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Antidepressants at a climax at women: list of means and comments on them

The climax — is difficult physiological process, it gives to the woman the mass of an inconvenience. At many women strong differences of mood, a depression are observed. In certain cases antidepressants at a climax are necessary for the woman, they help to cope with uneasiness and irritability. Thanks to these medicines the woman will be able to return to a normal way of life. Antidepressants don't contain hormones and have no negative impact on health of the woman.

Antidepressants at a climax at women: list of means and comments on them

Supervision of the Scottish scientists

The Scottish experts living in Glasgow came to the following conclusion: antidepressants which are applied at a climax at women, promote normalization of work of cardiovascular system. At their use the frequency of attacks of inflow decreases. At 60% of women who accept these preparations, the mood improves, unpleasant symptoms of a climax disappear.

The basic rules of treatment by antidepressants at a climax

Earlier to the woman in the period of a menopause appointed hormonal preparations, but now these medicines are applied quite seldom. They have the impressive list of contraindications and cause undesirable side effects therefore these medicines can only worsen a condition of the patient suffering from a depression. Antidepressants work softly, they don't cause drowsiness and are perfectly transferred by women.

These drugs eliminate alarm, depression and apathy. But at treatment by these preparations it is necessary to carry out certain rules:

  • The expert has to appoint medicine. You shouldn't self-medicate by no means.
  • The dosage of antidepressant needs to be increased gradually. It becomes in order that the organism adapted for medicine.
  • It isn't allowed to stop sharply treatment by antidepressants: the preparation dose also should be reduced gradually.
  • Active agents of a preparation collect in an organism within several days therefore positive changes will be noticeable not earlier than in five days. Some medicines start working only in 14 days, therefore, the woman needs to stock up with patience, you shouldn't wait for instant result.

Popular antidepressants

At a climax at women selective inhibitors are quite often applied: Paroksetin. The medicine is well transferred by women. It can be drunk along with the preparations eliminating inflow — Sonapaks or Etaperazin. Sonapaks and Etaperazin treat neuroleptics therefore it is necessary to apply them strictly to destination doctors.

Antidepressants at a climax at women: list of means and comments on them

In the period of a climax accept also Tianeptin. It possesses the following useful properties:

  • The preparation helps to struggle with a depression.
  • He speeds up work of vegeto-vascular system.
  • Tianeptin improves health of the woman.

At a climax apply also medicines as a part of which is present venlafaksin. This active agent contains in Efevelona and Adepresse. The long time is recommended to accept them: duration of a medical course is established by the doctor. These drugs have serious side effects. Efevelon is forbidden to use at individual sensitivity to his components, a serious illness of kidneys. The preparation needs to be applied with care at tachycardia, stenocardia, increase of intraocular pressure.

Red clover at a menopause

Phytoestrogen is a part of a red clover. This plant reduces probability of development of breast cancer, improves functions of cardiovascular system.

The clover contains not only a phytoestrogen, but also a large amount of other biologically active agents: it is vitamin-rich also antioxidants.

This antidepressant of a natural origin needs to be applied for the following reasons:

  • The clover promotes increase of a sexual inclination at women.
  • The plant improves a dream, eliminates uneasiness.

Infusion from a red clover prepares according to the following scheme: 20 grams of vegetable raw materials fill in 200 ml of the boiling water, drink is drawn by not less than 8 hours after that filter it. It is necessary to drink on 50 ml of infusion of a red clover twice per day. Duration of a medical course makes not less than 10 days.

Tincture on the basis of a peony at a climax

The peony reduces expressiveness of such symptoms of a menopause as sharp change of mood, inflow and a sleep disorder. The plant possesses the soothing and anesthetizing properties. It increases physical activity of the woman, facilitates falling asleep.

The useful medicine can be got in a drugstore: it is recommended to accept on 20 drops of medicine three times per day before meal. The average duration of course treatment makes 14 days.

Femikaps for treatment of the depression arising at a climax

Components of a natural origin are a part of this preparation: extracts of medical plants, primrose oil. Femikaps perfectly interacts with other medicines, allergic reactions at its application arise quite seldom. The preparation helps to eliminate nervousness, promotes normalization of a warm rhythm, reduces perspiration. It is used and at treatment of various gynecologic diseases: cysts of an ovary, uterus myoma.

Antidepressants at a climax at women: list of means and comments on them

Persen in the period of a menopause

Persen is a phytogenesis preparation. It is allocated with soothing properties. Extracts of curative plants are a part of this antidepressant: valerian, mint and melissa. Persen helps to cope with the increased nervous excitability and irritability, normalizes a dream.

This antidepressant is forbidden to be accepted at intolerance of lactose, the lowered arterial pressure, pathologies the zhelchevyvodyashchikh of ways, individual sensitivity to means components. Women with chronic diseases of digestive bodies need to apply Persen with care.

At the sleeplessness arising during a climax it is necessary to drink on 2 tablets of a preparation in 30 minutes prior to a dream. Persen is recommended to wash down with enough liquid. Duration of course treatment — not less than 45 days.

At Persen's use in the period of a climax there can be following side effects:

  • Allergic rash.
  • Emergence of peripheral hypostases on a body.
  • Spasm in bronchial tubes.

At casual overdose of medicine the woman can have a feeling of fatigue, painful feelings in a stomach, a shiver of fingers of hands.

This antidepressant isn't recommended to be accepted at the same time with somnolent drugs, means for lowering of arterial pressure, analgetics.

During treatment by Persen it is necessary to be careful during the driving, work with the rotating mechanisms. Medicine can reduce concentration of attention, dull sharpness of thinking.

To what responses of women testify?

Such preparations as Persen and Femikaps, deserved approving responses of women. Women note that after use of these drugs they adjusted a dream, the feeling of fatigue disappeared.

But to improve a condition of nervous system, it is necessary not only to drink antidepressants, but also to visit a session of the weakening massage, to take coniferous baths. The woman can master and technology of muscular relaxation. The climax not necessarily has to be followed by a depression and apathy.