Be beautiful » Health » Viatonica cream (Viatonik) from varicosity: structure, application, responses

Viatonica cream (Viatonik) from varicosity: structure, application, responses

Viatonica cream (Viatonik) from varicosity: structure, application, responses

Viatonika — is cream which is directed on treatment of varicosity. The main effects of a preparation are:

  • Eradication of the reason of emergence of varicosity, expansion of veins;
  • Removal of a sensation of pain, puffiness in feet;
  • Cleans venous grids.

Professionally picked up structure of a preparation is founded only on natural vegetable components. These components have no allergic impacts on a human body, and it means that the preparation is harmless, has no special contraindications.

 Viatonica cream has a mass of pluses:

  • Returns to veins a normal look and a form;
  • Splits blood clots on the way;
  • Gives relaxation after long physical activities;
  • Relieves of burning and an itch after several applications;
  • Gives to skin elasticity and durability;
  • The structure doesn't contain any harmful toxins;
  • Cream gets into skin very quickly. After putting cream on skin it is possible not to be afraid to dress clothes as cream doesn't leave any traces and spots;
  • The preparation is released without recipe of the expert. It is possible to buy it in a drugstore for reasonable price.

Viatonica cream (Viatonik) from varicosity: structure, application, responses

Structure of Viatonica

Viatonik's cream contain the following components:

  • Tsentella extract. Extract of this plant contains a set of useful chemicals. For example, starch, glycosides, saponina, lactone and others. Thanks to these substances the plant has immunnoukreplyayushchy effect. Has anti-sclerous and hypotensive effects. Favorably influences nervous system of the person, and also normalizes blood circulation process, stimulates memory, improves work of a brain. Moreover, this component is present at many preparations which are intended for removal of slags and toxins from an organism. And also extract of a tsentella is capable to stop inflammatory processes on skin, to stimulate collagen synthesis process, reduces depth of wrinkles, works as the anti-inflammatory substance, helps to cure dermatitis and psoriasis, stimulates an epitalization, is used in surgery as an integument reducer.
  • Properties of grape wax render bactericidal, antibiotic impacts on a human body. Grape wax is also used, as a resolvent. Effectively and quickly heals wounds and restores cells of skin. Deletes all toxins and slags from an organism. It is capable to take off pain. At varicosity removes spasms in extremities, calms, taking off pain.
  • Oil of a red palm tree. This component prevents emergence of thrombosis, heart attack, reduces risk of atherosclerosis. Promotes fluidifying of blood clots, stimulates blood circulation. Enriches vessels with magnesium, iron and potassium.
  • Horse-chestnut. It is actively used in traditional medicine. Strengthens vessels, has venotoniziruyushchy effect, removes hypostases, has antioxidant effects. Comprises very valuable component-kvertitsin. Kvertsitin actively stimulates a fabric exchange, favorably influences cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol level in blood, brings pressure into norm, reduces risk of development of a hypertensive disease, actively heals wounds. Helps to develop such substance as anti-thrombin, reduces permeability of capillaries, stimulates a krovonapolneniye of veins.
  • Troksirutin. It is used at chronic type of venous insufficiency. Helps at a varicosity of veins. Removes puffiness of fabrics after heavy mechanical damages, and also hematomas. Often meets as a part of the preparations operating against diabetes.
  • Butcher's broom. It is often used in traditional medicine. Among active agents of a butcher's broom there are saponozida which possess medical impacts on vessels of veins. The component is used for treatment and prevention of venous insufficiency of the lower extremities. Treatment by a butcher's broom is appointed for treatment of a varicosity, at hemorrhoids, at strong and frequent weight in feet. And also the butcher's broom is used at hypostases and spasms.
  • Willow extract. And this component is used as a resolvent. And also possesses diuretic, pathogenic properties. Actively works against harmful microorganisms. And also extract of a willow is capable to take off pain, tones up veins.
  • Pepper Baldzhuansky. It is actively used in traditional medicine. Most often its components are added to preparations for treatment of eyes. And also Baldzhuansky pepper actively treat gout, diseases of intestines and a stomach. Plus to that, pepper is capable to heal wounds quickly. Actively fights against bacteria, possesses the knitting influence.
  • Orekhokrylnik Mongolian. Such plants often have antiscorbutic effects. Among medicinal properties of this plant on the first place there is a soothing effect. And also it is used for removal of spasms.
  • Extract from Sagan Daylya. Enters it miricetin which serves as protection for skin against excessive ultraviolet rays. Routines brings capillaries into a tone, has antikoagulyantny effect. And also the flavonoids possessing strong antioxidant properties and antihistaminic action are this part. The extract from Sagan Daylya is used, as antiseptics, a reducer of a cellular membrane as the moistening means. And also by means of this component various tumoral educations treat. For improvement of bulbs of hair, face skin it is used mio-inozitol which Sagan Daylya also is a part of an extract. In specialized medical institutions this component is used for prevention of HIV and such disease, as a cancer. Moreover, the component is very necessary for treatment of adrenal glands and sexual glands.

Viatonika absolutely safe, has purposeful action against varicosity. Not to avoid troubles from own not shipping, it is necessary to consider all list of the components entering a preparation.

Viatonica cream (Viatonik) from varicosity: structure, application, responses


 The preparation Viatonica will be useful for:

  • Pregnant women;
  • For those who often standing. Namely for doctors, teachers and sellers;
  • For loaders;
  • For the women liking to carry often footwear on a high heel;
  • To the people leading an inactive life;
  • For the people predisposed to varicosity, that is if among relatives is having this disease.

How to apply Viatonik's cream from varicosity?

Before use of Viatonica cream, it is necessary to take a tube and to take it in hands within 15-20 seconds. Then it needs to be applied in a small amount on sick sites. Then it is necessary to massage the processed site.


Judging by responses, it is possible to tell about cream only the good. Cream has pleasant texture, a pleasant smell, doesn't cause difficulties in application. Patients actively confirm positive action of a preparation. The preparation struggles even with hereditary varicosity. Especially Viatonika is pleasant to the people leading active lifestyle. Many positive reviews of cream are left by athletes.