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Air in a vagina: reasons of emergence and exit

Every third woman at the time of intimacy felt awkward, from an unexpected and unpleasant sound of an air outlet from the vagina reminding a puskaniye of gases. The sound didn't find the name in Russian, and in English-speaking option the term sounds as a kvifing. Air in a vagina not an illness, and manifestation of physiology. The phenomenon normal and healthy, but forcing to refuse bashfully intimacy, being afraid of repetition of an embarrassment.

Air in a vagina: reasons of emergence and exit

As air gets inside

Vagina — the hollow body interacting with environment as an oral opening or an anus. The person breathes, speaks, inflates cheeks and air, without causing confusion, gets to a mouth. Air gets into an anus from intestines, getting inside at conversation or meal, and the subsequent its assimilation. With age people learn to control start-up of gases, operating reductions of a sphincter. Air gets to a vagina from environment, it naturally and doesn't deserve complexes.

The only reason for which air gets to a vagina from intestines, it whistle for vaginas. Through fistulas, pathological soustxq, contents of uric ways and intestines (gases, kcal, urine) get to a vagina. For installation of the diagnosis careful examination in gynecology is conducted.

The kvifing reason during sex

Anatomic the vagina looks, as an elastic tube through which there is a fertilization at the end of sexual intercourse, and further childbirth. When the woman is excited part of tubular education, near a uterus neck, forms expansion for collecting sperm at the time of an ejaculation. At the characteristic piston movement of a penis, in expansion, the effect of the pump, forces air. It occurs without drawing attention of partners and doesn't bring discomfort while at a spasm of muscles of a vagina air doesn't leave an opening, accompanied with a juicy sound.

Some poses in sex favor to penetration of air into a vagina: knee and elbow, doggi-style. The woman is or sits on all fours, and the man behind enters a penis. Low position of the case of a body of the partner, the probability of formation of air space, as well as the frequent change of poses loved by men increases.

Discrepancy of the sizes of a penis and vagina also acts as the air hit catalyst. At heavy traffics capture of air is inevitable, as well as at a full conclusion and the subsequent input of a penis.

After the delivery

Hit of air in a vagina after the delivery happens because of the weak and stretched muscles of the pelvic bottom located between basin bones in the form of copular and muscular structures. In the course of childbirth the child moves ahead on patrimonial ways, openings under pressure of a fruit extend, and then come back to former situation.

If the child too quickly moves to an exit, and the organism of the woman didn't manage to prepare sheaves, or a fruit large, the travmatichny outcome in the form of damage of muscles of a pelvic bottom is possible. There are gaps, or the obstetrician, helping the woman in labor, makes the decision on need of a perineotomiya or ipiziotomiya, by simple words — does cuts. Quite often after such operation only crotch skin is sewed, and muscles remain in an invariable look.

Air in a vagina: reasons of emergence and exit

Vaginal meteorizm after a menopause

The period of a menopause comes at women about fifty years. It is the natural process meaning recession of reproductive function. Ovaries work with failures, synthesis of an estrogen decreases. The lack of a hormone causes a tone of muscles of a vagina, elasticity of walls gradually decreases, there is a dryness of a mucous vagina. Dryness in a vagina the main reason for a vaginal meteorizm at women of the senior generation.

The period of a menopause is caused by signs:

  • temperature increase of a body;
  • depression;
  • withering of an integument;
  • the speeded-up urination;
  • increase of arterial pressure;
  • irritability;
  • decrease in a libido.

Menopause — inevitability of each woman. Low level of an estrogen in the period of a menopause and a menopause post natural physiological process.

Possible solutions

For strengthening of muscular tissue of a vagina a number of narrowly targeted exercises is recommended:

  • Kegel's exercise;
  • deep knee-bends;
  • use of vaginal exercise machines;
  • vumbilding (intimate gymnastics).

These exercises will help to prepare patrimonial ways to the forthcoming test, will accelerate restoration of a tone of muscles of a pelvic bottom after the child's birth. Occupations are necessary for the solution of a specific problem of air in a vagina, and for improvement of quality of sexual life, increase of a libido.

At dryness mucous an intimate bosom the probability of a positive effect from reception of the phytopreparations containing a hormone an estrogen is high. Well carry out function of moistening mucous intra vaginal applications with an estrogen, or candles.

Pay attention! Medicamentous means are appointed after full medical examination, collecting the anamnesis is carried out by the expert.

Kegel's exercise

The obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed the special exercise urged to strengthen a tone of muscles of a pelvic bottom. It is possible to be engaged in it anywhere, without drawing attention of people around. Technology of performance of exercise of Kegel:

  1. To squeeze muscles of a vagina and as if to tighten them upward for 10 seconds.
  2. Slowly to relax muscles within 10 seconds.
  3. To repeat the cycle of 5-6 times 3 times a day.

Air in a vagina: reasons of emergence and exit

Vumbilding (intimate gymnastics)

The Vumbilding includes the extensive list of exercises which main goal to learn to feel each muscle separately, to operate is isolated, leaving others in the weakened state. Occupations are available to execution and in house conditions (technology of performance):

  1. To lay down on a back, feet are bent, a foot on width of shoulders, hands lie along a trunk. To squeeze vagina muscles for some seconds, leaving a stomach weakened. To continue exercise of 5-6 minutes, gradually increasing speed. To add the pushing-out reductions.
  2. In the same starting position to alternate retraction and pushing out of muscles of an anus, leaving weakened a press and buttocks.
  3. To try to alternate tension of muscles of a vagina and anus, trying to feel accurately border of bodies, without forgetting to watch that the stomach was relaxed.

Easy way to learn to feel muscle fiber, sharply to interrupt an urination with widely placed feet.

Intimate plasticity

Vaginoplasty, or kolporafiya, this surgical intervention for the purpose of reduction of the sizes of a vagina. If at violation of muscular structures the intimate gymnastics and exercise machines didn't yield positive results, need of intimate plasticity is quite justified. The purpose of operation consists in restoration of muscles of a pelvic bottom. Narrowing of an entrance to a vagina will increase quality of intimate life and will return to the woman belief in the charm.

Not reason for complexes

The listed actions directed on strengthening of muscles and a linking of a pelvic bottom won't exclude hit of air in a vagina, but will help to make its exit imperceptible for people around. The small intimate problem will fade into the background.

You shouldn't feel awkward in a bed because of a kvifing. The skilled partner won't pay attention to a small embarrassment, and will make everything that the woman felt sexuality and desire, having forgotten about confusion and awkwardness.