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Diafragmalny breath: advantage, correct technology of exercises

Breath by a diaphragm correctly. Skill of the baby is lost with age. It is easy to learn equipment. There are enough 6 exercises, absence of contraindications. It is ideal to carry out a breath, an exhalation randomly. The developed complexes guarantee amazing result.

Diafragmalny breath: advantage, correct technology of exercises

Features of process

Diaphragm – the main respiratory muscle. Serves as a partition of a chest and abdominal cavity. Dome-shaped form. Stretches in the direction of the lower internals. Filling of lungs increases. There is a breath. The organism is sated with oxygen. Relaxation provides an exhalation. The diaphragm holds quiet position. Reduction of belly muscles forces to work a press. Bottom edge of edges – conditional borders of a diaphragm.

Definition like breath

There are some types. The correct equipment is put by the birth. Children own process absolutely. The growing brings complexes, fears, offenses. Change of intake of air provokes a clip of muscles. Primary is a chest (superficial) breath. Health worsens. Excess weight, otdyshka, hypoxia, metabolic disorder, heart diseases.

  1. Costal breath. The majority involves a thorax. Widespread type. The advantage is doubtful.
  2. Clavicular look. The top departments of lungs work. The volume of air decreases. The type is peculiar to people of old age.
  3. Functioning of a diaphragm. Is called often belly. Useful equipment to an organism. As much as possible oxygenates fabrics.

The inability to use the necessary equipment is fraught with consequences. Work of lungs is carried out for 20%. Serious problems are provided.

Easy to define the used way. It is necessary to put the right hand from above of a navel, to relax. The exhalation pushes a stomach forward. Automatically the diaphragm works. Correct breath. The breast rises – a half of muscles is included. The technology of the lower intake of air should be acquired exercises.

Diafragmalny breath: advantage, correct technology of exercises

The guaranteed advantage

Regular water inflow, food, air provides functioning of an organism. There is a normal metabolism. Scientists established interrelation of technology of breath with health. Pluses are huge. The name "second heart" deservedly is appropriated to the main muscle.

  1. Treatment of chronic diseases.
  2. Trouble-free operation of internals. Moving, the muscle actively masses an abdominal and chest cavity. From below – a liver, kidneys, a pancreas. From above – a warm bag (the attached pericardium). Prevention of pulmonary diseases.
  3. Blood enrichment by oxygen. Improvement of work of vessels.
  4. Restoration of a digestive tract (lack of locks, swellings). Toxins, slags disappear.
  5. Clarification of easy smokers, vanishes an otdyshka, panic attacks.
  6. The daily set of exercises cleans excess weight.
  7. The conducted researches proved efficiency of elimination of psoriasis.
  8. There pass panic attacks, vegetososudisty dystonia.
  9. Complex clarification of an organism.

Training to women after 30 years is especially important. The condition of skin, a hair improves, youth lasts. There are dangers of the wrong equipment. Sexual apathy, emergence of spots, wrinkles, presenilation.

The existing contraindications

Breath by a diaphragm contains minuses. Consultation of the doctor, an exception of contraindications is obligatory. A hypertension – the basis to forbid exercises. Risk of increase of intra pulmonary, intra chest pressure. Heart, lungs are affected.

Rules of diafragmalny breath

  1. Ideal time of occupations – morning, evening. The weakening situation, lack of noise. 5 minutes on 3 times daily are necessary. Having gained skill, to train it will turn out in any place.
  2. Painful signals of a diaphragm – normal process. Feelings the first week of training are natural. Symptoms will disappear independently. Week will be required.
  3. Relaxation – a success key. Exercises are carried out gradually. Few months – the term of inflow of vital forces, energy. The volume of lungs increases to 30%.
  4. Control of a bearing. Sutulqsx, muscles are squeezed. The direct back helps to work effectively. Pilates, yoga, remedial gymnastics I guarantee excellent result.
  5. Yawn less. Stop the arisen desire. Take a sip, without letting out the air. The wrong breath leads to loss of carbon dioxide. The organism demands food. Frequent breaths increase. The acid balance worsens. Vicious circle.
  6. Healthy breath happens a nose. Using a mouth, oxygen gets less. The rhythm becomes frequent. There are colds, throat diseases.

The correct breath – pledge of a resistant emotional state. The rage, offense generate constraint of muscles, asthma.

Diafragmalny breath: advantage, correct technology of exercises

General exercises

Indicator of natural enrichment by oxygen – quantity of breaths. Having counted performance in a minute, conclusions are drawn. 15 – excellent value, 20 – sad result. Having started practicing equipment, the state will improve. Trainings will bring benefit.

  1. The lung – visual representation of the picture. Put an alarm clock. The recommended value – 4 minutes ahead. Reject excess thoughts. Release process. Sit down, close eyes, relax. Present walk on a flower glade. Be transferred there. Feel a wind, a smell of plants. Admire a landscape. A call of hours – the end of practice. The mental situation will force a body to breathe correctly. It is enough to carry out exercise 3 times daily.
  2. The complex is carried out sitting, lying, standing. The left palm on a breast, right – from above a stomach. Start breathing in the usual way. Study process. Note, the stomach or a breast rises. Long breath by a nose, massage of a navel will help to open press muscles. The correct equipment will start being implemented. Start later to work with a diaphragm. Control the movements of muscles of a stomach the palm lying from above.
  3. Starting position – lying. On a stomach there is a book. To relax. To breathe a diaphragm. To feel the movements of a press. Condition of a thorax not movably.
  4. Breath of a dog. Situation – a knee and elbow pose. To carry out frequent faltering breaths, exhalations. The mouth is opened. The movement of a diaphragm is as much as possible felt. Exercise lasts 30 seconds.

There are complexes cleaning excess weight. BodyFlex system. Efficiency is reached by a combination of the correct breath, physical activities. Replacement to run, power exercises. Work is checked by many women.

Originally harmfully frequent breath. Emergence of dizziness, hyperventilation of lungs is possible. Naturally at active saturation of blood oxygen. Some feel fear – the answer of a body to new feelings. It is necessary to hide the face in palms. Will pass 10 seconds. The state will improve. Study equipment gradually. Control feelings. Leave feats.

Health, youth directly depend on the correct breath. It is worth trying exercises, to learn possibilities of an organism. Trainings will strengthen skill. The equipment brought to automatism will fill with energy. It is correctly to breathe – a competent choice. Changes will come quickly. The result will please.