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Coconut oil: advantage, application in food and cosmetology

Today more and more people use coconut oil, and it is easy to understand why. This universal remedy is applied in many directions, from cosmetology before cooking. It has the pleasant aroma and useful properties keeping health and youth of the person.

Coconut oil: advantage, application in food and cosmetology

Use of coconut oil in dermatology

Coconut oil – one of the best softening means. To feel the moistening effect, it needs to be rubbed regularly in skin. Always to choose the fresh, raw product for use on a face and all body. Such means contains nutrients and vitamins.

Oil has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In it there are fatty acids playing an important role in destruction of bacterial and fungal infections.

Sometimes people experience allergic reaction at contact with a product. Before putting it, it is recommended to carry out the test on a hand site. If there is a hypostasis or reddening, to wash away and refuse further use.

The product is useful to treatment of warts. Also because of the antibacterial properties it is suitable for the following application:

  • deodorant;
  • processing of cuts and scratches;
  • treatment of eczema;

Pregnant women, means will rescue from extensions. To start applying it on early terms of pregnancy. The real oils will be suitable for care of children's skin.

Coconut oil as the moisturizing skin cream

Means protects from infections and harmful effects of environment. Blocks moisture on skin, preventing dryness, an itch, peelings. As the product hardens at the room temperature, it is easy to put it as the moisturizing cream, it easily gets into skin. Laurinovy acid deeply gets into epidermis is provides a protective barrier on a skin surface.

For dry skin, means to put after each washing:

  • having cleaned a face, to wipe it a pure towel;
  • to distribute a product on palms to melt.
  • the massing movements to put means on a face;
  • to wait 5-10 minutes, to remove surplus.

Though the product is considered komedogenny (can block a time), it is necessary to try to use it and for fat skin. Antibacterial properties will help to struggle with rashes and an acne.

Coconut oil: advantage, application in food and cosmetology

For use of oil on fat skin to remember the following:

  • to wash up a face with the soft clearing means and to allow it to dry.
  • to warm a little a product in hands, to put on a face.
  • to wait 10 minutes before washing away warm water.
  • to repeat procedure daily.

Reduction of wrinkles for age skin

Use of coconut oil as the moistening means, will prevent the first signs of aging of skin. Wrinkles develop when collagen in skin decreases, lost elasticity. Drawing funds for the person and a neck will keep moistening and will prevent collagen loss, will give a smooth look.

To put in the morning and in the evening as the moisturizing cream. Its nutritious properties will help to prevent signs of presenilation and will keep skin the young.

Coconut oil in the cosmetic purposes

Besides food and moistening, the product has a set of cosmetic applications:

  1. Manicure and pedicure. To rub in cuticles, skin of hands and feet on completion of procedure.
  2. Moistening of a zone round eyes. To put some drops by means of finger-tips. Roundabouts to distribute round eyes. It will smooth wrinkles, to moisten gentle skin.
  3. Natural highlighter. On end of a make-up to add a drop on the highest point of cheekbones, under an eyebrow and on a contour of an upper lip is will give shine and freshness to an image.
  4. To distribute means on eyelashes, for effect of natural glossy ink. As a bonus it is possible to receive the additional growth of eyelashes.
  5. The product works as gloss for dry lips, has pleasant aroma.
  6. Clarifications after a day make-up. To apply means on hands, to massage a face and to clean the remains a wadded disk. To continue clarification of skin by means of means for washing.
  7. Ingredient for a srub. To mix couple of drops with salt or sugar, and other oils, to distribute on a face, other areas of a body.
  8. Mask for hair. Before washing of hair to apply the warmed means on all length, to wrap up ringlets for 1 hour, to wash up the head. Hairs will become saturated after the first application.
  9. Toothpaste. To mix a product with baking soda and oil of a peppermint. To brush teeth within 3 minutes. Such practice of clarification of teeth is applied in India and Asia. Oil has antibacterial properties, refreshes breath and improves health of an oral cavity.

Structure and advantage

One tablespoon (13 g) contains 116 calories, 14 g of fat. Has no carbohydrates and proteins, cholesterol. Still saturated acids are a part:

  • the laurinovy — 48%;
  • the miristinovy — 16%;
  • the palmitic — 9,5%;
  • the kaprinovy — 8%;
  • the kaprilovy — 7%;
  • oleic acid — 6,5%;
  • kaprolinovy, arakhidinovy — 3%;
  • the linoleic — 2%.

Means improves digestion of vitamins of group B (calcium and magnesium) and fat-soluble vitamins (And, D, E, K and a beta — carotene), amino acids. It is useful for weight loss, stimulation of a metabolism and improvement of function of a thyroid gland. It is especially useful for people with an insufficient tiroidnost or a hypothyroidism.

Coconut oil: advantage, application in food and cosmetology

Means received reputation of a low-calorie type of fats. Experts recommend a product as prevention and treatment for obesity.

To adherents of a vegetarian diet to pay attention to ability of a product to increase cholesterol level to necessary level. The total of cholesterol in blood of vegetarians, is lower than 150 mg/dl. The use of a product will positively affect a condition of mental health.

Saturated fats are necessary for neurologic and hormonal functioning. To consume them it is proportional to the relation of monononsaturated and polynonsaturated fats in a food allowance.

Application in food

Coconut oil is used to the similarly vegetable. The refined oils (sunflower, corn) have bad types of fats, they should be avoided.

The source of fats, has to arrive from the high-quality raw olive oils, polynonsaturated fats and saturated tropical oils, red palm-oil or coconut.

Preparing toasts for breakfast, to use coconut oil instead of the creamy. The organic product has lungs smack of a coco – is suitable for pastries. It is added to various cocktails, fruit salads, ice cream and porridge.

Application in exotic dishes of the countries of Asia:

  • coconut tofu with hot sauce from pineapple;
  • chicken or soup with a curry;
  • the fried fish;
  • the stewed or fried stake from a tuna with a coco, corn, cilantro;
  • sweet potato pancakes.

At a product choice to avoid the hydrogenated oils, they have a trance — fats. The refined oils are affected by chemical solvents in the course of extraction and mechanically extracted oils are considered more processed, than.

Coconut oil "Virgin", "Extra Virgin" is the least processed form. To look for the firms using a mechanical or cold extraction without use of solvents, their goods will be nutritious and tasty.