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Hormone эtinilэstradiol: that it, properties, action

Etinilestradiol is a part of almost all contraceptive tablets. There are many opinions on reception of these tablets and all have them different. Etiniletstradiol is also issued and in pure form. It treats hormonal preparations, and only the gynecologist can appoint it. It is analog of the estradiol developed in the woman's organism.

Hormone эtinilэstradiol: that it, properties, action

Estradiol is a hormone which is responsible for development of a uterus, of uterine tubes and secondary sexual signs, and also the endometriya is responsible for growth. One of estrogen derivatives. Synthesis of hormones requires a lot of cholesterol as hormones consist of it. On expense there is a cholesterol consumed with food.

Sometimes happens so that the organism develops insufficient quantity of a hormone. Then appoint an artificial hormone, namely эtinilэstradiol.

Action of a synthetic estrogen

Synthetic estrogen will change a metabolism in an organism so processes of education and updating of fabrics start improving. Also at its use the level of the general cholesterol of blood decreases, still it promotes increase in level of calcium.

The liver, muscles, bones, genitals, kidneys are exposed to the greatest action of a synthetic estrogen. First of all they collect in these fabrics

How to take a blood test on hormones?

For determination of level of a hormone it is necessary to make laboratory tests. The test on hormones needs to be made in certain days of a cycle. It is for this purpose recommended to calculate 3-5 day after the beginning of the monthly. For research use blood serum. That it was suitable for the analysis, it is necessary to take a blood test on an empty stomach. The day before it is impossible to eat sweet, fat, dairy products, eggs, a large number of greens. It is possible to drink waters in the morning, it is impossible to brush teeth and to chew chewing gum. It can distort results of the analysis considerably.

Survey of the gynecologist

It is also necessary to pass survey of the gynecologist and if necessary to make ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis.

Inspection of the gynecologist needs to be performed only for lack of the monthly. After survey the doctor will define, whether it is worth appointing additional procedures. Ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis will show a condition of internals, will determine their sizes, structure and a form.

All these researches will help to make the diagnosis and to define, whether it is worth appointing hormonal preparations.


Diseases at which it is appointed эtinilэstradiol:

  • decrease in function of ovaries;
  • infertility;
  • underdeveloped secondary sexual signs;
  • vaginit;
  • breast cancer;
  • acne;
  • contraception;
  • in rare instances appoint for a stop of development of breast milk after the delivery.

Hormone эtinilэstradiol: that it, properties, action

Contraindications and side effects

Also there is a variety of reasons on which it is impossible to accept эtinilэstradiol.

Contraindications to application:

  • bleedings not of a known origin;
  • thromboses and tromboemboliya;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • heart diseases;
  • endometriosis;
  • serious illness of a liver.

The preparation strengthens function of a fibrillation. Therefore women with thrombosis can't use these tablets. It can provoke obstruction of a vessel blood clot.

To take with caution:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • epilepsy;
  • elevated pressure;
  • wolf cub;
  • migraines;
  • diseases of heart and kidneys.

As well as any other preparation at an etinilestradiol also has a mass of side effects:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • increase in body weight;
  • hypostases;
  • increase in a breast;
  • change of a libido in both directions.

Etinilestradiol, as contraceptive

Contraceptive tablets in structure which enters эtinilэstradiol can have also medical effect. They are appointed if the girl doesn't plan pregnancy soon. They help to correct a menstrual cycle, to get rid of undesirable spots on the face, to lower pain at the painful monthly.

To take a contraceptive pill with the maintenance of a hormone it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist. The gynecologist will estimate a hormonal background of the patient, a condition of genitals and will appoint tablets. It is impossible to start drinking them independently. It can break processes of formation of hormones and lead to development of a serious illness. The diseases caused by violation of a hormonal background often lead to infertility. At once the woman can even not guess it, after all infertility doesn't give any signs, and contraceptive cause monthly each cycle. Usually learn about it after a marriage and when planning the child together with the husband. Contraceptive it is the combined tablets with etinilestradioly. The dosage in them very low, but even it is capable to cause serious consequences.

At treatment of infertility

Etinilestradiol in purely look. It is in different dosages. The gynecologist appoints these tablets when planning pregnancy when at the patient decrease in an estradiol in blood is observed. Against such tablets it is quite possible to become pregnant. However as soon as the test for pregnancy will yield positive result, it is necessary to cancel immediately them not to provoke an abortion. The doctor has to carry out cancellation. Sharp cancellation can also cause an abortion therefore it is necessary to cancel, gradually reducing a dosage.

Naznachiye at a climax

Etinilestradiol also appoint to women in the period of a postmenopause, he helps to smooth climax symptoms. But also here it is necessary to take a pill under supervision of the doctor that he could control processes of an organism.

Prostate cancer at men too it is possible to treat these tablets.

Hormone эtinilэstradiol: that it, properties, action

Scheme of reception of the contraceptive

Contraceptive preparations start accepting from the first day of a menstrual cycle. Drink packing and do a break on the monthly. Exactly in 7 days start drinking the following packing. If the reception purpose contraception, it is necessary to do surely breaks between receptions. 3 months to take a pill, 2-3 months to have a rest from tablets. Also it is necessary to know what exactly on cancellation of contraceptive preparations, is easy to become pregnant. Ovaries after three-months rest, start working more actively. Increases as well probability to become pregnant twins as not one ovum, but two can ripen.

Pure эtinilэstradiol accept from 1do 3 tablets a day. A course till 20 days for treatment of infertility. For women in a postmenopause on 1 tablet a day with a dosage no more than 0,05 mg. For treatment of an acne it is possible to accept to 6 tablets a day. The preparation starts affecting an organism instantly as soon as it was soaked up in blood.

The dosage of reception of a hormone is regulated by the attending physician.

Form of release and name of means

Is issued in the form of tablets with a dose from 0,1 to 0,5 mg. They have an appearance of a gelatinous capsule. It is also possible to meet hormonal ointments.

Names of preparations of an etinilestradiol:

  • Marvelon;
  • Divigel;
  • Estrovagin;
  • Elvagin;
  • Estrokad;
  • Ovestin.

Names of preparations with contraceptive action as a part of which is эtinilэstradiol:

  • Lindinet 20, 30;
  • Hloye;
  • Novinet;
  • Rangning;
  • Rigevidon;
  • Median;
  • Logistician.

If the doctor appoints to accept hormonal preparations, it isn't necessary to neglect him to recommendations. Any doctor won't appoint to drink hormones just like that, for this purpose there is a good reason. The competent doctor it will be obligatory to appoint эtinilэstradiol with breaks. After all the human body easily gets used to tablets. An estrogen is developed by our gipotalamus which is in a brain. As soon as the organism understands that something can work for it, he will be lazy and not to work.

Any hormonal preparations demand attentive supervision of the doctor. Self-treatment is in that case contraindicated.