, but only the few address to the doctor with this intimate problem. Here some effective ways helping to get rid of spots:

  • Salicylic ointment. The preparation is applied with a wadded disk or a stick only on affected areas. Procedure is carried out within a week twice per day;
  • Green clay. The fine effect for short term renders means in the divorced look. Solution is applied on spots for 30 minutes and washed away by warm water. Completely to get rid of eels procedure is carried out once a week. Separately it is worth canceling beneficial influence on an inflammation mix of the divorced green clay and 2-3 drops of a tea tree;
  • "Baziron". Medical means actively deals with the problem localized on buttocks. The preparation influences pathogenic microbes, doesn't leave fat traces on clothes and doesn't overdry epidermis;
  • Iodine. The preparation is applied only on heat-spots as well as salicylic acid. It is authorized to use iodine twice a day, but no more than that. It is impossible to exceed a dosage because of possible by-effects in the form of an allergy.

Additional measures

Completely to say goodbye to inflammations on buttocks it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  1. Healthy and dietary nutrition. Acne rash often arises because of unbalanced food and violations of a gastrointestinal tract. Mucous a stomach, a gullet and intestines the fat, fried, spicy, sour, spicy food irritates. It is necessary to refuse harmful products, to use food of 3-5 times per day in the small portions.
  2. Clothes. If inflammations don't disappear, it is recommended to refuse strongly fitting clothes subjects for a while. Also the list of forbidden materials includes synthetics which negatively affects the inflamed skin sites.
  3. Frequent reception of medicines. Some components of vitamins and drugs promote formation of rash on buttocks.

Fight against heat-spots in house conditions

Before getting rid of an unpleasant problem of the house preliminary consultation of the doctor for an exception of any contraindications is required.


During treatment of eels such house means on care of skin differ in efficiency and simplicity of preparation.

  1. Warm water (2 tablespoons) + oat flakes (2 tablespoons) + natural yogurt without additives.
  2. Olive oil + clay in a dry form + oil of a tea tree (2 drops).
  3. Honey (2 tablespoons) + water (2 tablespoons) + aspirin (3 tablets).


The combination of available products will allow to remove the died-off cages from an integument surface.

  1. A body oil + the coffee which is previously ground.
  2. Natural yogurt without preservatives + sugar.
  3. Honey in the liquid state + salt sea.

Pharmaceutical drugs

The modern medicine offers a huge choice of preparations which well influence skin at acne rash.

  1. Ointment salicylic;
  2. Ointment zinc;
  3. Iodine;
  4. Preparations from spots: Baziron, Dalatsin and so forth.

Elimination of a problem at the cosmetologist

If house procedures and change of a power supply circuit didn't bring positive results, it is worth asking for the help the expert. In cosmetology exists some manipulations directed on fight against spots:

  1. Peeling. Procedure has the clearing and anti-inflammatory effect at the correct selection of components. At acne rash on bottom area the cosmetologist can suggest a fruit, dairy or glikolevy peeling to apply on the struck zone.
  2. Cryotherapy. Thanks to high efficiency many prefer to get rid of eels by means of liquid nitrogen. The majority of the checked salons suggest to visit the cryosauna which not only will improve a condition of an integument, but also will strengthen protective functions of an organism.
  3. Darsonvalization. Procedure helps to improve a condition of skin effectively and in a short space of time by means of the popular device Darsonval. The device influences a problem zone, normalizes work of sebaceous glands, dries an integument and accelerates a rassasyvaniye of hypodermic eels.

Spots on a bottom at women: the reasons what to do, as well as than to treat

Prevention of emergence of spots on a bottom

In comparison with men of the woman are more subject to developing of rashes. A problem it is possible to warn thanks to preventive measures.

  1. Drying of skin. It is required to exclude the increased dryness of buttocks therefore after acceptance of a shower or a bathtub cream with the moistening effect is applied on a body. The integument will become more healthy and gentle after the application of a peeling or a srub allowing to get rid of the become lifeless particles.
  2. Clothes. Natural fabrics reduce the increased sweating therefore it isn't necessary to carry underwear and to sleep on a bed from synthetic fabric.
  3. The strengthened sweating. At such problem women need to take regularly a bath in and to use talc, preventing developing of spots.
  4. Furniture. At a sedentary life and low physical activity it is necessary to pay special attention to an upholstery of chairs and chairs which has to be from natural material. Thanks to it, a bottom contacting to furniture doesn't cause the raised office and developing of rash.

Buttock spots disturb many women, but they try to hide the problem. At the untimely address to the dermatologist heat-spots usual at first sight can develop into abscesses. Completely inspection of an organism, healthy nutrition and a permanent care of skin will help to get rid of a problem.