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Demazol's cream for eyelids: application, analogs, responses

Demazol's cream for eyelids is the preparation of external application appointed as looking after and a remedy for skin round eyes. Medicine was developed by dermatologists and ophthalmologists 10 years ago. Since then it is in a great demand among patients as it not only eliminates unpleasant symptoms (an itch, puffiness, reddening), but also makes improving impact on skin of eyelids. Besides, Demazol is effective in therapy of a demodekoz of eyelids and eyelashes.

Demazol's cream for eyelids: application, analogs, responses


Form of release of Demazol is the cream packaged in tubas by spaciousness of 10 milliliters. Medicine has multicomponent structure:

  • 2-metilnitromidazol;
  • lanolin;
  • emulsifiers;
  • glikana;
  • olive oil;
  • fragrances;
  • extract of a camomile medicinal.

Glikana accelerate regeneration and stimulation of a local metabolism in cells of epidermis. Lanolin has the moistening effect therefore it helps with maintenance of water and lipidic balance of epidermis. Similar effect also olive oil which is also present at medicine has.

In a combination biologically active components of medicine make the oppressing impact on inflammatory process, and also activity of pathogenic microorganisms oppresses.

Action and method of application

Skin round eyes considerably differs about that which covers other sites of a body as it thin and sensitive therefore doesn't suffer the tactless relation. Epidermis round eyes is inclined to loss of elasticity and elasticity therefore there are first wrinkles. However application of special preparations for local drawing will allow to prevent aging and withering of sensitive skin. One of such preparations is also Demazol's cream for eyelids which not only well influences a condition of skin, but also treats demodekoz.

Means has a broad spectrum of activity:

  • eliminates puffiness of the allergic and inflammatory nature;
  • removes an itch and irritation;
  • removes an inflammation;
  • accelerates regeneration of epidermis.

Demazol registers to the patient at such states:

  • puffiness of eyelids;
  • demodekoz in the period of an aggravation;
  • local inflammatory process.

Demazol's cream for eyelids: application, analogs, responses

Use Demazol according to the instruction. At a demadekozny blefarit the preparation is put with a pure slice of cotton wool or a Q-tip. A pea of cream it is evenly applied on edge of an external, and then and lower eyelid. The preparation is used by 2 times per day – in the morning after awakening and before a night dream. In 30-40 minutes after putting cream delete with a pure napkin or a wadded tampon surplus.

At an inflammation of eyelids leather before Demazol's drawing is recommended to be processed spirit tincture of a calendula, thus avoiding hit of alcohol-containing liquid on the mucous. Also means can be applied on other sites of the person, for example, if on them there were inflammation centers provoked the demodekozy.

Course of treatment Demazol for eyelids — 45 days. On an extent of a course of treatment it is recommended to refuse use of shadows, foundation and mascara.

As for the first application of pharmacological means, Demazol is recommended to apply on a small site of skin, avoiding hit of a preparation on the mucous. At emergence of an itch, puffiness and reddening means it is necessary to wash away and refuse its further application as these signs testify to allergic reaction.

To use of cream refer individual intolerance of its components, and also tendency to development of allergic reactions to contraindications. When using pharmacological means some side effects, for example, development of local puffiness and reddening are possible. As for overdose symptoms, today there are no data connected with this aspect of application of a preparation. The same concerns also interaction of cream for eyelids Demazol with other pharmacological preparations.

The cost of one tuba of a preparation makes 10 USD.


In pharmacology there are some preparations, the having action similar to Demazol today. The list of analogs looks as follows:

  1. Blefarogel: glycerin, an aloe and hyaluronic acid are considered as the main active components of this preparation. Blefarogel is applied in treatment of a demodekoz and inflammations of eyelids. This means is used for removal of discomfort after carrying contact lenses. Thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid, Blefarogel also has the looking after effect on skin: intensifies exchange processes in cells of epidermis, increases elasticity. The price of a fifteen-millilitre bottle of Blefarogel makes 8 USD.
  2. Demlan: consists of more than 17 components among which it is possible to note camomile extract, glikan and olive oil. It is appointed as a supportive application for treatment of a demodekoz. Also Demalang renders the regenerating effect and destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The price of a ten-millilitre tube makes 10 USD.
  3. Stop of Demodeks: the gel which is applied in ophthalmology at treatment of a demodekoz. Metronidazole and hyaluronic acid are considered as active components of gel of Stop Demodeks. Also the peppermint extract removing the itch and discomfort arising at a demodekoza is a part of gel. Gel is quickly absorbed in skin and doesn't cause obstruction of a time. Medicine has a light smell of menthol thanks to which the cooling effect is reached. The price of a preparation begins from 7 USD.

Demazol's cream for eyelids: application, analogs, responses

Reviews of means

Today ophthalmologists and dermatologists register patients cream Demazol which application is proved at the inflammation of eyelids caused by an allergy demodekozy, violation of the rules of carrying contact lenses and puffiness of eyelids. In 10 years of existence of a preparation more, than 500 thousand patients used it. As well as any pharmacological means, cream Demazol, has both positive, and negative responses.

Most of people which had to use means, note that the preparation has a light pleasant smell and a uniform consistence. If to observe all recommendations of the doctor, it is possible to achieve excellent result in treatment of a demodekoz of eyelids. At the same time many people tell that at the first application of a preparation they felt easy burning and an itch in the field of putting cream, however at the subsequent uses of similar reactions wasn't.

The reason of negative responses that at some patients it provoked allergic reaction with such symptomatology as easy puffiness of eyelids and an itch. Also its high cost was carried to shortcomings of pharmacological means.

To achieve maximum efficiency of cream for eyelids Demazol, it is necessary to refuse self-treatment. As well as any pharmacological means, he has to be appointed the doctor (the dermatologist, the ophthalmologist). The course and the scheme of treatment registers the expert.

It is recommended to store a tube with medicine in a cool place, inaccessible to children. After an expiration date Demazol it is forbidden to use.