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As it is correct and than to wash out a nose in house conditions

Procedure of washing of a nose (irrigation) is applied to treatment, prevention of cold, some other problems of respiratory organs. According to the doctrine of yogis, it is desirable to make washing of the nasal courses daily hygienic procedure, as washing, toothbrushing. Before application of this procedure it is important to learn how it is correct and than to wash out a nose in house conditions that process appeared the most effective without harm to health.

As it is correct and than to wash out a nose in house conditions


The mucous membrane of the nasal courses of the person is covered with the thin layer of protective slime, a peculiar barrier detaining dust, viruses, bacteria. During an illness more slime is developed, the organism tries to be protected from the increasing quantity of microbes, there is a cold. The mucous membrane of a nose swells, the nasal courses are narrowed, there is a nose congestion. If not to delete excess slime, it is condensed, causes stronger inflammation with capture of healthy fabrics. To avoid complications, the nasal courses wash out from the accumulating slime.

Performance of simple actions will give relief at many respiratory diseases, some will help to cure. Treat such diseases:

  • sharp rhinitis of any etiology;
  • chronic rhinitis, nose congestion;
  • on pollen, dust — allergen helps to remove allergic rhinitises with mucous;
  • nasopharynx diseases — pharyngitis, sinusitis, antritis, sfenoidit, etc.;
  • polyps on a mucous membrane;
  • adenoides;
  • bronchitis, chronic diseases of respiratory organs;
  • the irrigation can help at a headache, sleeplessness, nervous overfatigue, problems with sight.

When flu epidemics, a SARS storm, procedure will increase chances to avoid infection.

What means use for an irrigation of a nasal cavity

The choice of means depends on a specific problem. Sharp rhinitis — antibacterial means, a chronic congestion are good — it is worth stopping a choice on solution of sea salt. There is a set of recipes of preparation of medical structure.

The most known way – isotonic solution, prepares from 1 l of prokipyachenny water and 10 g of rock salt. Before application liquid should be filtered. Despite simplicity of preparation, readily available components means is very effective. It is impossible to use not boiled tap water — the risk of complications is possible.

Structure for an irrigation from sea salt without dyes, aromatic additives. It is necessary to mix 2 tsps (without hill) salt with a glass of warm boiled water, to stir before dissolution of kristallik, to filter. Use of strong solution can do much harm, so easy to provoke strong puffiness of a mucous membrane.

As it is correct and than to wash out a nose in house conditions

Infusion of medicinal herbs removes an inflammation, kills pathogenic microflora. To prepare it, use a camomile, linden flowers, a sage, an eucalyptus, a calendula. It is necessary for 1 tbsp of a dry grass or mix of herbs to fill in with boiled water liter, to insist 20-35 minutes. To filter, the received liquid to wash out a nose 2-3 times a day. Infusion shouldn't be hot, differently the mucous membrane of a nasal cavity will be burned. The most suitable temperature is considered 36-37 C.

Folk remedy, effective at bacterial cold, mix from 1 glass of juice of beet, 2 tbsps of honey, plus a little boiled warm water is.

Furacilin belongs to strong antimicrobic means, can be applied to an irrigation of a nasal cavity. Drugstores sell the Furacilin solution ready to application, or its tableted form. Tablets get divorced 2 pieces on a glass of warm water, the structure is filtered, then applied to destination.

In pharmacy chain the ready preparations, solutions prepared on the basis of sea salt are realized: Akvalor, to Otrivit Mora, Akvamaris, Kviks and others. The good effect gives use of physical solution which removes hypostasis and an inflammation.

It is important to pick up means effective, not defiant allergic reaction, intolerance at the specific person.

As it is correct to carry out procedure

The easiest way — to gather palms the prepared solution, to bend over a sink or a basin, serially to involve liquid that one nostril, closing a finger the second, another.

The second way — use specially intended a chaynichka with a long nose. If such it wasn't succeeded to get, it is worth adapting any suitable teapot of the small size which is available at home. There to pour solution or infusion of herbs, to bend over a sink, having a little inclined the head to the right. To enter a nose of a teapot into the top nostril, thus liquid has to start pouring out from the lower. Then to incline the head to the left, to do the same with other nostril. It is better to hold the breath that solution didn't go further to airways.

I bore in a false manner to carry out washing of a nasal cavity a syringe or the syringe about 200 ml. Frequency of procedures has to be 2-3 times per day though everything depends on a concrete situation. With the preventive purpose it is possible to do washing of a nose 3-4 times a week, also after visit of places with a large number of people where the probability to catch an infectious disease is great.

If there is a strong congestion and lack of natural breath because of hypostasis mucous, it is necessary some minutes prior to carrying out procedure to dig vasoconstrictive drops. After restoration of breath to begin washing. The neglect this rule often causes complications as liquid together with the bacteria which are present at it from a nose gets to acoustical pass.

After carrying out procedure a couple of hours it is impossible to go outside.

As it is correct and than to wash out a nose in house conditions

How to do washing of a nose to children

By age till 1 year don't do to kids washing. Acoustical passes at them anatomic the too wide. Large volumes of liquid, especially under pressure, can lead to emergence of serious problems. To little children solution is dug in on couple of drops in each nostril. It allows to make slime of more liquid, then it is simple to remove it with the special device – a nasal aspirator. It is possible to use a syringe, the syringe of the smallest volume. Till three years to children clear a nose as to babies, only the amount of solution can be increased till 7-10 drops.

After three years to the child wash out a nose from a usual syringe, the syringe, a teapot, the volume of solution needs to be taken less, than for the adult. Pharmaceutical preparations in a set with the special batcher are convenient for application.


The correct carrying out won't do harm to health though there are certain contraindications to application. States when it is impossible to carry out an irrigation:

  • existence in respiratory organs of tumors;
  • at big puffiness of a mucous membrane, lack of free breath;
  • weak vessels of a nasopharynx – bleeding is possible;
  • otitis — an inflammation of a middle ear, injury of an eardrum;
  • the nasal partition bent;
  • allergy to solution components.

It is impossible to forget that abuse of procedure of washing of a nose can lead to violation of normal microflora of a cavity of a nose.

At serious problems with health it is better to talk to the doctor, to discuss need of application of these actions after that to start treatment.