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Manicure for beginners (video lessons)

How many go to salon, and all the same there will come time when it wants to make manicure independently. And business here at all not in financial difficulties. As a rule, the main inconveniences begin on the way from salon home, especially in a cold season. That it is worth clasping a jacket and not to spoil a fresh varnish covering. For those who understood about what there is a speech, we offer video lessons about manicure for beginners.

That has to be near at hand

First of all, it is sharp cuticle scissors and a file for nails. Any female cosmetics bag shouldn't do without them. Try to choose a nail file glass or plastic, they injure nails less.

Manicure for beginners (video lessons)

Metal tweezers are simply necessary for cut manicure. With their help we will delete a cuticle subsequently. Upon purchase surely pay attention, of what material they are made. Surgical steel long time remains sharp.

How to choose the tool for manicure and a pedicure

The metal rake will be necessary to us for moving away of a cuticle. Some instead of it use an orange stick.

Will be necessary to us and various means for a tray. What it is concrete – to solve to you. It can be various oils, sea salt and many other things.

Manicure for beginners (video lessons)We choose liquid for removal of a varnish without content of acetone. So we will damage a nail plate less. It is possible to add to the usual liquid containing acetone a little bit glycerin and to rescue nails from dehydration.

Wadded disks (balls, simply cotton wool) – irreplaceable assistants during removal of a varnish from a nail plate and around. For more "jeweller" works it is possible to use Q-tips. You without effort will find in shops also the special correcting pencil. It is a pleasure to use it.

Also means will be necessary for us for removal of a cuticle, oil for care of a cuticle, hand cream, a basic basis and a fixer of nail varnish.


The tray should be made before cut manicure. In this case you soften a cuticle and you will be able to remove it without serious consequences.

As it is correct to make a tray, you will find on open spaces of our site.

Removal of a cuticle

This stage always follows a tray, a cuticle still the soft so far. We remove a cuticle a metal rake or an orange stick and we start cutting off. To cut off it, we use tweezers or curved cuticle scissors. We delete the remains of skin from a surface of a nail plate with a rake.

Manicure for beginners (video lessons)

In the course of moving away and cutting try that your actions were the accuratest. Otherwise you can injure skin or the basis of a nail.

If you decided to make not cut manicure, scissors or tweezers to you won't be necessary. We apply special means on a cuticle and we delete it by means of a stick.

We give to nails the form

Choose that form which is pleasant to you more, and start business.

Manicure for beginners (video lessons) If a marigold needs to be truncated at decent length, it is better to make it scissors. Only shear one movement and do it surely.

After we level a form a nail file a few. Thus it is necessary to make one-way traffics, differently a marigold will start exfoliating.

Check that all nails turned out identical length.

We start the main thing

Preparatory work behind and we start creating beauty on the handles.

For a start we put a basis. The basic layer strengthens or vitaminizes nails (depending on what you use). Besides, it provides an equal covering.

Manicure for beginners (video lessons)

We start putting a varnish. It is better to paint at first nails of that hand which is at you the leader. And that is why. If you the right-handed person, it is inconvenient to make up the right hand. As a rule, in this case the layer turns out thick, and color, respectively, more saturated. Since the leading hand, you can correct layer thickness on the second. Thereby the manicure on both handles won't differ.

It is desirable to start painting nails from a little finger. In this case you won't smear a varnish on other marigold.

In summary it is necessary to apply the fixing layer on nails. In this case the manicure will please you more long. Also don't forget to apply on hands cream and the moisturizing oil for a cuticle.

We do classical manicure

How accurately to paint nails?