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Boughs udder: that it as looks, the reasons how to treat

Many diseases in an organism arise because of a human factor: unbalanced food or non-compliance with personal hygiene. For example, when armpits women or in a groin at men have a consolidation in the form of a capsule which is gradually filled by pus. There can begin development inflammatory process in sweat glands or the disease — boughs (gidradenit) an udder to which development some negative factors can precede.

Boughs udder: that it as looks, the reasons how to treat

Why arises?

Causes of illness happen different. The gidradenita can provoke development:

  • obesity as diabetes outcome;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • hit of a staphylococcal, streptococcal infection in microcracks under skin;
  • allergy;
  • the low-quality cosmetics capable to bring to an itch, irritation, small cracks armpits, in a groin;
  • the hormonal imbalance provoking the increased sweating;
  • heat or long stay under beams of the scorching sun;
  • frequent stresses;
  • epilation, depilations as the methods which are quite often leading to growing of hairs into skin that can serve development of inflammatory process;
  • the synthetic constrained clothes which long carrying can lead to obstruction of grease channels;
  • the reduced immunity;
  • diseases of endocrine system.

Often teenagers face a problem during puberty, an unstable hormonal background

How to distinguish?

At the initial stage the illness doesn't give out itself in any way. Only at survey of covers of a body in axillary hollows or in a groin it is possible to grope small dense small knots under skin, a certain pain, an itch, a pricking. Over time the given new growth will start bulking up, sticking out, will become similar to a pear why also the name at an illness is similar on appearance to udder nipples. Further skin will get a bluish-red shade, will become soft to the touch, and when opening papules will start being allocated is purulent - blood contents consistence smetanoobrazny.

The main symptom – burning pain often even at rest that beats out people from forces that brings to:

  • weaknesses;
  • to working capacity restriction;
  • to temperature increase;
  • to the excessive tension of muscles;
  • to partial loss of sensitivity.

Gradually small knots dry up and become covered by hems.

ON the NOTE! Emergence of hems on skin – doesn't mean treatment from an illness. Inflammatory process doesn't take place independently and the epidermis layer, further – to the blood course can only go to deeper. It is fraught with development of abscess, sepsis. At suspicion on an illness it is necessary to see doctors.

Feature of a suchy udder is a tendency to recurrence through small periods. The inflammation with a new force suddenly can flash again. If there was a suspicion on gidradenit, it is impossible to suffer unpleasant signs or to self-medicate. It is necessary to address as soon as possible to the surgeon, the dermatologist and to pass inspection, to eliminate an inflammation source at the initial stage.

DANGEROUSLY! To put warm, hot compresses in house conditions in disposal of pain. Heat will only provoke strengthening of an inflammatory current, further distribution of an infection on blood vessels. As a result not healing fistulas can be formed on a body, consult with which it will be much more difficult.

How diagnostics is carried out?

The udder for doctors isn't difficult to diagnose boughs at all, rather visually to examine skin covers. Unlike other infectious diseases (furunkulez, tuberculosis) the udder in the form of consolidation doesn't contain boughs in a necrotic core and it is distinctive feature.

At the heart of diagnostics — clinical blood test and on sugar. In addition it will be offered to patients to consult at the surgeon and the endocrinologist. As a rule, the blood count at this disease sharply changes: SOE and quantity of leukocytes is overestimated that obviously points to progressing of inflammatory process.

The immunogramma on purpose examination of immune system if the disease started and recurrence is observed is conducted.

Boughs udder: that it as looks, the reasons how to treat

In what treatment consists?

The medical technique is selected in an individual order and represents certain difficulties for doctors. External symptoms of a suchy udder can be insignificant, quickly decline, and even at all pass. The patient perfectly feels though an infection it is necessary to stay in an organism and to make the adverse effect.

Treatment – complex. The following techniques are applicable:

  • the conservative medicamentous;
  • surgical intervention;
  • laser therapy;
  • national recipes.

The separate attention at treatment is paid to a diet and physioprocedures. Well the ultraviolet, radiation by sunshine, applying of dry heat helps.


Preparations are appointed only under control of experts. Course appointments can be the following:

  • antibiotics (ointments, solutions) for suppression of bacterial flora the grampolozhitelnykh of anaerobic bacteria (streptococcal, staphylococcal);
  • antiseptics (camphor alcohol of 10%, brilliant green) for imposing of applications on the struck surface for the purpose of processing;
  • novokainovy blockade at a congestion of multiple infiltrate in hypodermic cellulose by an obkalyvaniye of an affected area on a circle;
  • sulfanilamida;
  • nitrofurans;
  • vitamin complexes.

The useful there can be strong a lamp for warming up of the inflamed sites for what it is necessary to bring for 5-5 minutes to a body, maintaining distance in 15-20 cm. It helps to avoid at the initial stage of development of an illness operation, i.e. cuts and punctures.

Surgical intervention

If it isn't possible to suspend pathology medicines, and the ripened abscess strongly increased in volumes, too any more not to avoid carrying out operation. Purulent gidradenit it is almost impossible to eliminate with medicines.

At first to patients the anesthetizing drugs, will be injected further:

  • the small cut a scalpel becomes;
  • the papule is opened;
  • the inflamed cellulose and the infectious center together with nearby affected areas of fabrics is excised;
  • purulent exudate is pumped out;
  • the cleared cavity is drained and processed by antiseptics;
  • the podshivaniye of a skin site is carried out.

Procedure – incontinuous therefore to patients hospitalization, as a rule, isn't appointed. It will be offered to heal wounds on an outpatient basis by imposings a place of antiseptic bandages.

Laser operation as painless, doesn't leave unpleasant scars and hems on a body became an innovative solution today, doesn't need preliminary preparation, also rehabilitation term reduces many times. Patients quickly are on the mend and already through 2 come back to a habitual way of life.

Boughs udder: that it as looks, the reasons how to treat

Diet at a gidradenita

Food has to be directed on increase of immunity and resilience of an organism to pathogenic microbes, bacteria. It is necessary to include in a diet: polyvitamins, nuts, berries, carrots, beet, apples, citrus, cabbage, liver, eggs, milk, low-fat fishes, green tea, dogrose broth, mineral water.

It is necessary to exclude alcohol, hot and salty dishes.

ON the NOTE! It is worth adhering to a diet not less than 3-4 months in a row even after passing of all symptoms of an illness and the basic medical course.

National recipes

Self-treatment at boughs of an udder is excluded. It is possible to apply national methods only with the permission of the doctor. At an early stage of an illness compresses and here good recipes can become the effective:

  • fat sour cream, cottage cheese, butter (1 Art. of l) to mix, put a compress to a sore point for a rassasyvaniye of the cone, removal of pain;
  • onions to bake a bulb in an oven, to divide into plates, to put to the inflamed site, maintaining till 15 minutes, so so far the abscess independently won't break and won't come to light;
  • grass collecting is recommended at a sluggish current of a gidradenit: a dandelion + the tributary + a calendula + a yarrow (on 1ch.l.) to mix, add ikhtiolovy or Vishnevsky's ointment (1ch.l.), to process the inflamed sites 2 times a day;
  • to prepare to mix wax with butter and camphor in equal proportions to homogeneous mass, to apply on a gauze bandage and to put as a compress, fixing an adhesive plaster. So until pustulous small knots don't disappear completely


Lack of treatment at an early stage the keloidnykh of hems on skin, to violation of functions in axillary hollows, to blood supply deterioration, infection with an infection blood can lead to emergence courses at hit in blood. It is already fraught with development:

  • malignant tumor;
  • abscess;
  • phlegmons;
  • sepsis;
  • lymphadenitis.

Prevention consists in carrying the correct clothes which isn't injuring sites of a body and a fold in a groin on buttocks and a breast, armpits.

Gidradenit — the difficult disease and the wrong attitude towards the health can aggravate a situation, strengthen an infectious and inflammatory current in an organism. It is impossible to rely on that, gnoynichka armpits or completely will pass over time in a groove. If there were primary signs of increase in sizes of sweat glands and lymph nodes, an itch, burning and morbidity, it is necessary to see a doctor quicker.