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Boric alcohol: instruction on application, responses

Boric alcohol is a spirit solution of acid boric. Still doctors of the 19th eyelid carried it to antiseptics and disinfecting preparations, with slaborazdrazhayushchy fabrics effect. The preparation has the antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic, protivopedikulezny, knitting action. It is used only as external means of traditional and traditional medicine.

Boric alcohol: instruction on application, responses


Its actively active ingredient is boric acid. It is the white powder dissolved by alcohol (70%) ethyl, water, glycerin. It is possible to get boric alcohol concentration of 0,5 — 5% freely in drugstores. The preparation is presented by the solution which is packed up in the glass bottles covered with covers from plastic of 10 ml. Means can also have an appearance:

  • The powder which is packed up in bags (10, 25) g from it water or spirit solution just before use prepares;
  • Glyceric solution (10%) 25ml – a bottle;
  • Ointments (5%) – tubas from aluminum or plastic of the containing (10 and 15) ml.


Despite existence of a set of new, effective preparations, many give preference to treatment in the old manner, considering its merits, availability of acquisition. It is applied as an independent preparation, and is the making ingredient of lotions of masks, creams, tonics.


Otitis is treated by an instillation of the affected ear by three drops of 3% go solution to 4 times in a day, or wetting of a turunda. For the use it is heated to comfortable temperature. Treatment has to proceed no more than a week. To increase efficiency of treatment cleaning of ears of sulfur of 3% with hydrogen peroxide is recommended. It is important to carry out procedure the following sequence: to accept a lying or sitting position, having inclined the head to a shoulder, to pull an ear up, a little releasing acoustical pass back. Having stopped procedure of 1-2 minutes not to changing position of a body for achievement by eardrum drops, to cover ear pass with a wadded tampon.

Skin problems

Spots, rash acne is a not only cosmetology problem, this consequence of a possible disease. Treatment not always gives in even to the most modern means. The good solution of disposal of spots, use of boric alcohol is considered rashes. He quickly gets into an integument, showing antiseptic properties, collects in fabrics, dries spots from above, removes inflammations from within. If correctly, regularly to put a preparation, in 2 weeks the quantity of rashes will decrease, reddenings will be removed, the body will take ideally healthy form. Dermatologists recommend to establish the problem reason before use. For example, at hyperactive activity of sebaceous glands boric therapy will yield the necessary result. At problems, the become result of diseases of internals or hormonal failures – it is powerless.

Boric alcohol: instruction on application, responses

To relieve a body of inflammatory reddenings there is a set of recipes on the basis of antiseptic property of boric alcohol – some of them:

  • To Vzboltat boric alcohol (3%), salicylic acid (2%), zinc ointment (1ch.l.), to insist 2 hours. To apply 1 USD per day on places of the arisen problems. To store in the refrigerator.
  • To connect according to 4 Art. of l of alcohol salicylic and boric to tablets of a levomitsetin (10sht) – to put in the morning, in the evening.
  • To make the talker of 4 tablets of aspirin, 4 tablets of a klindamitsin, 50 ml of boric and medical alcohol by identical proportions. Processing, the received talker to make in the evening. A course of treatment of 2 weeks to repeat in 15 days.


Dermatosis in a stage of an aggravation, dermatomikoz, eczemas. Its protivozudny, disinfecting properties are used. Treatment has character complex, depending on feature of a disease. Components of a complex are the elementary disinfecting boric lotions.


Gipergidroza (the increased perspiration of feet, hands). Disposals of an unpleasant state reach application in treatment it 2% of concentration. One of effective ways of fight against this problem are contrast trays cold – hot water then feet are wiped by boric alcohol, or strew with powder. Duration of treatment is 10-14 days.

Despite of the efficiency, helps to get rid of easy violations of an integument, – consultation of the expert is necessary for serious problems for purpose of complex treatment plus healthy nutrition.

Side effects

Against advantage of a preparation it is important to note its danger to health. As any medical medicine it is capable to cause some undesirable consequences:

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • Strong headache;
  • To Deskvamatsy of an epithelium;
  • The confused consciousness;
  • Integument rash;
  • Violations in work of a liver, kidneys, hearts;
  • The state of shock, spasms – is rare.

Emergence of those demands the immediate termination of use of medicine, consultation of the doctor for receiving the qualified help. Treatment of ears is contraindicated to newborn children, people with the injured eardrums, acute inflammations of a body, in places of a dense hairy cover, violations of work of kidneys.

Special instructions

Being soaked up, means, sometimes causes system toxic effects, it is possible to avoid them strictly following rules of use:

  • Hit on mucous an eye isn't allowed. In case of violation it is necessary to wipe immediately a wadded, gauze tampon, having washed out warm water.
  • Treatment is forbidden by Boric alcohol to pregnant women, women during breastfeeding.
  • Application by children of early age is forbidden.
  • Owners of sensitive, dry skin need to treat carefully treatment by this preparation, availability of alcohol promotes drying, irritation of an integument.
  • Without having influence on psychomotor reactions it is allowed for use during the work on dangerous mechanisms, motor transportation management.

Boric alcohol: instruction on application, responses

Advantages in comparison with other preparations

There are essential advantages of treatment by Boric alcohol:

  • Availability of acquisition antiseptics in any drugstore at inexpensive cost.
  • Simplicity of use. For carrying out procedure of rather wadded tampon or a disk.
  • Firmness of therapeutic effect at high efficiency of treatment.
  • There is no accustoming to a preparation.


The analysis of opinions of people shows – this preparation perfectly copes with the arising body problems, it actively use as in medicine, and cosmetology. Owners of fat skin perfectly replace with it tonics. It is a house irreplaceable remedy for sharp, chronic otitis. It is one of widely used, available medical means. Responses generally positive.

Doctors the ENT SPECIALIST don't refuse the medicine checked by time and often appoint the patient for treatment of sore ears.

In any family there will be a reason of use of boric alcohol for maintenance of health, beauty. Important at its use to remember elementary safety rules.