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Autogemoterapiya: what is it, indications, contraindications

Scientists, doctors don't cease to surprise with new technologies and actions for treatment and improvement of an organism, carrying out prevention of diseases. For this purpose learned to use influence of a current, vibration, light, introduction of special serums, vitamin pricks. This row should be added also with an autogemoterapiya which means introduction to the patient of the blood from a vein. Enter it intramuscularly or hypodermically. Before giving preference to an autogemoterapiya, it is necessary to study carefully all indications and contraindications to its application. Effect of blood is directed on immunity correction, destruction of a source of a disease. Such way of treatment for the first time was applied in the XX century to fast healing of a fracture of bones.

Autogemoterapiya: what is it, indications, contraindications

Ways of carrying out

How procedure will be carried out, depends on a disease and degree of its weight. Most often apply such ways:

  • only blood of the person who addressed for treatment, according to the general scheme of carrying out injections (a classical method) is used.
  • autogemoterapiya step. For this method use blood from a vein of the patient and some preparations of homeopathy which are selected only by the professional depending on an illness and a condition of the patient. The injection is carried out intramuscularly.
  • autogemoterapiya with ozone. Using this way, blood is mixed with ozone in the disinfected conditions. Such way is used generally for strengthening of the main medical effect at treatment of female diseases. Ozone is used for small and big equipment. The first equipment is much simpler. For this purpose it is only necessary to mix blood with ozone. Single transfusion to 10 ml of a product is allowed. The big equipment demands more thorough training. Using it, it is possible to reach the best effect and faster at treatment of sharp inflammatory, antibacterial immunomodulatory processes.
  • biopunktura. Into a usage time of this way blood is entered not intramuscularly, and into painful points or in what will help to accelerate treatment process.
  • use of an autokrova. For therapy strengthening only the taken blood is submitted influence of an ultraviolet, freezing, influence of the laser, a X-ray.

Plan of carrying out procedure

Actually all types procedures are carried out according to the same scheme:

  1. Everything is carried out in ideally sterile room with use only of sterile tools.
  2. Syringe take away blood which enter to it hypodermically or intramuscularly from the patient. The first time is entered by no more than 2 ml.
  3. Procedure and volume of the entered blood are repeated by each 2-3 days until the entered amount of blood during all the time is 10-12 ml.
  4. Usually for a course carry out no more than 15 injections.
  5. All features of procedure are registered only by the skilled doctor.

Autogemoterapiya: what is it, indications, contraindications


Autogemoterapiya yielded many positive results. Treatment by the blood starts gaining popularity steam as has a big range of indications.

  1. Skin diseases (infectious). Generally at remission stages, an aggravation, at long impact of an illness on an organism.
  2. At frequent allergic manifestations. Including, and at bronchial asthma.
  3. At constant sleeplessness, a sleep disorder.
  4. To muffle frequent pain syndromes of a different origin.
  5. At gynecologic diseases: during a menopause, a postmenopause, a climax; at treatment of herpes, frequent inflammatory and adhesive processes of bodies of a small pelvis; frequent manifestation of papillomas, diseases of a mucous membrane of the person, in treatment of a tsitomegalovirusny infection.
  6. Infertility. Procedures repeatedly helped to bring the child to couples which lost hope long ago. For this purpose it is accepted to use an autogemoterapiya with ozone: the organism is better sated with oxygen, the structure and blood circulation improves, the fruit gets rid of a hypoxia. It promotes the normal course of pregnancy and the birth of the healthy strong kid. It won't do harm to the child, mother.
  7. As cosmetology procedures patients use an autogemoterapiya not often though it yields good results. Most often, it is applied to elimination of cosmetology defects: warts, papillomas, at a furunkulyoza, acne rash. There were cases of successful application in cases of numerous recurrence of herpes and psoriasis. Skilled cosmetologists-dermatologists offer procedure for restoration of elasticity and youth of skin. In cosmetology it is used much more less than for the purpose of treatment.
  8. Constant stresses, chronic fatigue, depression.
  9. Failures in work of digestive process. Including because of physiological, psychological problems at manifestation of a constant small appetite, frequent vomiting.
  10. Frequent manifestations of ORV, pneumonia, bronchitis, strongly lowered immunity, including after operations or serious injuries.
  11. Frequent diseases of urinary tract.
  12. Osteochondrosis, disease of joints.

Contraindications to procedure performance

Cases in which use of an autogemoterapiya in the medical or cosmetology purposes is forbidden:

  • sharp chronic or inflammatory processes;
  • oncological diseases of any stages;
  • critical days, some phases of pregnancy (but not preparation for it) or feeding by a breast. But, some situations at pregnancy simply compel to address to treatment procedure by own blood. Generally when are contraindicated to the woman during incubation of the child medical preparations of a range of strong action.
  • sharp stages of cardiovascular diseases;
  • tuberculosis of an active form;
  • sharp insufficiency of kidneys and treatment of a pancreas;
  • arrhythmia, epilepsy, serious nervous breakdowns.

Before carrying out procedure at the patient it is necessary to exclude these diseases and to conduct researches on syphilis, AIDS, hepatitises B and C.

Own blood of the patient which is entered to him hypodermically, can't cardinally do much harm. But the attending physician has to consider all factors and health of the patient including. Independently procedure of an autogemoterapiya is almost not applied. When using any way there has to be an auxiliary therapy (the main treatment or other procedures), depending on a disease.

Autogemoterapiya: what is it, indications, contraindications

Side effects

At a choice of such therapy as treatment or improvement as at reception of any drugs or performance of procedures, it is necessary to be ready and to side effects.

  • at introduction more than 10-12 ml of blood are possible manifestation of long pains in muscles;
  • jumps of body temperature;
  • prick place inflammation;
  • formation of "cones", hematomas because of a slow rassasyvayemost of blood is possible.

It is necessary to be ready and to that in 5% of cases procedure doesn't yield any result.

Performance of procedure in house conditions

Procedure is very simple in carrying out. Its carrying out and in house conditions is allowed. Thus it is obligatory to follow some simple rules:

  • people who carries out procedure, surely has to have elementary medical knowledge and abilities. Otherwise, it is better to employ for this professional.
  • the room and all tools have to be ideally disinfected.
  • in house conditions only the classical method of an autogemoterapiya is applied. In such cases it is categorically forbidden to increase or reduce a dosage.

If there are doubts of observance at least of one of these points, it is better to refuse house carrying out procedure.