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How to struggle with a back spots

For a start let's sort that such spots and from where they undertake. Spots — this disease (inflammation) of sebaceous glands arising when weakening immune system, at violation of food, possible overcooling, overheating also it can be synthetic clothes, it doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't pass air. Because of it sweat which is emitted becomes the favorable environment for distribution and dwelling of bacteria. If bacteria get to a time, then inflammatory process that promotes formation of spots begins. To begin treatment, it is necessary to define first of all the reason of emergence of spots, generally to find the solution of this problem.

How to struggle with a back spots

Reasons of formation of spots

There are some more reasons of emergence — stresses, nervous tension and various frustration, smoking, non-compliance with measures of hygiene, puberty, catarrhal diseases, pregnancy, dysbacteriosis and possible problems with a stomach, hormonal failure (that by the way happens during pregnancy), and also diseases of uric and sexual system. All these diseases can be the main of the reasons, especially if they appeared on a back.
If you had many spots, don't self-medicate. You only aggravate with it a situation and complicate further treatment of spots. If you have many eels, it is necessary to purge a time special means (lotions, srubs, gels for washing), or to trust in the doctor. Independently do nothing, differently it can lead to sad consequences in the form of scars and hems which as a result will remain for the rest of life.
Expression of abscesses will lead to skin infection, and to emergence of the new centers. If spots are removed not correctly there can be spots, hems and scars but if all of you squeezed out a spot, prizhgit it peroxide that the infection didn't get. Skin needs to be wiped special lotions and not to touch at all. Treat spots seriously, the same after all suppuration, and it can be dangerous if not to treat him.
Emergence of spots on a back – rather widespread problem which excites many irrespective of age and a floor. And you know that a back spots belong to heavy degree of an acne illness. They appear because at you, most likely a problem with a stomach. Especially strongly the clothes under which often everything sweats promote and dirt is formed, at the expense of it a time is hammered and spots are formed. Constantly to wash our back not always leaves, at the expense of it there can be a formation of spots which will be not so simple to be removed then. It causes discomfort, especially if you gather for a beach, or you go on a party in an open dress but if it after all occurred, I advise before all actions in advance to descend in a sunbed where ultraviolet rays will dry skin and will give it beautiful suntan, at the expense of it spots won't be so noticeable.
How to struggle with a back spots

Prophylactics from spots

  1. Gels for clarification.
  2. Broths for washing (a calendula, a train, a camomile).
  3. Lotions and solutions from spots (peroxide, salicylic alcohol).
  4. Treatment cream.

Ways of treatment of spots

  1. To carry out regular processing of problem sites hydrogen peroxide (to use three-percent solution)
  2. Bathtubs on herbs (it can be, a camomile, a train, a calendula, I chistotet, oak bark)
  3. Salt bathtubs, use of sea salt well helps. To dissolve salt in a small amount of water (it has to be warm) and daily, it is desirable to take such bath for the night, no more than twenty minutes.
  4. Very well mud baths, medical clays help, they well dry skin. Part in a cup of a little sea salt, then add clay and mix. Apply the received consistence on a back and leave for some minutes then to massage and wash away.
  5. The body scrub, peelings, and helps a bast even better, but here the main thing not to be overzealous! Apply a srub on a back and rub properly a bast then to wash away warm water.
  6. Well honey helps: apply honey on problem sites of skin and leave for some minutes then to wash away and wipe skin lotion.
In addition there are different clearing means, they are on sale in drugstores and shops of cosmetics, these are various srubs, cream and lotions, and also means which interfere with emergence of spots. Still it is possible to carry out the clearing procedures for a stomach, fasting days, it promotes good clarification of a stomach, at the expense of it you are exempted from slags and toxins in an organism.
How to struggle with a back spots
In addition there are some procedures in which are carried out beauty shops, they more effective and safe — it is face peel in which there are 2 main two types:
  • Mechanical face peel (removals of a spot hands).
  • Hardware face peel (treatment by ultrasound, also galvanic current or vacuum).
  • Laser treatment of spots.

How to disguise a back spot

It is very simple to make it, here you will be helped by good suntan, or cream for suntan, at worst, it is necessary to put on more modestly!
The most important don't subject the life to stresses, wear qualitative clothes, observe hygiene, in the spring when your immunity weakened, surely spend on drink vitamins which will improve your immunity and will lighten your mood!
In this article we in detail sorted that such spots and from where they undertake their treatment and prevention.