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Gel Ekzolotsin from a fungus: structure, application, responses

Mushrooms — dermatophytes, getting into nails of feet, into feet, lead to a disease and deformation. Symptoms can't be ignored, so far a state not critical. The pharmaceutical market sells many effective preparations from mycosis of feet, a fungus of nails. Doctors advise Ekzolotsin, distinguishing him from the similar preparations which passed clinical trials and confirming efficiency.

Gel Ekzolotsin from a fungus: structure, application, responses

Fungus signs

The fungus is unpleasant to that at engagement with the patient will really catch through slippers. Infection with the following symptoms comes to light:

  • There is an itch.
  • Perspiration, smell increases.
  • Nails reinforced and fragile.
  • Skin of a nail to be shelled, is covered with a scab.

Fungi are ubiquitous, it is impossible to be secured. People catch in the following places: bath, sports club, pool, beach, shoe shop, beauty shop. It is worth adjoining to a floor on which the patient went, footwear — not to keep waiting for an illness.

While the disease at an early stage also carries cosmetic defect it is necessary to see a doctor, the remedy will be appointed.


Influence complex, is eliminated manifestations of mycosis and the activator — a fungus. The effect of gel long, promotes development of antibodies to this infection. Repeated infection is improbable.

Ekzolotsin the — the certified, well-tried remedy. Components of gel are harmless, generally a phytogenesis. The formula of a preparation is patented.

Structure of a preparation

Ekzolotsin's structure the natural. In production the formula developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by scientists of Israel is used. The created formula — a powerful tool for fight against mycoses. Natural components guarantee a victory over a disease?

  1. Betulin with the korditsepsy. The antioxidant, immunostrengthening action promotes restoration of fabrics and resistance to a repeated disease.
  2. Chaga (extract). Epidermis is softer due to the moistening effect of a chaga. Extract of a chaga stabilizes work of sweat glands.
  3. Hempy oil. Amminokislota of oil, improves skin and gets into nails, improving a state.
  4. Oil of a tree (tea). When using on the damaged surface the film is formed, oil helps with fight against an infection.
  5. Tree bark — lapacho. Antibacterial and parasiticide action. The pathogen and bacteria kills.
  6. Cuckooing (oil). Restores a layer of skin (lipidic). Anti-inflammatory property.
  7. Minerals as a part of cream strengthen nails.

Instruction on application

Before applying Ekzolotsin on nail plates or feet, it is necessary to wash up feet. Before drawing a foot have to be pure, dry, dried up by a towel. To squeeze out of the size of a gel pea, from a tube to apply on feet, paying special attention to affected areas. To apply with a roundabout on skin between toes, to apply on nails. To keep gel before drying, that is during ten — fifteen minutes.

To take feet in socks.


As it is declared, the preparation consists of natural components. Safety, lack of reactions of allergic character to a preparation is explained by it. There are no synthetic additives. Sensitive people can don't worry for the skin at prolonged use. It is approved — Ekzolotsin without contraindications, pregnant women use him at any age also.

Gel Ekzolotsin from a fungus: structure, application, responses

Responses of doctors

Whether but gel is so good, advertizing is right? Whether everything experts unanimously describe a preparation?

Actually opinions of doctors on a preparation were shared on positive and negative. For a right choice, the patient has to know both points of view.

The negative side claims — it is impossible to expect strong activity concerning fungi from components of a preparation. The statement that medicine gives immunity from repeated infection with fungi mistakenly. At vaccination, the vaccine works only against one infection. In general formation of immunity happens in any other manner: the anti-gene makes contact with blood. Ointment of such contact has no, doesn't support the anti-gen. In the world there is no special vaccine from fungi so far.

Only one ointment it is impossible to cure an illness. Treatment only by Ekzolotsin perhaps in that case when the illness only began, matriks a nail as it should be, it isn't touched, and one nail suffered. But that it is treated by one preparation it is necessary to meet the following conditions:

To apply means it isn't less than half a year. During this time the nail will grow up the new. Before application it is necessary to saw and steam out a nail. Then medical substances of ointment enter easier. Guarantees that the preparation will help to recover isn't present. The doctor can change treatment.

The doctors adhering to a positive view of a preparation Ekzolotsin claim, despite softness of means, it suppresses a fungus, the main thing according to the instruction and systemically to use.

Responses of buyers

Buyers with experience of application of a preparation, say that it effective. Besides, the price arranges many. It is few contraindications to application of a preparation, means nizkoallergeneno — it adds pluses in the opinion of buyers. The following properties according to consumers are in the lead:

  • Improvement happens so: the unpleasant smell leaves, perspiration is normalized, the inflammation is removed.
  • Week application kills an illness.
  • Monthly treatment gives immunity to infections of a fungus and works for life.
  • Buyers claim — cream is applied preventively.
  • Faced a problem of nails, advise after putting ointment to use the fingerstall which is on sale separately.

Gel Ekzolotsin from a fungus: structure, application, responses

Real testing of Ekzolotsin

The conducted researches showed — 95% of patients say goodbye to a problem on the second week of treatment. Examinees didn't report about side effects in the course of application. About 80% of the patients using cream confirmed — Ekzolotsin is easily absorbed also pleasant texture.

The freshness and ease of skin of feet appears in the course of use of means. There is a deodorizing action with the characteristic cooling feeling.

Noticeable advantage of means — is absent effect of cancellation.

The producer promises the result confirmed with researches of many people.

Ekzolotsin gets deep into a varnish coat that speaks about its high getting action. Doesn't contain hormones.

Where to buy

The preparation is got on the official site. In a drugstore ointment isn't present. It is possible to issue the order and to receive an additional discount having filled fields in the order of a full name, phone. During five — ten minutes the operator-consultant contacts the buyer. In the course of conversation, ask about a disease and prompt about course duration, what quantity of tubes of Ekzolotsin is required. The confirmed order demands sendings of goods by mail or sending the courier.

Having faced an unpleasant disease under the name a fungus, it is necessary to take measures immediately. The market offers the mass of the drugs allowing will cope with a disease. Medicine is appointed by the doctor. Responses of buyers speak: Ekzolotsin effective remedy. The patient should pay attention.