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Hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin: that treats how to accept

Hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin is considered an effective remedy for preservation of youth of the person. Ivan Pavlovich, professor, the expert of traditional medicine, advises daily application of this preparation. He explains it to that the wrong way of life and unhealthy food interfere with natural production of peroxide of hydrogen which has to protect an organism.

Hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin: that treats how to accept

Useful properties of peroxide

Peroxide of hydrogen destroys the infection reasons, expands vessels, regulates hormonal processes, positively influences cerebration, protects from damage of structures, important for life, in general – promotes normalization of functioning of an organism and treats diseases:

  • cold;
  • allergy;
  • headaches;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • emphysema of lungs;
  • diabetes of the second type;
  • leukosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • diseases of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • oral cavity diseases;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • skin diseases;
  • ENT SPECIALIST of a disease;
  • cancer cells.

Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin, later for many years researches and proceeding from own experience, managed to prove that treatment by peroxide of hydrogen promotes a conclusion of toxins, saturation by oxygen of cages of an organism, to updating of fabrics and vital longevity.

Reception methods across Neumyvakin

The general scheme of application of H2O2 created by Ivan Pavlovich is quite simple. For the first day it is worth using one drop of the three-percent means divorced in fifty milliliters of water in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening.

In the second day it is necessary to dissolve two drops in fifty milliliters of water and to drink the same number of times, for the third day – three drops. And so to increase a dose by a drop before the expiration of ten days then to spend on drink ten more days on ten drops on once. Now it is possible to make a break for three days and to continue to drink ten drops for ten days with a three-day break.

Use preparation solution two hours later after food or for half an hour to it.

Hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin: that treats how to accept

It is possible to accept H2O2 and intravenously, but with in such a way it is necessary to be the extremely careful: it is most dangerous.

The syringe for intravenous administration is filled with twenty milliliters of physiological solution and three tenth milliliters of three-percent peroxide. This liquid is entered into a vein rather slowly, somewhere by two, three minutes. The dosage of means increases with each injection by one tenth cubes, reaching one milliliter of peroxide of hydrogen on twenty milliliters of physiological solution.

Reception of a preparation is intravenously carried out every day. After eight, nine receptions do a break for few weeks. Later this time, injections renew, but make them everything two or three times a week, mixing one milliliter of H2O2 with twenty milliliters of physiological solution.

Children's therapy

People of different age can be treated by peroxide, even to children, but only after consultation of the attending physician and precisely adhering to indications of the recipe.

(Till five years) it is recommended to kids to dissolve one drop of a preparation in one tablespoon of water.

Children from five to ten years are given from two to five drops of means in a water spoon.

From ten to fourteen years it is authorized to accept on five, eight drops of peroxide on one or two tablespoons of water.

Neumyvakina recipes from various illnesses

For fight against a certain illness by means of peroxide of hydrogen it is necessary to adhere to the concrete recipe.

  • Quinsy. For treatment of quinsy take a quarter of a glass of water and pour in one teaspoon of medicine there. The received liquid rinse a throat. The special attention in this process should be paid to almonds.
  • Osteochondrosis. At osteochondrosis given antiseptics it is used as ingredient for preparation of a compress. Moisten with this preparation (it is better than one-percentage concentration that didn't remain burns) natural fabric which then fit to a painful site and tie up polyethylene for fifteen minutes. If means three-percent, it is diluted with water (two teaspoons of medicine on fifty milliliters of water). Some such compresses completely kill pain.
  • Periodontosis. Peroxide in mix for toothbrushing helps to struggle with periodontosis. Such paste so prepares: ten drops of lemon juice, twenty drops of a preparation are added to three grams of baking soda. After cleaning it is impossible to rinse a mouth and to use food or liquid for fifteen minutes.
  • Antritis. Fifteen drops of H2O2 mixed with a water tablespoon are gathered in a pipette and dripped in a nose for fight against antritis. On the end of procedure it is worth cleaning properly a nose cavity from the emitted slime.
  • Otitis. At otitis peroxide is dug in in each ear on three, four drops by three times for days. The treatment period – five days.
  • Psoriasis. The place affected with psoriasis is processed the wadded tampon impregnated with H2O2 by two times per day. It is possible to treat this illness compresses. For this purpose three-percent means is dissolved in fifty milliliters of water and moisten with such solution wadded disks. The compress is imposed on sites with psoriasis for incontinuous time.

Possible consequences

Treatment by peroxide of hydrogen can lead and to unpleasant consequences. The treated person can have a discomfort in a stomach, perspiration, nausea, rashes on a body, a strong pulsation and other signs of negative impact antiseptics. At such symptoms it is better to reduce a dose of the use of a preparation or in general to refuse its reception.

Hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin: that treats how to accept


Neumyvakin's by method there isn't a lot of reasons for abstention from treatment:

  • intolerance of peroxide of hydrogen;
  • blood illness;
  • damages mucous (H2O2 can provoke serious burns);
  • pregnancy;
  • transplanted organs or implants in an organism.

Even in the absence of these barriers, before an initiation of treatment, it is necessary to get medical advice at the expert.

Councils at treatment by hydrogen peroxide across Neumyvakin

Very important, before reception of medicine to mean some data for safety:

  • Once H2O2 gets only three-percent concentration.
  • It is impossible to use the preparation which isn't diluted according to the recipe.
  • It is necessary to store hydrogen peroxide as directed in the instruction.
  • It is extremely desirable not to combine means with other preparations.
  • For dilution the antiseptics is used only the distilled or spring water.
  • It is useful to accept, with application of H2O2, the products rich in vitamin C. It will strengthen action.
  • Is inadmissible to exceed the dosages specified in the recipe.
  • Between receptions of a preparation there has to be an interval at least in an hour and a half.
  • For the solution of any questions and problems at treatment by hydrogen peroxide, it is better to address to the doctor at once.

Treatment by peroxide of hydrogen isn't rather investigated. There were no official facts of recovery or deterioration of health at the use of this means yet. Not all doctors support Neumyvakin's method. Some experts disprove efficiency of this way and even claim that this therapy can do harm to a human body. That is why it is so important to consult on the professional before self-medicating.