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Layennek therapy: indications, application, responses

Eternal, or, at least, extraordinary long youth and young beauty at any age – dream of many generations of women on all continents. And returning the left shine, scientists and folk healers were engaged in searches of the recipes rescuing from signs of withering. And, at last, there was a means which most close brought mankind to an embodiment of dream of additional decades of youth – Layennek. Absolutely ridiculous hearings which are difficult to be distinguished from objective reality are connected with this preparation by a time. Whether really this wonderful means is capable to keep for many years youth or to return a former charm, and its application is how dangerous, demands attentive studying of its properties and structure.

Layennek therapy: indications, application, responses

As thought up Layennek

Many sources contain data that the founder of a surprising preparation is Japanese Hieda Kentaro. This person really is experts in the field of medicine and agriculture and even has doctor's degree.

However, Layennek's idea was suggested by the Odessa physiologist Vladimir Filatov which doctoral dissertation else in far 1945 someone brought to Manchurian medical academy where Kentaro gave lectures. The idea of the Odessa scientist very much impressed the Japanese especially as it completely corresponded to classical canons of traditional east medicine.

About a unique preparation on the basis of a placenta, not having analogs, it was reported only in 1958. Initially Layennek carried to means for restoration of a liver. Also surprising "placentary juice" referred salutary impact on an organism to properties in general, elimination of consequences of stresses and excess loadings.

Subsequently Layennek got glory of the unique rejuvenating means.

Structure of a preparation and feature of its production

The main component of means – a human placenta. The Filatovsky idea was based on supervision over animals which females always eat a placenta, are quickly restored after emergence of posterity and are ready to a new cycle of reproduction.

Really, the placenta of mammals, or "afterbirth" possesses unique structure and is allocated with unique properties. Its main components are:

  • amino acids;
  • enzymes;
  • complex of biologically active agents.

Such structure provides providing a fruit with oxygen, nutrients, and also brings toxins and waste products of an embryo out of a maternal organism.

The idea to use the ripened placenta as therapeutic means was quite reasonable, but attempts to realize it in 40e years of the XX century were unsuccessful. This unusual body demands careful cleaning of blood, but it was incredibly difficult to make it technically. The internal surface of capillaries of a placenta weighing 0,5 kg on the area is more than two tennis courts. To Japanese, leaders in the field of electronics, it was succeeded to develop effective technology of cleaning of natural raw materials with use of the high-precision equipment.

Layennek therapy: indications, application, responses

As raw materials for Layennek's production use the mature placenta taken from the woman's organism after safe childbirth as a result of which the healthy baby was born. The afterbirth is disinfected and extract from it extract which quality passes careful control on bacteriological and virologic safety.

Production of a preparation is carried out with use of the high-precision equipment by method of marking of molecules. Using the device reminding a sieve with microscopic cells, the raw materials are banished repeatedly through it, achieving ideal purity and safety of substance.

Indications to application of a placentary preparation

Thanks to unique structure and not having analogs of property, Layennek successfully apply in the presence of the following problems:

  • allergies of various etymology and asthma;
  • sharp and chronic diseases of a liver, intestines, digestive tract;
  • various diseases of a backbone and joints;
  • violations of reproductive function;
  • consequences of stresses, neurosises;
  • migraines;
  • climacteric period.

Also active application of a preparation practices in the cosmetology purposes for stimulation of reclaiming of fabrics of wounds, alignment of hems, the solution of dermatological problems, and also the rejuvenating procedures.

Positive influence of Layennek on an organism during the postoperative, post-traumatic periods is noted.

It has the all-strengthening, restoring, regenerating effect on cages of all bodies and tissues of the person.

Ways and results of application

Layennek apply injektsionno one of the following methods:

  • intravenous administration;
  • intramuscular introduction;
  • mesotherapy.

The last method assumes performance of dot injections directly in problem zones.

The course of therapy makes active vital forces of an organism, stimulates regeneration (updating) of cages of bodies and fabrics. As a result skin gains smoothness, shine, becomes elastic. Tone of the person is leveled, pigmentary spots become imperceptible, rashes disappear and insignificant cosmetic defects are leveled.

It is necessary to trust performance of injections only to the expert. The quantity and frequency of pricks are appointed by the doctor taking into account the purposes of therapy, existence of these or those problems with health at the patient. Traditionally the course includes from 5 to 12 procedures with application no more than 2 ampoules for once. It is impossible to carry out injections more often than 2 times a week categorically.

When performing an injection anesthesia isn't applied. At hypersensibility of skin in a place of a prick there can be a swelling, bruise or consolidation which disappear in some days.

Layennek therapy: indications, application, responses

Contraindications and possible complications

The miracle preparation categorically can't be applied during pregnancy and a lactation. Direct contraindication to its use is the age till 18 years.

Before therapy it is necessary to carry out tests and to be convinced that it doesn't cause allergic reaction. Refusal of these precautionary measures can lead to serious negative consequences, including anafitaktichesky shock.

On places of injections of a preparation hypersensibility, pain, reddening, feeling of a sleep, an itch is possible. In rare instances men can have an increase in a breast as temporary collateral reaction.

On what to pay attention at acquisition

Layennek is officially allowed for use in domestic clinics since 2003. The preparation is issued only in Japan, is on sale only in drugstores and only according to the recipe. Its acquisition through Internet drugstores or other illegal ways it is inadmissible.

Packing of legal means has to contain the name in Russian, is marked by the hologram of manufacturing firm with the JBP logo. Quantity of ampoules in one box – 10 pieces. An expiration date – 3 years.

It is necessary to refrain from acquisition of any analogs, fakes as it can be life-threatening and health.

The science doesn't stand still, and this miracle preparation – a surprising combination of natural mechanisms of rejuvenation and improvement to advanced technologies. Reasonable and competent use of a new preparation can return attractive appearance and provide active lifestyle for many years.