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DENAS therapy: use of the device that treats, responses

When the person is ill, always looks for effective methods of treatment, finds out benefit which will bring use of the offered device, reception of medicines. In Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and in the countries of the abroad the device DENAS-terapii thanks to the quality, efficiency of treatment got huge popularity. Having faced negative responses you shouldn't conclude: DENAS-terapiya it is inefficient. This device has impacts on result of treatment, how long ago there is an illness, by what technique the device and a condition of ecology of the district of accommodation of the patient is used. Any device, medicine won't help if the structure of the body affected with a disease changed. DENAS-terapiya will have positive impact at the above described situation: the general health will improve, pain will weaken. In total thanks to procedure action. It isn't necessary to resort to drug treatment, rather periodically to use this device.

DENAS therapy: use of the device that treats, responses

Essence DENAS-terapii

In the new qualitative fast-effective way of influence on an organism, on points of acupuncture, area of receptors and a spinal cord, a skin projection procedure of dynamic electroneurostimulation is. Power information impulses carry out the treating functions of DENAS-terapii devices, lines of Diadens, it call "biological feedback". Impulses of a neurosimilar form make impact on specialized educations on the ends of shoots of nervous fibers as irritants. Impact is made outside, doesn't take place deeply.

At use of the device the condition of skin, the characteristic of a medical impulse change. The region of an illness of a certain body is allocated. The result of treatment is reached rather.

Thanks to necessary electrodes, the built-in or portable character, it becomes convenient to influence a problem zone, the effect of procedure increases.

Devices of the DENAS series are convenient, easy in use. Procedure of medical process is simple. Representatives of different age categories will be able to understand technology. It is optional to use devices at an illness, use as prevention of the house. DENAS devices have no minimum quantity of contraindications, negative consequences.

In the modes "Test", "Screening" information of a condition of a skin surface is provided. The user receives data on observed anomaly. Suitable treatment in the Therapy mode is adjusted. Thanks to possibility of monitoring the excess of influence of the device isn't allowed, the organism isn't exhausted physiologically.

Big plus of this therapy is the impossibility of therapeutic accustoming. High efficiency remains in case of use of the device many times in day or during the long period of time of a course of dynamic electroneurostimulation.

After influence of the device the organism starts reacting physiologically that makes an essence of effect of treatment by this therapy, the adaptation resource in a human body is activated. Activity of internal systems of an organism, all bodies is regulated.

DENAS therapy: use of the device that treats, responses

Why this therapy is so effective and productive? One medical impulse, making impact, sets a set of medical effects in motion. Dynamic electroneurostimulation is available multilateral procedure.

Today DENAS promotes achievement of a set of effects:

  • process of blood circulation, limfoobrashcheniye becomes better;
  • the cardiovascular system, arterial pressure works well-coordinated more
  • removes an inflammation, an allergy, hypostasis;
  • the hormonal background becomes stable;
  • violations of endocrine system are eliminated;
  • weight is normalized;
  • the nervous system comes to a normal state;
  • the dream improves;
  • gastrointestinal, urinogenital tract work in a normal state;
  • the metabolism in an organism improves;
  • the preventive effect for a stress and a depression is reached;
  • eliminates pains;
  • gives forces to an organism.


DENAS-terapiya it is effective in fight against diseases of the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's illness, epilepsy, pain of the head, sleep disorders, a hemiplegia, a teraplegiya, other syndromes of paralysis, hydrocephaly, a toxic enefalopatiya, intra cranial hypertensia.

Use of devices of the DENAS series it is noted in treatment of frustration of mentality, behavior. Therapy is used at serious poisoning of an organism with alcohol, "delirium tremens", the somato-formnykh frustration, various neurosises, others.

Dynamic electroneurostimulation is applicable at diseases of bodies of blood circulation: coronary heart disease, stenocardia, arrhythmia of heart, acute pain of a cardiac muscle, hypertensive crisis, varikoziya of veins, widespread atherosclerosis and other diseases.

DENAS devices are effective at diabetes, diseases of a thyroid gland (gipertireoz, a hypothyroidism).

Usually each disease goes together with pain. Therefore application of dynamic electroneurostimulation is in that case justified, the person gains antipainful effect.

Thanks to influence of the device the movement of blood on vessels increases, trophic processes of skin are normalized, the condition of skin becomes more attractive and regeneration of fabrics is accelerated, aging process thereby is slowed down.

DENAS therapy: use of the device that treats, responses

Responses from the real users

It is always curious to learn opinion of users, the interesting device. You will examine responses of the people who tried on themselves action DENAS-terapii.

Alexander's response:

"A few years ago I bought DIADENS-PK and the magnito-infrared device on the Rikta laser. Two devices operate in the excellent union. My spouse suffered from a disease, she was tormented by arthrosis of knee joints. Now the wife doesn't remember an illness. No, I don't speak about wonderful healing. There was no hope only on efficiency of devices. A lot of things had to be changed the spouse in a way of life, a diet and to clean excess weight. The wife considers that occupations on the electric treadmill helped with fight against arthrosis. As far as I know, always this device helped people. Worse definitely didn't become".

Ekaterina's response:

"We use the device of the DENAS series 8 years. The device — our family doctor. The head, quinsy, otitis or another — to it for the help hurts. The husband seasonally has pains of knee joints, consults thanks to the device. When bought, I thought that, as always, it was moved on beautiful promising words. However the DENAS device I relieved me of the chronic cold suffering me 12 years in 5 days. With confidence I declare that it should be got. Take the advices which are written down in the book, find videocourses of the doctors using the DENAS series device".

It is couple of responses of DENAS-terapii devices happy with acquisition. Users tested in practice, reached result. Of course, there are people considering DENAS-terapiyu by a trick of swindlers. The real users will intercede for productivity DENAS-terapii. The choice remains for you! Try action DENAS-terapii!