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Electrophoresis with lidazy in gynecology: indications, technique, responses

Electrophoresis with lidazy in gynecology — one of miracle ways of treatment of various pathologies of a female genital. Process is most effective and safe. In gynecology it is used, as a separate method treatment, and in complex therapy.

Electrophoresis with lidazy in gynecology: indications, technique, responses

Method essence

The term "electrophoresis" — result of merge of two words. "Electro" — electric charge, "forez" — I transfer (the translation with Ancient Greek).

Many gynecologic diseases are connected with reduction of inflow of blood to bodies of a small pelvis. It complicates delivery of medicines to the inflammation center. Purpose of a physiotherapeutic method: to enter the maximum quantity of medicine exactly into the struck area.

Procedure helps to avoid side effects from bodies of a digestive tract which arise during oral administration or intramuscular injections. Action of medicines on a liver and kidneys is minimized. Local introduction of pharmacological substance happens without serious consequences, without damage of an integument.

The medicinal electrophoresis under the influence of impulses of electric current transforms medicamentous substances to the smallest ions. Galvanization allows to reduce a medicine dosage, increasing activity of its pharmacological action.

Efficiency of treatment

Due to strengthening of microblood circulation in the processed site, the positive effect is reached after carrying out literally several sessions. The complex of physiotherapeutic procedures promotes:

  • to reduction of terms of treatment;
  • to elimination of painful symptomatology;
  • to acceleration of process of regeneration of fabrics;
  • to reduction of pathogenic irritants in sick body;
  • to removal of excess liquid;
  • productions of biologically active agents;
  • to decrease of a muscular tone.

Galvanization – an excellent way of development of the substances increasing activity of immune system and restoring protective functions of an organism.

Action of a medicamentous preparation

Lidaza — is a fermental preparation. The main component (active ingredient of a gialuronidaz) is made from seed glands of large horned farm animals. Medicine has the destroying effect on a pathogenic factor — excess of hyaluronic acid. Splits it on some components and reduces viscosity. At the expense of what:

  • permeability of fabrics increases;
  • the traffic improves;
  • liquid is removed from interfabric spaces.

Electrophoresis with lidazy in gynecology: indications, technique, responses

Thanks to an ionoforez from the lidazy elasticity of cicatricial changes increases. That allows to solve a problem of solderings of uterine tubes without surgical intervention, so to avoid the long recovery period. Galvanoterapiya not only without serious consequences solves a problem, but also prevents emergence of new pathological changes.

Action of a gialuronidaza are reversible. At removal of substance from an organism viscosity of hyaluronic acid completely renews.

Process of carrying out ionoforez

Fabric laying becomes impregnated with the solution prepared by the doctor. The electrode connected to the current generator is fixed in hydrophilic material. When carrying out a session two laying with electrodes of different polarity which create a weak electromagnetic field is used.

In gynecology the strip method of a galvanics is often used. Medicine is entered directly into a vagina or a rectum. One of charges is located inside, another is fixed on external part of a body.

The physiotherapist gradually increases current. Danger to the patient doesn't arise until he feels only an easy pricking. If feelings are replaced by burning or an itch process immediately stop. Time interval of sessions: 10 – 15 days. Duration of a course depends on disease degree. The dosage is appointed by the expert individually. The age, the general condition of the patient and the reason which entailed developing of an illness is considered. Before use of pharmaceutical means it is necessary to carry out the test for allergic reaction.

Indications to application

Scientific researches confirmed productivity of a technique in treatment of many pathological processes to which the female organism is subject. Namely:

  • complications after surgical intervention;
  • anomaly of female genitals;
  • pathology of development of a uterus;
  • adhesive processes of various etiologies;
  • pelvic neuralgia;
  • chronic cystitis;
  • violation of passability of uterine tubes;
  • inflammatory processes of a pelvic peritoneum and fatty cellulose;
  • inflammation of a uterus and mucous membrane;
  • violation of women's reproductive system;
  • dysfunction of the sexual sphere because of hormonal failure.

For prevention the method is used for training of women for extracorporal fertilization and at a preparatory stage of planning of pregnancy. Clinical trials on expansion of scopes of a medicinal electrophoresis in gynecology are conducted to this day.

Electrophoresis with lidazy in gynecology: indications, technique, responses


In order to avoid undesirable consequences procedure is strictly forbidden, if at the patient:

  • malignant tumor;
  • cystous changes of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • integument disease;
  • the increased temperature;
  • the disease is cardiac — vascular system;
  • plentiful bleeding;
  • low level of coagulability of blood;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • purulent damages of female genitals;
  • venereal diseases;
  • serious illness of endocrine system;
  • damage of an integument in the field of imposing of laying;
  • the tuberculosis of lungs complicated by respiratory insufficiency;
  • hypersensibility to electric discharges;
  • allergic reaction to the injected drug.

Pregnancy and the period of a lactation are considered not as the most right moments for use of this technique.


Marine (Kazan): "Today I want to write about such procedure as an electrophoresis from the lidazy. The medicine makes every year new discoveries, but there were still treatment methods checked by time. I mean physioprocedures. Recently I had to remember them. The gynecologist registered a physiotherapeutic course in complex therapy with the main treatment. In 10 days, having made repeatedly tests, it was surprised. Inflammatory process as didn't happen."

Galya (Saratov): "In some months after interruption of pregnancy there were nagging pains in the lower part of a peritoneum. I couldn't sit, sometimes I groaned from painful feelings. After survey the gynecologist told that I had solderings. The doctor appointed 15 sessions of physical therapy with lidazy. I went for treatment every other day. After 7 sessions I noticed the first results — painful symptoms disappeared, so and solderings started resolving. On repeated reception the doctor assured that everything is all right."

Alice (Yekaterinburg): "I have a remarkable loving husband. Sexual life regular. But for 2 years I couldn't become pregnant. I passed inspection, doctors didn't reveal any serious violations or diseases. And my gynecologist, I think only in order that I lagged behind him, prescribed the galvanizer from the lidazy. Perhaps, this coincidence, but in 2,5 months the test showed 2 strips."