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The elixir Is healthy for immunity: structure, application, responses

Immunity plays a significant role human lives. It serves as a barrier which provokes an organism to self-defense from army of agents of harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi. Localizers of all these infections are immunoglobulins, antibodies. The result of fight against an illness depends on their force. Not many can brag of good immunity that promotes formation of the main quantity of diseases. External and internal factors can influence its decrease are stresses, defective food, the wrong way of life, reception of antibiotics, ecology. Considering a situation, the immune system demands support. As the excellent assistant the Elixir can serve in restoration, support of health Is healthy for immunity. It provokes operation of protective mechanisms, making active resilience, clears organism cages, restores healthy activity. It isn't toxic, doesn't cause accustoming and allergic reactions. Can act as both an independent preparation, and auxiliary for strengthening of action of drug treatment, maintaining immunity.

The elixir Is healthy for immunity: structure, application, responses

Signs of weakening of immune system

It is possible to distinguish them on signals which are given by an organism:

  • Developing of catarrhal diseases is more often than 2-3 times a year with lasting more than 7 days;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Susceptibility to frequent nervous breakdowns;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Changes of an integument in the form of rashes, a peeling, reddening, herpes;
  • Hair loss, fragility of nails;
  • Chronic fatigue, low working capacity;
  • Accommodation in places of a bad ecological condition.

It is enough any of these factors to make the decision on immediate acquaintance of the instruction of an elixir It is healthy, the beginning of an improving course.

Structure of an elixir

Beekeeping products, medical plants here main components of means:

  • Propolis. The unique resinous substance made by bees. Is famous for the antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory property. With its help intestines get rid of putrefactive bacteria, slags are removed. The good result shows in structures for strengthening of immune system, treatment skin, the ENT SPECIALIST of pathologies, pneumonia, bronchitis, diseases of sexual system.
  • Oil of a spotty thistle, or thistle (national name) with vitamins A, V, D, E, K in structure. Acceleration of updating of its cages works for a conclusion of toxic substances from a liver, suppresses a herpes virus. Is a prophylactic of varicosity, skin pathologies, diabetes, an immunodeficiency.
  • Crude turpentine cedar. Promotes improvement of work of endocrine system, exchange processes. With its help physical, intellectual activity, natural immunity increases.
  • Sea-buckthorn oil. This means with vitamins A, C, B1, B3 normalizes exchange process, hormonal level. It is used at treatment of diseases of a liver, intestines. Improves action of the heart, endocrine glands, visual function, man's health. Increases mobility of leukocytes, promoting elimination of bacteria and viruses.
  • Extract cedar. Promotes assimilation of vitamins, minerals, simplification of synthesis of vitamin D, improvement of protective functions of an organism, protects from complications, restores microflora after reception of antibiotics.

The elixir Is healthy for immunity: structure, application, responses

Application of an immunomodulator

People of all age can use useful properties of an elixir. To protect an organism for calendar year experts advise to conduct a course of preventive treatment of times in 6 months. Most effectively the spring, fall – the period of the greatest virus and bacterial influence approaches.

Possessing pleasant aroma and taste, the elixir doesn't represent complexity in reception. Even children with ease drink it. The preparation is recommended for application, as for strengthening, prevention of immunity and for complex treatment of various diseases:

  1. At prevention, immunity strengthening the dose of reception makes 1 measured spoon a day one reception. Duration of reception is from 10 days.
  2. At treatment of pathologies it is necessary to accept a preparation together with the main therapy 2 times in a day: 1mernaya a spoon in the morning on an empty stomach till a breakfast, 1mernaya a spoon in the evening before food. Duration of reception is from 2 weeks necessarily about one month.

The elixir Is healthy doesn't do harm to an organism at combination with other pharmacological preparations. It as means of a phytogenesis only strengthens their action. At the same time combined use of other immunomodulator not only vegetable, but also chemical education is allowed.

Action It is healthy

As a result of reception of people receives:

  • The increased resistance to different types of diseases;
  • The improved blood;
  • Strengthening of exchange processes;
  • The increased physical, intellectual activity;
  • Restoration of work of all systems and bodies, owing to the improved assimilation of minerals and vitamins an organism;
  • Prevention of development of complications of chronic, infectious diseases;
  • Active restoration mucous and integuments.


The natural curative elixir of contraindications has no, but don't advise it to apply at individual immunity of any component, pregnancy and feeding of the child a breast. Therefore reception needs to be begun only after studying of the instruction of application from the producer.

Results of researches

Children took part in clinical trials of an elixir of 10 years of the man and the woman of different age categories with different pathologies to 700 volunteers among them. After 2-week reception of means the result was received:

  • 99% of participants began to test the raised vitality
  • 96% improved a dream, a condition of an integument, a hair, nails
  • 93% of examinees ceased to feel symptoms of chronic diseases, herpes.

Important that repeated researches on the expiration of 5 months after experiment confirmed initial good results of analyses. Significantly that participants of experiment the entire period had no a SARS

The preparation not only promotes immunity strengthening, but also takes active part in fight against infectious processes, a different type of internal diseases.

The elixir Is healthy for immunity: structure, application, responses

Preference to other preparations for immunity

The elixir Is healthy has a number of significant advantages in comparison with analogs:

  • Consists of natural components;
  • Provides protection for long time till 6 months;
  • It is shown to application without restriction of age, means for all family members;
  • Restores, maintains own immunity whereas many similar preparations create the artificial;
  • Keeps organism biorhythms;
  • Simple scheme of reception and available cost.

Initial improvement is noted in 5 days of reception of syrup.


The elixir Is healthy has only positive opinions of doctors.

Having analysed comments of patients, the unambiguous conclusion arises – all respondents are happy with results of action of means which is directed on prevention of diseases and aging of an organism.

The elixir Is healthy the reliable assistant in restoration of protective force of immunity and, therefore, qualities of life.