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Genital or sexual infantility: signs, treatment

Genital or as it still call sexual infantility – the frequent phenomenon in practice of sexopathologists and its essence consists that reproductive organs at a certain stage of development stop growth and development, without reaching thus a sexual maturity. With such diagnosis it is impossible to conduct full-fledged sexual life of that external genitals don't develop.

Genital or sexual infantility: signs, treatment

Reasons of genital infantility

As doctors note – hormonal imbalance, failure which happened at a certain stage of development is the main prime cause of this phenomenon. Most often such failure happens in infancy or during puberty – most often as a push failure in work of endocrine system, and also children's diseases of the virus nature for this purpose serves.

What is – can provoke infantility development also the psychological reasons that in the future provokes a delay in the general development of an organism. Often such people look much younger, long time remain young. In addition, doctors distinguish from the reasons of pathology and the general intoxication of an organism, the postponed surgeries on ovaries and the chronic nature of pathology.

Pathology symptoms

The absence or poor, rather rare periods accompanied with headaches and nausea is the main signs of genital infantility, the sexual inclination isn't brightly expressed.

At survey at the gynecologist – the narrow basin and lack of pilosis on a pubis and in axillary hollows, are poorly developed at the woman and mammary glands. Also there are deviations in a structure of vulvar, small and big lips, and the crotch can be pulled in, a vagina – narrow and abnormally short, the neck of a uterus will be extended. Most often sexual infantility is diagnosed at teenage age, in 14-15 years if it is accompanied also by development of the general type of infantility – symptoms of pathology can prove and at the age of 13-14 years.

Disease degrees

  • The first degree – a uterus at the woman and the girl is rudimentary and meets in practice of gynecologists seldom. Uterus length – no more than 3 cm, at what the most part – her necks. The periods – poor, or are absent and completely it is impossible to restore reproductive abilities of body.
  • The second degree – the size of a uterus will exceed 3 cm, and its ratio to length of a neck goes 3 to 1. Ovaries – are located highly, periods – plentiful and painful, pathology – is curable, but demands a long course of therapy and rehabilitation.
  • The third degree – doctors diagnose a hypoplasia of a uterus which develops in length up to 6-7 cm, and the inflammatory diseases postponed both in the uterine period and after the birth provoke this form of pathology.


At early age children don't express certain complaints to a pathological state. In the anamnesis of a course of disease doctors speak about adverse influence during incubation of a fruit, at children's age – the postponed diseases, failure of periods.

Girls at this pathology – often undersized, with insufficiently created thorax and a narrow basin, absence or underdevelopment of mammary glands. Often also underdevelopment of external genitals, and too protruding clitoris proves to be.

On the basis of laboratory analyses – gonadotropny types of hormones of LG and FSG in the development have acyclic character, they simply aren't enough in an organism. Thus a karyotype and sexual hromatid the girl, as well as – will have 17-ketosteroida up to the standard.

Besides laboratory researches and external survey – doctors apply also radiological methods of research. In particular, the pnevmoginekografiya and a rentgenogisterografiya is by rather exact and information method of diagnostics. They allow to see an internal structure and a condition of sexual system of the woman, there is no smykaniye of an internal pharynx, how long or short tservikalny channel as ovaries and uterine tubes settled down.

Concerning lag indicators – calendar indicators the received these diagnostics will lag behind in development and growth of a bone skeleton from 1 ido 4 years.

Genital or sexual infantility: signs, treatment

Preventive measures

First of all, It should be noted that prevention begins at a stage of pre-natal development of a fruit and provides from mother of rules not only good nutrition and personal hygiene, but also observance of a day regimen and dream, timely treatment of pathologies. Surely it is worth practicing sufficient physical activities and activity, to walk in the fresh air more often.


In the majority the therapeutic course gives positive dynamics of treatment – the main thing to reveal and in due time to eliminate the deviation prime cause in development of genitals. In particular, doctors say that often prescribe women a course of the replaceable and stimulating therapy, with reception of hormonal preparations. And here for girls, at teenage age such therapy is often contraindicated.

Also doctors appoint a course of therapy which forms for the first 2-3 months a so-called background of readiness for future therapy. For this purpose register a course of reception of vitamins C and E, groups B – they prepare genitals and reproductive system for future, rather long influence of hormones.

Before appointing a course of hormonal therapy – it is worth being convinced that in an organism of the teenager or adult woman there are no vicious and defective gonads, man's type of a hermaphroditism, false at the patient, and also tumors of the ovary provoked by hormones and so on. After that – throughout a therapy course enter into an organism cyclically hormones, an estrogen and a progesterone.

Genital or sexual infantility: signs, treatment

Upon termination of a course of hormonal therapy – becomes to 2-3 months the break and the following reception of hormonal preparations are appointed only as required. In particular, the bases for a repeated course of hormonal therapy there is an irregularity of spontaneously arisen cycle and an algomenorea, an infantile look.

At a repeated course – you shouldn't apply stronger hormonal preparations as excessive influence of hormones on an organism is fraught with negative consequences. In parallel with reception of hormonal preparations – doctors appoint a physical therapy course. It provides a course of a parafinoterapiya and reflexotherapy by means of currents, an electrophoresis with addition of group B and carrying a collar as Shcherbak. In addition, carry out electric stimulation of receptors of a cavity of a uterus and its neck, and also a course of remedial gymnastics.

Positive dynamics of treatment is shown by such additional methods of physical therapy is a course of treatment dirt and gynecologic type of massage, introduction of an intrauterine spiral and purpose of gonadotrophins. But such methods yield positive result concerning treatment of infantility at adult women, at teenagers they don't give positive dynamics. Such care concerning these methods is caused by a high risk of development of frustration, deviations of specific functions in a female organism and blastomatozny growth. All treatment is appointed and controlled only by the doctor.