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As it is correct to do manicure

  • It is necessary to carry out care of nails time in 1-1,5 weeks;
  • The cuticle can be removed only after its softening. It is possible to make it special means or by means of the warmed-up vegetable oil, and also a warm soap tray;
  • Before beginning processing of nogotochok, it is necessary to get rid of the remains of an old varnish. It is necessary to make it with application of special means without acetone;
  • Cutting off tips of nails, it is impossible to round off them too strongly not to injure thin skin and not to receive agnails;
  • Nails, especially weak and fragile, it is necessary to feed with special trays, to oils and other means, and also to accept vitamins inside.

Main stages of leaving

As it is correct to do manicure

Not all modern people know how it is correct to do manicure in house conditions. Our instruction will help to understand it even to beginners.

Order of carrying out manicure in house conditions:

  • Removal of an old varnish means without acetone;
  • Cutting of the grown nails;
  • Podpilivaniye and alignment of borders of a nail;
  • Cuticle thin skin softening special means or warm trays;
  • Polishing of edge of a nail and its clarification;
  • Small massage of skin round a nail;
  • Polishing of a nail plate special nail file or cosmetics (paste, powder);
  • Degreasing by means for removal of a varnish;
  • Drawing a color or colourless varnish.

Removal of an old varnish

To make qualitative correct manicure, it is necessary to clear a nail surface of an old varnish. For this purpose it is necessary to pick up the soft means which isn't incorporating acetone which spoils structure of a nail. Also liquid for removal of a varnish has to contain the looking after components.

We impregnate a wadded disk or a tampon with means and we humidify with it an old varnish a little. Then the vatu is pressed to a nail and one movement we erase the dye remains. If necessary it is possible to wipe a nail plate once again.

Trimming of nails

As it is correct to do manicure

It is correct to cut off nails, without having damaged their natural contour and not to receive agnails – for the beginner a task difficult. But also it is quite possible to cope with it. To begin it it is necessary to do from the left hand, especially, if you the right-handed person. For small shortening it is possible to use nippers if nails rather long, it is best of all to use scissors.

Cutting off nogotochka, rules demand to pay attention to their natural contour, and if necessary to simulate it independently.


As it is correct to do manicure

Podpilivaniye of nails in house conditions is similar to military exercises – one incorrect movement – and the manicure is hopelessly spoiled. Though it is possible to correct it using all same nail file.

Podpilivaniye can be applied not only to correction of a shape of a nail and giving of smoothness to tips, but also to insignificant shortening of a nail plate.

If your nails long and narrow by nature, it is desirable to avoid a podpilivaniye with the pointed ends as too extended look will unnaturally look. For round and short nogotochok, on the contrary, it is necessary to do the sharp rounded-off tips. The edges of nails should be evened an abrasive file to ideal smoothness.

Trays for nails

As it is correct to do manicure

The instruction on safe processing of nails includes also trays which can be made in house conditions and be used with two purposes:

  • Mitigation of a cuticle before its processing;
  • For clarification of skin and a site under nails.

In the first case the warmed-up vegetable oil, and also a tray with hot water will approach. In the second – warm soap water with hydrogen peroxide addition.

The tray with peroxide promotes bleaching of t to clarification of skin, its disinfection and mitigation.

We process a cuticle

As it is correct to do manicure

On a way of processing of a cuticle the correct manicure is subdivided on:

  • The cut type – a cuticle after a rasparivaniye is removed from a nail and accurately cut off by special nozhnichka, nippers or a fork. It is very important to do it accurately not to injure skin around and a nail plate;
  • Not cut type – in this case the steamed-out cuticle is simply carefully removed by a wooden orange stick for manicure to the nail basis.

As you can see, to make the correct manicure not really simply, but the total result by all means will please you. Beautiful and well-groomed hands are that. For the sake of what it is worth trying.