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Gioksizon ointment: indications, application, analogs

Gioksizon – the effective ointment helping to get rid of the inflammatory processes on skin caused by manifestations of allergic reaction. This means for local and external application which is well checked by time. It is used by the people suffering from various forms of an allergy already long ago. And though there is a set of more modern analogs today, gioksizon ointment remains very popular.

Gioksizon ointment: indications, application, analogs

Why choose gioksizon?

It is possible to carry such indicators to advantages of this means, as:

  • availability. Ointment can be got practically in all drugstores, and also to order on the Internet;
  • cost. In comparison with the majority of antiallergenic preparations, this thing costs real kopeks;
  • simplicity of application. To use of means there are no difficult instructions.


Applying this preparation, it is necessary to be careful. Its main shortcoming – narrow specialization and existence of some side effects. Use is absolutely safe when drawing on the inflamed skin sites which appeared owing to allergic reactions. If microbes or fungi became the reason of irritation – gioksizon can worsen a situation. In its structure, unfortunately, there are no strong anti-bactericidal components.

What is a part?

Ointment is made of several active agents which are successfully picked up and in total, forming effective antialergenny means. Are its part:

  • hydrocortisone acetate;
  • hydrochloride of an oksitetratsiklin;
  • metilparagidroksibenzoat;
  • bazelin.

How works?

The preparation, at once after drawing on affected areas of skin, starts oppressing systematically distribution of an inflammation. As a result ointment renders notable antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Relieves of an itch. Stops fagocitoz. Influences a fisfolipaza, slowing down processes of synthesis of leykotriyen and prostaglandins.

Features of application

If on integuments there is an irritation, the preparation shouldn't be applied more. If after 7 days of treatment there is no considerable progress, treatment needs to be stopped as the hydrocortisone which is a part of a preparation can hide signs of development of an infection.

The maximum term of treatment is 2 weeks. At more prolonged use there can be a resistance of bacteria to preparation components. If the infection starts extending actively, additional purpose of antibacterial preparations is necessary.

When putting ointment it is worth being attentive to avoid hit in eyes, in a mouth and on wounds. Application of a preparation near eyes as there can be a glaucoma or a cataract is dangerous

Because the preparation is quickly soaked up, to apply it on a face in a groin and armpits it is necessary only at an urgent need as there is a high probability of side effects. It isn't necessary to apply ointment a long time on big sites of skin as development of deviations in a gipotalamus, a hypophysis and adrenal glands is possible. As corticosteroids enter a preparation, it should be applied carefully sick psoriasis.

Gioksizon ointment: indications, application, analogs


 Gioksizon it is contraindicated to apply ointment in following cases:

  • At allergic reactions to this preparation.
  • Skin diseases of virus character (gerpesny rashes, chicken pox), skin tuberculosis, mycotic defeat of integuments.
  • Eels of pink and usual type.
  • The Dermatitny defeats located in a mouth (dermatitis perioralis).
  • After carrying out planned preventive inoculations.
  • At good-quality formations of skin of various stages.
  • When losing integrity of integuments.
  • To the children who didn't reach eighteen-year age.

What collateral consequences can be?

Application of this product can provoke such unpleasant phenomena, as:

  • epidermis growth inhibition;
  • rash;
  • irritation;
  • feeling of strong burning;
  • unpleasant itch;
  • dryness;
  • atrophy of hypodermic fabrics;
  • loss of pigmentation or its partial violation;
  • gipertrihoz;
  • maceration;
  • dermatitis;
  • follikulit;
  • acne rash;
  • potnitsa;
  • also noticeable strips on a skin surface can be shown.

Preparation dosage

The limit – no more than three drawings, outwardly, within one day is specified in indications to application in the instruction of this means. It is necessary to put thus absolutely small amount of ointment. Only one gram. And convenient the technique of preliminary drawing a preparation on the gauze bandage (sterilized) is more effective and then to impose it on problem sites of skin. Such design will be quite simple to be fixed on a body. And in addition to record strong bandage. Extra care is demanded by application of this means on face skin. It is allowed to carry out it no more than time per day. And no more than 7 days in a row. In need of use on other sites of a body – duration of procedure of treatment shouldn't exceed two weeks. The persons which didn't reach majority aren't recommended to apply ointment. But if it is really necessary – the term of therapy has to make no more than 5 days of application. And the dosage for children decreases twice.

When it is necessary to apply gioksizon?

It will be useful to use this structure at:

  • allergic dermatitis;
  • to eczema of any forms;
  • frostbites of an initial stage;
  • burns of the first degree;
  • stings of insects;
  • to eritema.

In all these cases you can safely use a preparation. It quickly relieves of unpleasant manifestations and symptoms of these illnesses, up to their full elimination.

Gioksizon ointment: indications, application, analogs


Many are interested in analogs of this product, when there is no opportunity to get the original or there is a wish to pick up something more effective and, thus, less dangerous. At present it is possible to find two preparations which possess the same functions, as gioksizon. It is the Belgian cream Triderm and the Russian Akriderm DK. As their main difference existence in structure of a powerful anti-fungal component – a klotrimazol serves. The cost of both means is certainly higher. However, it is completely justified price. After all and efficiency at analogs is a little more. By amount of contraindications they too meanwhile win.

In this preparation how many will manage?

Any unique ingredients at its production it isn't used therefore the cost of means doesn't exceed 2 USD for one pack of 1 percent ointment, of 10 grams.

How it should be stored?

To protect a preparation from children and to store in a place, inaccessible to them. It is desirable that temperature in this place didn't exceed 25 degrees of heat Celsius.

What expiration date at it?

It isn't recommended to apply this means three years later after its production. In this case consequences of use can be unpredictable.

Despite abundance of contraindications giksizon remains quite attractive product which structure effectively copes with many illnesses. This cheap solution of problems of allergic persons which is quite simple for getting and even more simply to use.