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Marva Oganyan: technique of clarification of an organism and starvation

Marva Vargshakovna Oganyan – the doctor naturopath, the candidate of science in the field of biology and the outstanding biochemist who devoted more than 45 years of life to medicine. M. V. Oganyan has the view of an origin and development of diseases in the person. She considers that any disease goes directly from improper feeding and a pollution its junk food. Therefore, treatment of an illness needs to be begun with cleaning the technician of a digestive tract. Marva Oganyan's technique is capable to cure any illness and helped a large number of people to find health again.

Marva Oganyan: technique of clarification of an organism and starvation

Theoretical part of a technique

M. V. Oganyan in the books and lectures says that refusal of food, is the best way to clear and cure an organism. Doctors use many years starvation in the medical purposes, proving its effectiveness that the person spends 80% of vital energy for digestion of food. Depriving an organism of such need, i.e. beginning starvation, he starts using this energy on improvement and restoration. During hunger growth of immune cages stops, and unnecessary cages also actively die. And after, having started eating fully, cages of immune system grow with a huge speed, strengthening immunity.

How to start being cleared across Oganyan

Being guided by Marva Oganyan's words, it is possible to note, such tendency that it is sometimes difficult to modern person to transfer refusal of food, even if short and in the improving purposes. Organisms of most of people now zashlakovana and nakhimichena junk food, severe climatic conditions and unhealthy inactive way of life. Beginning starvation, at the person with poor health, instantly come to light and the latent and chronic diseases have an effect. All this provokes the patient to finish treatment with hunger somewhat quicker. Therefore to approach such way of clarification, follows carefully and attentiveness.

For such cases, and their majority, at the doctor also exists the certain technique called – Conditional starvation. Its essence consists in to using food, but during the whole time to drink collecting, such as:

  • diuretic herbs;
  • sedative herbs;
  • zhelchegonny herbs;
  • cleaning collecting.

Honey and juice of a lemon is added to all this. Daring to drink infusions of herbs – the desire is is felt minimum therefore not difficult to hold on in such practice quite. Besides, even such, in difference from absolute starvation, the practician, yields remarkable results. But it is necessary to watch the health and a state, it isn't necessary to torment itself, trying to hold on as much as possible days. If there is a feeling that it is impossible to continue more, it is better to stop hunger.

Marva Oganyan: technique of clarification of an organism and starvation

Preparation and beginning of clarification

Beginning starvation, it is necessary to clear the digestive tract. Further all technique of cleaning procedure is step by step described, to adhere which it is desirable observing all points.

  1. In advance to stock up with lemons, natural honey, herbs and laxative.
  2. Strictly in the evening, at 19-20 o'clock to accept laxative. If diseases of a stomach aren't present, to prepare magnesium sulfate solution 50gr on a glass of water. If there are problems with a stomach, it is possible to drink 3 tablespoons of castor oil. Children need 1 tablespoon.
  3. To wash down laxative with a small amount of the prepared broth.
  4. Having drunk the above, to lie down on the right side (it is desirable without pillow), having put a hot-water bottle to a liver. To lie in such situation 1 hour. During this time, it is necessary to drink broth, having timed so that to the 9th evening, 6-7 glasses were drunk. After 9 hours it isn't necessary to do anything, especially to watch telecasts, and it is better to fall asleep.
  5. Having woken up early in the morning, no later than 8 hours, it is necessary to purge intestines an enema. In Esmarkh's mug to pour 2,5-3 liters of water of temperature comfortable to a body, adding 2 ch.lozhka of table salt and 1 ch.lozhka of soda. The end of a tube is oiled by any. Procedure is carried out lying in knee and elbow situation. To repeat the same enema 2-3 more times, before liberation. Further, just the same cleaning of intestines (7-11 days) becomes every morning.
  6. Having carried out procedure, at once it is necessary to go to a shower, it is better hot. After a shower starvation on herbs without firm food also begins. It is necessary to drink only the prepared broth with honey and a lemon. Also for the 7th day of starvation it is possible to add freshly squeezed citrus juice of orange and grapefruit.
  7. Such actions: a morning enema + drink of tincture and juice are carried out every day, within 7-20 days, depending on health.
  8. During cleaning practice emetic desires and strong nausea are very probable. To constrain them doesn't consult. Also language can be laid over by a white raid – it should be cleaned off a special scraper, or a reverse side of a teaspoon. If practice takes place as it is necessary and the organism started being cleared, from a nose there can be strong purulent allocations and begin cough with the departing phlegm. In that case, you shouldn't be frightened and stop starvation, and on the contrary it is necessary to continue until all allocations don't stop.

Preparation of medical broth

For preparation of tincture from herbs it will be required:

  • melissa;
  • mint;
  • plantain;
  • marjoram;
  • valerian;
  • sage;
  • nettle;
  • bearberry;
  • pustyrnik;
  • bay leaf;
  • dogrose;
  • sporыsh.

The quantity of herbs and their structure can differ from the offered. They can be replaced with others or at all to refuse some.

Small to crumb herbs, or to crush in the blender. To fill in with three or three and a half liters of boiled water 8 big spoons of collecting and to allow to be drawn. To drink in a warm look for day, adding 1 spoon of honey and ¾ a lemon on a glass. In day 11-13 glasses of broth have to turn out.

Marva Oganyan: technique of clarification of an organism and starvation

Exit from starvation

Crucially correctly and intelligently to leave starvation. That not only to revitalize and cure the organism, but also to try not to do much harm to it. After all in 2-3 weeks the organism gets used to lack of digestive processes therefore sharp transition for hunger to firm, and is even worse to junk food — is capable to do huge harm to health.

The first days after an exit, it is necessary to drink only freshly squeezed juice and fruit and vegetables puree. And to drink collecting, 3 glasses in day. Food has to be 3 times a day, at 11 o'clock, at 15 and 19 hours. Gradually to enter the vegetable salads which are small cut or rubbed. Still a bit later, vegetables can be baked. And to drink in day of 1-2 crude eggs.

Within a month, food has to consist of fruit and vegetables, greens and juice. And only in 8 weeks it is possible to start entering simple porridges on water, oils and easy vegetables and greens soups. Fish, meat and dairy products are excluded completely from a diet.

If for any reason to complete a full course of clarification it is impossible – it isn't necessary to be upset because even week of such starvation will do good and will make an organism stronger and is more hardy. It is possible to repeat a clarification technique in the same sequence each 3 months, for achievement of good results. It will be extremely useful to pass "Conditional starvation" to the people seeking to pass to healthy food, to become vegetarians or syroyeda.

Marva Oganyan's technique really unique in own way, health and the life of thousands of grateful followers which managed to improve.