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Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot

At the wrong bearing, diseases of feet and long circulation in the footwear which isn't intended for this purpose there can be such phenomenon as deformation of joints of thumbs of feet. It is shown in emergence of unpleasant feelings and formation of the cone. Such aberration causes discomfort at a footwear choice, pain on walking time, and also doesn't conform to the standard standards of an esthetics of a human foot. Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot can cope with this problem. Its active agents localize the action on a problem zone, smoothing it and cleaning unpleasant symptoms.

Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot

What is it

Stone or the cone on a foot – result of platypodia at which all body weight is distributed on foot unevenly that pushes an organism on the adaptation, namely on increases in the area of foot due to deformation.

Cream Valgusstop — a prophylactic from cones standing which was developed by the Russian scientists and producers for the prevention of deformation of joints of toes and inflammatory processes that are connected with it.

The preparation cleans pain, eliminates the inflammation centers, does cartilages and callosities softer and promotes their fastest disappearance. Use of cream positively influences feelings in time footwear socks. It concerns first of all women who the most part of time go in close, inconvenient footwear on a heel. Long walking in this case worsens a bearing and a condition of feet, the zatverdelykh of callosities and cones leads to education.

The most important operating active biological agents – fat of a shark and noble laurels which have no contraindications and negative influence on a human body. Spark fat is considered one of the strongest antibiotics, especially as this component of completely natural origin. Biologically active component very quickly gets in skin where works as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, antimicrobic means.

Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot allows not only to get rid of unpleasant, pathological new growths, but also promotes disposal of a fungus, dissolves salts that are postponed on joints of fingers. Also is a part saturated, irreplaceable fatty acids which through skin are absorbed in an organism and become a preventive measure of various diseases of blood vessels, including atherosclerosis, thrombosis and varicosity. Applying cream it is regularly possible not only to prolong beauty of feet, but also to strengthen, clear vessels.

Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot


  1. Bile of a cattle (medical). Acceptance of this component outwardly allows to clean the centers and the reasons of an inflammation of joints. Besides, this active biological agent has spazmolitichesky, analgesic effect.
  2. Glycerin. This excipient which does ointment softer, gentle and pleasant to the touch. It is also possible to note that Valgusstop not only by medicine, but also cream for appearance of feet allows to do action of this component. Glycerin softens cracks, does skin more gentle and young.
  3. Mountain arnica. Extract of this natural product possesses the toning action which allows skin to regenerate quicker, to microcracks - to be tightened, and to wounds – to descend without scars.
  4. Palm tree oil. Fats of this making possess curative, preventive action on blood vessels.
  5. Salicylic acid. The component relieves of coarseness of skin and callosities of different degree of neglect.
  6. Efirnosti. Different aromatic oils which accelerate treatment process are a part of cream, and also do means pleasant on a smell. This circumstance allows to use a liniment in any place and time, without being afraid that aroma of medicine can prevent someone.

The list of indications for application

  1. Pronounced deformation of a joint of a thumb of a foot, its increase in a size and a pathological arrangement (a vypiraniye from the general plane of foot).
  2. Inflammation and all consequences from this process in joints of feet, fingers and the most struck stone.
  3. Sharp or constant foot pains, fast fatigue.
  4. Preventive measures of platypodia and the first medicines at establishment of the wrong form of foot.
  5. The wrong, defective blood circulation to the lower extremities, a varicosity.
  6. Callosities of different types, natoptysh and coarseness of skin of foot.

Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot

As works

  1. Ointment allows to get rid of the cone on a foot of any size. The desirable result depends on an initial state and time of regular putting medicine.
  2. The first effect of cream Valgusstop – analgesic effect which at once relieves of discomfortable feelings in foot.
  3. Often in the deformed joints, fabrics there is an inflammation which influences not only feet, but also all organism in general. Active agents of cream promote removals of inflammatory process.
  4. Numbed outgrowths and zatverdely callosities can't be cleaned by means of pumice and other means without early softening which is possible with cream Valgusstop in the shortest possible time of application.
  5. If callosities and natoptyshy aren't present, but the person is inclined to their emergence, it is possible to use cream as prevention, for example, to put socks of new footwear in the first weeks.
  6. At an inactive way of life, the big use of salty products and lack of warm-up of joints of feet there can be salt deposits from which will relieve effect of cream of the Russian producers for fight against a stone.
  7. If besides deformation of a joint of a thumb or separately from it the foot is affected with a fungus which is shown in an itch, burning, change of color of a nail plate and its wrong form, then cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot will help to get rid of action of fungi and viruses.

How to put

Before applying cream, it is necessary to wash feet with soap and to dry up them. After that already on clean skin it is necessary to squeeze out a small amount of ointment and to rub it the massage movements. After full absorption it is possible to put on the special tire for fixation of the correct provision of foot, but it isn't obligatory.

It is possible to apply cream several times a day, the more the better. Before going to bed for improvement of effect it is possible to wrap up foot in cellophane or to put on a warm sock.

Cream Valgusstop from a stone on a foot allows to carry out complex treatment of a problem, affecting internal state of joints, vessels and externally improving a type of skin. Regular putting ointment relieves of deformation of a joint of a thumb on a foot of any degree, inflammation, action of fungi and viruses, and also does skin soft, zazhivlyonny, without natoptyshy and callosities. The special attention to application needs to be paid to women who face problems of blood vessels more often, a varicosity and carry inconvenient, but beautiful footwear.