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Klotrimazol ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Unfortunately, fungi, various infections strike us quite often in everyday life. Harmful bacteria bring down a set of unpleasant consequences of the invasion on the person. Products of their activity poison our organism, cause the mass of unpleasant feelings. For this reason it is so important to have near at hand the effective means capable in the shortest possible time to liquidate the infection center. Klotrimazol treats such remarkable means. Elimination of the center of an inflammation – business not simple. Before beginning a course of treatment it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

Klotrimazol ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

The range of its application is very great. Ointment is appointed for effective treatment of a set of diseases. It, generally various infections, harmful fungi. The preparation represents excellent anti-bactericidal means and well the trikhomonadnykh and the kokkovykh of infections copes with causative agents of mycoses, and also. It destroys staphylococcus and streptococci, dermatophytes, mold and barmy fungi.

Use it as effective medicine at:

  • stomatitises;
  • trichomoniases;
  • psoriasis;
  • to pitiriaza;
  • paronychias;
  • you vulvit;
  • you balanit;
  • trichophytias.

How works?

The principle of action of Klotrimazol consists in impact on synthesis of substance under the name эrgosterol. It is a link and carries out a number of the major functions in fungus cages. And violation of work of an ergosterol leads to their disintegration. The cellular membrane of a fungus is damaged, its structure are broken. Ointment also has direct impact on fungus enzymes. It promotes formation of hydrogen peroxide in them which, as a result, simply breaks off an infection source.


Composition of ointment Klotrimazol – its main property. It is well worked formula. The recipe which all ingredients are picked up to each other ideally. They don't dull positive action of components of structure at all. On the contrary, as much as possible it is strengthened.

The preparation on the basis of vaseline is made.

It is necessary to tell about it, so-called, excipients:

  • polyethylene oxide;
  • propylene glycol;
  • methylparaben.

What contraindications exist?

The preparation is absolutely harmless to most of people. The exception is made who has a hypersensibility of systems of an organism on any their active components of ointment. In general, it isn't recommended to use it:

  • in the first months of pregnancy;
  • at the use, on doctor's orders, antibiotics;
  • at alcoholic intoxication;
  • at liver diseases;
  • at periods (if the drug is injected in an organism in the vaginal way);
  • to the children who didn't reach 12 summer age.

Klotrimazol ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Whether and there are side effects?

Before application carefully study the instruction and accompanying documentation to means. In them all contraindications and possible side effects are specified.

The producer reports that in the period of a lactation, it is worth using this means with care. And it is better to postpone treatment until its termination in general. You shouldn't begin use course at once. Previously, apply a small amount of ointment on skin. It will help to avoid possible allergic reactions and other side effects.

From use of this production distinguish the following from side effects:

  • on a site where drawing was carried out, irritations or reddenings can be formed. Prickings will be felt thus;
  • slight headache and dizzinesses;
  • problems with digestion, diarrhea;
  • when using against candidiasis the urination can become frequent.

How to apply Klotrimazol?

The instruction on application of this preparation surely has to be present at its packing. It differs in the simplicity. To start a medical course no specific means will be necessary for you.

It is possible to apply antimicrobic means only in two ways: vaginal and external. The skin surface before drawing needs to be prepared. It has to be pure and dry. To make rubbing in smooth, roundabouts of hands. Besides a skin surface ointment is allowed to be applied on the centers of an inflammation of mucous membranes of a mouth and genitals. To avoid hit of means in eyes. As it is frequent and how long to apply this preparation is defined only by the doctor in policlinic. After all everything depends on features of a concrete illness against which ointment will be used. And this business very individual.

It is necessary to store a product in the dry, isolated from a sunlight place. An expiration date at the correct storage – two years.

Where it is possible to buy?

It is quite simple to get it. Klotrimazol ointment is realized in drugstores. It is released without recipe of the doctor. Of course, it will be better if after all you have a recipe, as well as recommendations of the doctor about application of this means. After all only the doctor can establish the exact diagnosis and to appoint the most effective and safe course of treatment. Many get this preparation in drugstores and use it on the discretion that, often leads them to inefficient treatment of an illness.

Klotrimazol ointment: from what helps, application, analogs


Many people already managed to be influenced by miracle influence of ointment. It is possible to find in a network many their positive responses and recommendatory characteristics. Here some of them:

Margarita 45 years: "I already managed to sit down thoroughly on folk remedies. That only I didn't try, and the solution was found with ointment by Klotrimazol. Only it helped me really. From other techniques, recipes and preparations there were no changes. At most, some time the small positive effect kept. But all as a result I fell back into place. Really works. I recommend."

Elena 32 years: "Thanks, at last I got rid from cutting depriving. I don't know how I picked up this infection. But I was worn out with it with interest. How many means tried – anything plainly couldn't help. But, fortunately there is such remarkable means. I completed a course of application and forever I forgot about the problem."

Victoria of 35 years: "I had a milkwoman. All perfectly know, what is it and as it is difficult to get rid of this illness. Especially if the milkwoman has the expressed, chronic form. The gynecologist advised me this means. I bought, didn't regret. In the first day let know about themselves the first results. Later a two-week course the milkwoman left."

Evgenia 35 years: "I was tortured simply by stomatitis. The doctor in policlinic told that I have to him a predisposition and it is necessary to watch a condition of an oral cavity carefully. Here only when I understood it, qzvochek already there was a large number. Klotrimazol on the advice of the girlfriend got. In a week the situation considerably improved. And in couple of days from stomatitis didn't remain also a trace."

By all criteria leaves that this production is excellent acquisition. Combining high qualities, productivity with very even reasonable price, Klotrimazol turns into the real savior, having made life of hundreds of women and men it is much easier. It surely will help also you.