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Kaltsinata in a mammary gland: what is it, education reasons, treatment

Kaltsinata in a mammary gland – the pathology which is found only at women. What are kaltsinata? This accumulation in fabrics of Ca salts which form themselves some kind of consolidations. It is possible to diagnose this phenomenon by means of mammography or radiological inspection.

Kaltsinata in a mammary gland: what is it, education reasons, treatment

Than the disease is dangerous?

Ca salts don't bear for health and life of the girl any danger. But it is necessary to pay attention that nevertheless in 20% of cases this process is started by oncology of a mammary gland. For this reason, careful inspection, at detection of this anomaly, is necessary.

The majority of the diagnosed anomalies doesn't demand carrying out the special therapy directed on elimination of the collected calcium. For determination of need of treatment it is necessary to decide on type of an illness and a place of its localization.

Reasons of development of kaltsinat

There is a set of various factors which lead to the congestion Ca in a mammary gland. The most dangerous — is oncological educations. Are other reasons of anomaly:

  • the excessive use of additives to food with the content of calcium and D3 vitamin;
  • impassability of mammary glands when breastfeeding;
  • accumulation of salts;
  • climax;
  • wrong metabolism;
  • changes in the woman's organism connected with age.

At detection of the congestions Ca, the first that the expert – a puncture appoints.

Types of pathology

Congestions of calcium can be all forms and the sizes. Both single, and multiple consolidations are observed.

The congestion of salts is subdivided on:

  1. Dolkovye. Congestions settle down in ferruterous tissues of a breast. Their form reminds a half moon. Pathology has no tendency to oncological process. Therapy isn't required. The cyst, adenoz, a mastopatiya are an etiology,
  2. The pro-current. Salts of calcium accumulate in channels of a breast. Congestions can be dense structure and have an appearance of continuous or dashed lines. Such consolidations are a consequence of mastitis or an ektaziya of channels. The sizes of kaltsinat exceed 1 mm. If the congestions Ca have the smaller sizes and thus their borders are washed away, it testifies to progressing of noninvasive, vntriprotokovy breast cancer.
  3. Stromalnye. Calcium accumulates in blood vessels, cysts, integuments and the fibroadenomakh of mammary glands. Are good-quality. Congestions have the size more than 1 mm. Structure of the formed congestions the dense.

The therapy type depends on a type of pathology. Also on the basis of a form of an illness the scheme of further actions of the expert is defined.

Kaltsinata in a mammary gland: what is it, education reasons, treatment

Single kaltsinata in a breast

Single kaltsinata can't be probed and they aren't shown by any symptoms. Such educations in 90% of cases have the good-quality nature and don't develop into cancer tumors. If educations have a form of a bowl or month it means that cysts or a fibrous and cystous mastopatiya are the reason of their education.

Small size

Detection of congestions of salts of calcium of the small sizes is an adverse sign. The congestion of small kaltsinat in one site of a breast or widespread on all its area testifies to malignant process.

At detection of small salt congestions it is necessary to carry out further inspection urgently.

Congestions of kaltsinat in a mammary gland

The congestion of calcic educations on one site can testify, both to a cancer, and about other not less serious pathological processes. At detection of a set of the koltsinat located in one breast it is necessary to carry out immediately a biopsy for installation of more exact diagnosis.

Large educations

Experts claim that than education, that is larger than a high probability that process has the good-quality nature. For breast cancer single and multiple kaltsinata of the big sizes aren't peculiar.

Manifestations of an illness

Independently itself can't diagnose adjournment of salts in a breast as they aren't probed at a palpation. It is possible to find educations only on a mammogram which each girl has to carry out annually. Notable symptoms of an illness, in most cases, completely are absent.

Unpleasant feelings in breast which, don't signal about existence of kaltsinat are possible, and testify about existence of pathology which provokes their emergence. For example, at a mastopatiya and a cancer painful feelings in one or both mammary glands and allocations from nipples of white, yellow or brown color can be observed.

Statement of the diagnosis

The main method of diagnostics — mammography. It allows not only to reveal deposits of salts, but also to estimate their site, the sizes and quantity. During inspection it is possible to assume, what nature of education. The exact nature of congestions is defined at a biopsy.

The small and multiple kaltsinata having indistinct borders in most cases are satellites of cancer process. Single formations of the big size – have the good-quality nature.

Sometimes carrying out additional inspection – a biopsy is required (a material intake from a mammary gland). Research allows to exclude or confirm existence of a cancer.

Kaltsinata in a mammary gland: what is it, education reasons, treatment


For carrying out effective therapy it is necessary to find out the exact reason of pathological process. If is the reason not oncological anomalies, in therapy there is no need. At detection of a cancer, therapy at the oncologist is carried out.

At detection of good-quality educations experts recommend:

  • observance of a diet (control of consumption of food with the content of calcium and vitamin preparations with Ca and D3);
  • massage of a breast (it can be carried out, as at home, and in the conditions of a hospital);
  • hormonal therapy (is selected individually by results of blood test on hormones).

At a good-quality course of disease treatment not of accumulation of salts, and that disease which led to it is carried out. Therapy by national methods in the presence of kaltsinat is powerless as not one of the recipes presented nowadays isn't capable to lead to dissolution of salts of calcium.

If the diagnosis isn't made, it isn't necessary to appoint independently to itself treatment as it can aggravate the available pathology.


Female breast — a place of development of various new growths, both good-quality, and the malignant nature. To prevent heavy complications, it is necessary to carry out regularly the preventive actions allowing to define in time or even completely to prevent an illness.

Preventive actions are:

  • mammogram (it is necessary to carry out annually);
  • general blood test;
  • blood serum inspection on hormones;
  • material intake from mammary glands at identification of adjournment of Ca salts in other bodies.

Adjournment of Ca in mammary glands is a signal that the girl needs to pay more attention to health of a breast. Kaltsinata aren't dangerous, danger in themselves is born by the diseases provoking their development.