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Prepotent follicle in the left and right ovary: what means?

In women's sexual system there are cages which allow to conceive embrionchik the called follicles, and there are they in ovaries. If the deviation from the put norm it means that pathology develops is revealed, as a result there can come infertility.

Prepotent follicle in the left and right ovary: what means?

Concept follicles and their functions

Lyuteinovy and follicular phases make all yaichnikovy cycle. Only the follicular cycle is interesting to us. The ready ovum is enveloped by couple of spheres of connecting fabric, and also a sphere the epitelialykh of cages, and it is a part follicles. Complete security of an ovum, will guarantee opportunity to conceive and take out the healthy baby. For this reason the main task of a follicular cycle is reliable safety of an ovum and protection it from external negative factors. The period of maturing of one such ovum makes 28 — 30 days.

Important! Is in each ovary a follicle containing not completely ripened ovum. Only after fertilization it ripens up to the end.

The hormone an estrogen is developed also only in the period of a follicular cycle. Throughout all life at women these cages are formed. The period of an ovulation is endured only by 0,01%, the others perish. According to some cages ovulations are subject.

Role prepotent follicle

The mature and rather large follicle providing full protection of an ovum ready to fertilization, is called prepotent. Its size can reach couple of centimeters before the ovulation. Most often it is in the right ovary.

Process of an ovulation happens when under the influence of hormones the prepotent cage reaches the maximum sizes and is broken off. The ready ovum goes to uterus pipes. The ovulation doesn't occur if the prepotent cage remains in an immature state.

Attention! It happens and so that prepotent follicles ripen in both ovaries at once. Such cases very rare. It shouldn't cause concern. Simultaneous maturing of prepotent educations says that in the period of an ovulation the woman has every chance to conceive two embrionchik.

Widespread deviations from the put norm

Rejected from the put norm of a cage in an ovary, it when their more than 10. In medicine apply some terms when make the diagnosis on aberrations, these are "multifollicular" and "follicular ovaries". Before making this diagnosis the woman has to pass survey and make ultrasonography.

Having heard such diagnosis you shouldn't be upset and think that it is an indicator to infertility. Multifollicular ovaries can be after nervous breakdowns, a constant stressful state or overfatigue. In such situation it isn't necessary to panic and to accept don't cost any medicines. Having eliminated the reason which caused such diagnosis by the next period of an ovulation it is possible to expect normalization of cages in ovaries.

Prepotent follicle in the left and right ovary: what means?

Factors which provoke aberrations:

  • incorrectly picked up contraceptives;
  • problems with work of a thyroid gland;
  • after the period of feeding of the baby (excess of Prolactinum in an organism);
  • the endocrine system works incorrectly.

Attention! How to arrive in a similar situation? After inspection by the expert and confirmation of the diagnosis, the method of treatment to which follow is appointed. At the wrong treatment infertility therefore it is impossible to start it develops.

There are two types of a menstrual cycle and they depending on quantity prepotent pass a follicle.

Types of a menstrual cycle:

  • the normal;
  • cycle with deviations, in the absence of ripened prepotent follicles.

At big accumulation of hormones and a multifollikuleza infertility develops.

Lack of the bursting dominant

There are such cases that completely developed and ripened prepotent follicle in the period of an ovulation doesn't burst. In such situation fertilization doesn't happen as the ovum doesn't leave. The medical name of such state — a persistiruyushchy follicle. The menstrual cycle begins in a week after in the left ovary the prepotent follicle doesn't burst. If such situation repeats in the left ovary, over time the cyst can be formed there.

At what stage follikulez the expert can tell only by results of ultrasonic research.

Total absence follicle

Total absence a follicle in ovaries can come after an early climax or dysfunction. For doctors very hard even if restoration a follicle in an organism is impossible. Most often in such situation the gynecologist appoints treatment hormones.

Failure of a menstrual cycle will be the first signal to that follicles are absent. Address to the gynecologist if for 30-35 days the menstrual cycle doesn't return to normal.

Follikulez is not always a problem, but total absence a follicle, speaks about that that it is necessary to receive medical treatment immediately.

What is the antralny glands

Ova began to be investigated carefully after artificial insemination became the widespread phenomenon. Thanks to researches, the leading gynecologists could understand why one women can easily give birth to the child, and others suffer from infertility. For this reason scientists took antralny follicles under control. What is such?

The follicles reaching the size in 8 mm are called antralny. On ultrasonography it is possible to see what number of reserve ova gathered for further fertilization. At the small sizes the antralnykh a follicle probability of positive fertilization the very low. If the amount of antralny education reaches 5 mm, conception requires stimulation of the gynecologist. At the size more than 5 mm the woman doesn't need stimulation. During pregnancy development the follicle stops.

Prepotent follicle in the left and right ovary: what means?

What is polikiztoz ovaries?

The quantity of cages in ovaries is influenced by various factors. It is possible to affect their increase, and it presently not a rarity. At detailed research the gynecologist can tell why there was a surplus of cages in an organism. In medicine such phenomenon is called polikistoz.

Depending on the reason of emergence of a polikistoz choose methods of its treatment.

Purposes of treatment of a polikistoz:

  • the lowered man's hormone in an organism at the woman. There is no increase in cages to prepotent, with excess of testosterone;
  • violation and restoration of periods;
  • voluntary fertilization. Independently to conceive the child it is necessary to normalize growth a follicle in a female organism;
  • normalization of a food exchange.

During treatment by experts hormonal therapy, a diet or by means of surgery can be appointed.

Surplus or shortage of cages doesn't play a role, it is necessary to bring them into norm always. It isn't necessary to self-medicate and at detection of a problem it is necessary to address to the doctor at once.