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Black salt (chetvergovy): that it, advantage and harm how to prepare

Spice black chetvergovy salt has a religious origin, and is an environmentally friendly food product. The name "chetvergovy" appeared with an ulterior motive.

Black salt (chetvergovy): that it, advantage and harm how to prepare

A lot more decades trained her on Pure Thursday — a big orthodox holiday back. And after preparation people bore it in church for consecration. After passing of this ritual salt was considered as nearly protective amulet which and will protect from a malefice and will restore health.

Ate it mainly on Easter — it salted the consecrated eggs. And within a year it was stored behind icons. For the reason that chetvergovy salt can be prepared only on Pure Thursday, it was prepared for the year ahead. Spice has no expiration date and doesn't lose the usefulness over time.

How to prepare?

There are some methods of preparation of this spice, but ingredients in all cases same:

  • Rock salt — 1 kg;
  • The Borodino bread — 5 kg.

Instead of bread in villages very often used a kvass thick, and salt burned on a frying pan in the furnace, but here we will submit the version of the recipe which was more adapted for our time.

Bread should be otmochit in water, why to add to it salt. To stir before achievement of more or less uniform consistence. We shift the turned-out mix in a pig-iron frying pan or an utyatnitsa. We warm an oven to 200-250 degrees and we place our mix there. We watch closely that occurs in an oven. As soon as bread turned black — it is necessary to get a frying pan and to put in a cool place.

After mix cooling, we crush it to a condition of powder. It is possible to use a usual grater or the coffee grinder.

Black salt is ready to use!

The believing people during process of preparation of salt said prayers, but now people do chetvergovy salt with more practical purpose therefore all similar traditions became obsolete for a long time.

In some options recipes, besides salt and bread, mint, caraway seeds, fennel, a coriander and other spices is added.

Black salt (chetvergovy): that it, advantage and harm how to prepare

In what advantage?

The most important its difference from the ordinary — the minimum weight share of metals and the bigger content of iodine. Usual salt is called often "white death" because of the high content of chlorine in it. However after strong heat treatment during production of black salt, its quantity becomes insignificant.

Numerous researches of chetvergovy salt found out that after it practically doesn't getting thirsty, as after the usual. As a result, this salt doesn't detain water in an organism.

Black salt is very useful to strengthening of hair, teeth and nails.

Whether there is a harm?

Contraindications to the use of black salt are practically not present. After all it is rather useful, than is harmful. However it not an occasion to use spice in immense quantities. Any, even the most useful product, becomes harmful if not to observe a measure. The daily norm of the use of salt shouldn't exceed 5 grams. If considerably to exceed this dose, won't keep itself to wait for the answer from an organism long:

  • increase of pressure;
  • liquid delay in an organism;
  • problems with kidneys;
  • tachycardia;

The list can be continued long.

Influence on health of the person

If completely to pass from white salt on black and to use it within norm, you will notice obvious improvements of the general health very soon.

And if to speak specifically, it:

  • strengthening and maintenance of immunity;
  • adjustment of the pH level in an organism;
  • the rejuvenating properties;
  • decrease in risk of depressions;
  • maintenance of nervous system.

Chetvergovy salt and weight loss

Special attention to black salt should be paid to the people suffering from the excess weight, and the person interested to grow thin. Usual salt within a diet should be limited — it detains water and doesn't bear any useful properties as is a product of chemical processing. Absolutely differently affairs with black salt are. It can be used with food in habitual quantities. It not only is sated with useful substances, but also accelerates process of a metabolism.

And many, tried this method, note that saturation of an organism in the course of meal comes much quicker.

Black salt (chetvergovy): that it, advantage and harm how to prepare

Bathtubs with black salt

Thus it is possible to calm pressure jumps. Everything that will be required to you, it is one glass of black salt which should be dissolved in a bathtub. It is worth taking such baths no more than 20-30 minutes, once a week. Improvement of health is noted after the first procedure. It is better to carry out such procedures courses: on 10 procedures, once a week.

Recipes of application in cosmetology

  • Recipe 1. The few know that black salt — an excellent srub which deletes the excess become horny cages from a skin surface. It is very easy to prepare such means in house conditions. Only it is required: coffee cake, salt, olive oil. In a proportion 2:1 we mix cake and salt, we add a small amount of olive oil. The received weight it is actively mixed. Then carefully we put mix on a face, and we start skrabirovat skin the massage movements within 2-3 minutes. Skin after such procedure becomes uniform color, elastic, tightened.
  • Recipe 2. If it is necessary to accelerate growth of hair, an elementary srub for head skin with black salt, obviously will help you in this case. Only salt and linseed oil which can be replaced olive is required. We add to two tablespoons of black salt a little linseed oil, we mix, and we start applying the turned-out structure on head skin, previously having divided hair into hair partings. After drawing we start massing head skin the easy movements within 10-15 minutes. Further it is possible to wash away a srub and to wash the head. If to carry out such procedure every week, in a month your hair will grow more than the usual. Black salt not only removes dead layers of cages from head skin which interfere with growth of hair, but also stimulates intake of blood to a hair bulb.
  • Recipe 3. From a mask with black salt fine anti-aging means will turn out. Only honey, sour cream and salt is required. To add 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of black salt to a tablespoon of sour cream. To mix all this. To put weight on a clean face for 15 minutes. Then carefully to wash away and enjoy result.

Few magic facts

Earlier it was said that in Russia it was considered as a charm from everything. But in addition, it was used and in fortune-telling, magic rituals.

For example, if the person was missing, and nobody knew where he could go, into fire threw black salt — after such ritual of people had to appear soon.

By means of chetvergovy salt our ancestors established the world and wellbeing in the house. For this purpose only it was necessary to scatter salt in some places: from the inside of a threshold, about beds and on corners of each room. Salt had to lie three days. Then salt was swept and dug in. Thus, all negative from the family living in the house was removed. The full world and wellbeing was established.

And to receive an excellent crop, it was necessary to mix salt with ashes and to add this mix to grain before crops. If to dissolve the same combination in water which is supposed to water a kitchen garden, very effective natural fertilizer will turn out.

It only part of that, on what black salt is capable!