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Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

Important point of safe manicure – the correct disinfection of the manikyurny tool. This procedure is carried out without fail, and in manikyurny salon, and in house conditions. Why processing is obligatory?

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

During manicure there can be microwounds and cuts. If the tool isn't processed, microbes get into blood, causing an infection, an inflammation.

Naturally, in beauty shop there are special means for disinfection of tools. Mistakes in such business are inadmissible, differently the client can catch mycosis of nails and not only.

In total on points

For cleaning of subjects behind nails there are some points of processing. Depending on appointment and the frequency of their use.

  • Disinfection
  • Preliminary processing
  • Sterilization
  • Additional cleaning

Disinfect tools, for removal of bactericidal microbes, spots. Suits those who does manicure to himself in house conditions. It is possible to process tools before beginning work if only you use them.

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

Preliminary processing is done after end of manicure before placing them in an electrosterilizer. With its help, tools clear of parts of nail dust, skin fat and other spots. Besides, it increases quality of disinfecting by an ultraviolet which is carried out in a sterilizer.

Sterilization — full, profound cleaning with ultraviolet, infrared or thermal rays. The ultraviolet destroys all microbes, bacteria and viruses which are on outside and inside. As a rule, such devices are suitable for beauty shops, but, can be used and in house conditions.

Additional processing – clarification of skin of hands a disinfectant.

 And how houses?

In house conditions everything is a little simpler if tools are used by one person.

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

To means for disinfection, a number of conditions to which they have to correspond is applied.

  • Powerful influence – disinfecting also have to destroy the most part of pathogenic microbes and bacteria.
  • Safety – to be harmless to human life and pets
  • Environmental friendliness – at contact not to cause allergic reactions and corrosion of tools for manicure.

Sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools – an obligatory stage in manikyurny business, after all thus, nails are protected from fungal and other diseases. If, you do yourself manicure in house conditions, have to be able to sterilize tools.

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

You have to have the personal set with accessories. If some people use your set even if it is family members, careful processing is obligatory.

Three ways to kill microbes

If you use nail files, nozhnichka, pusher infrequently, before each use and after, it is enough to wipe of them spirit solution. Alcohol — this excellent and available means for fast disinfection.

Another matter if you use accessories often, you take them yourself in holiday or business trip. In this case, it is necessary to sterilize them.

In house conditions, a sterilizer role, the kitchen oven or an oven can execute.

It is very simple to disinfect in an oven.

At first all tools are washed carefully in hot water, and wiped the degreasing means. It can be means for nails with acetone.

Then, they are placed in the oven warmed to 200 degrees. At small distance from each other. It is necessary to leave them in a hot oven for fifteen minutes. After that wait for full cooling, take out from an oven and place in pure tight container.

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools of the house and in salon

One more known method, will help quickly and simply, to cope with microbes in house conditions – boiling.

Put manikyurny tools in the enameled ware and boil. It is necessary to boil not less than twenty minutes. After get them special nippers and place on a paper towel. The dried tools, pack into sterile packages or densely closed case.

Sterilization, not only will save you from diseases of skin and nails, but also will protect tools from premature damage.

But not all materials for manicure can be sterilized an ultraviolet. Only, those that are executed from qualitative raw materials, professional and strong. Bought at low price, from soft metals or plastic, after such processing will deteriorate and will lose sharpness.

Cleaning with a disinfectant on a liquid basis will be suitable for inexpensive tools better. It can be professional liquid structure, or usual solution of peroxide of hydrogen, hlorgeksin.

Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools – an integral part of work of any master.

But even, if you use the set, have to be able to do it correctly. The correct disinfecting – pledge of healthy and beautiful nails.