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Metrogil gel vaginal: instruction on application, responses

Metrogil doctors register at the vaginitakh, a rozatsea, an acne and various serious infections (urogenital trichomoniasis). As a part of a preparation there is the only active active ingredient: metronidazole. Metronidazole found broad application at treatment of many infectious diseases which including are listed above, in a type of the for antifungal and antiprotozoan medicinal properties. It perfectly liquidates an inflammation that is a pleasant bonus and so one of the most effective preparations in fight against female infections.

Metrogil gel vaginal: instruction on application, responses

Principle of action

Metronidazole makes the way in a cage of a pathogenic bacterium, reacting together with it with part of microorganisms, namely, with proteins which are transported in the cage. To this reaction there is an oppression of production of nucleinic acids in DNA of microorganisms by means of 5 nitrogroups of metronidazole, it brings to death of pathogenic bacteria. Metronidazole eliminates and liquidates action of some bacteria relating to a species of protozoa: Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, Entamoeba histolytica, etc. Anaerobic bacteria and grampolozhitelny microorganisms give in to powerful opposition of active agent.

Gel transparent, has no smell and color, it enter intravaginalno (it is desirable in the evening, it is best of all – just before a dream) the special batcher on 5 g, it is a standard dosage which is appointed in everyday occurences. The course of therapy varies from 5 to 7 days, depending on severity and a sort of an infecting agent.

The effect of application of a preparation becomes visible, in certain cases, after its first introduction. The main thing not to miss gel introduction procedure, treatment needs to be carried out systematically after consultation with the expert and on the basis of results of analyses.

Side effects

Side effects arise not often and have short character in the form of local reactions, such as:

  • Itch;
  • Burning;
  • Reddening and hypostasis of walls of a vagina;
  • Small tortoiseshell;
  • Frequent urination.

There can be a vomiting, nausea, urine darkening, a headache, diarrhea, slight increase of arterial pressure, a lock,

At emergence of more serious symptoms it is necessary to address to the doctor for consultation and identification of the reason of emergence of reaction, and also if further use of gel is impossible, search of an equivalent method of treatment.

Metrogil's contraindications

Contraindications for treatment by vaginal gel are: sensitivity to derivatives of a nitroimidazole, a leykopeniye, violation of TsNS, the first trimester of pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Also people should use with care gel from a kidney and hepatic nedostatochnostyama, pregnancy on late terms.

Use of gel

Metrogil experts appoint to patients in situation who are on 6-9 months of incubation, but the minimum risk for activity becomes a basic condition and development of the child as the preparation can is output together with breast milk. Feeding stops at treatment of serious infections for full recovery of the patient.

For the period of treatment it is also necessary to refuse sexual life, in some cases it is necessary to treat the constant partner.

Gel perfectly proved in the modern market and was fallen in love to many women because of the wide availability and low cost. Among experienced users of this preparation the most part of positive responses. Many note convenience of introduction of gel at the expense of the special batcher which facilitates intake of active agent in the right place.

Metrogil gel vaginal: instruction on application, responses

Just before the beginning and after procedure it is necessary to disinfect well hands that together with a preparation pathogenic microbes didn't get in the wounded microflora of a vagina.

For a start it is necessary to take the batcher from a factory packing and a cellophane sack. It is necessary for gas station of the batcher: having uncovered a tube, to put on the batcher roundabouts a tube with gel. The applicator has to have vertical situation, it needs to be filled completely. Densely to close a tube.

To enter the batcher extremely carefully and deeply into a vagina, accurately and smoothly pressing the piston. Gel shouldn't remain, and, so completely squeeze out all contents in a vagina. To extend, wash out the batcher from outer side, by no means it is impossible to wash out or wipe it inside! To store in a dry place, in an available place for children. Avoid hit of a preparation on open wounds, cuts, especially – in eyes!

It is necessary to refuse for the period of treatment for the alcohol and administration of drugs uncoordinated to the attending physician.

Gel introduction, nuances

At first maybe it won't turn out to enter from the first gel, it is necessary to be accustomed and choose a little a convenient pose for procedure, to many women two provisions were fallen in love: lying on a back, having a little raised feet, and standing when one foot is put on a height. Best of all to enter gel, standing, having widely placed feet, as much as possible to relax not to injure a wall of an entrance to a vagina. The batcher is entered as it is possible more deeply, but be not overzealous! After introduction it is necessary to lie down for some time, so the part of gel won't be released (to follow) from a vagina. For the morning gel in a quantity will leave, it is necessary to provide it and to accept water procedures to wash away surplus of gel and to prevent developing of an itch, unpleasant feelings and possible pollution of underwear.


Gel is also popular the cost. Is noted the fact that more expensive preparations, similar action, possess smaller efficiency, than Metrogil. During the correct and consecutive treatment analyses of dab show good results, the following symptoms appear not soon. Moreover, most of patients noted a positive effect and disappearance of an itch and plentiful allocations with an unpleasant smell after the first several days of continuous treatment by Metrogil.

Women at a choice of tablets or other equivalent alternative give preference to gel in view of simplicity of its application, it isn't necessary to remember time of reception of the next tablet, it is necessary simply one or twice a day to enter gel. Also this way more suitable for at whom problems with a digestive tract are noted or is available a liver failure.


Interaction of gel with other medicines insignificantly, but action of some preparations amplifies, such as, Varfarin and anticoagulants, disulfira. The last preparation strengthens reactions from nervous system that can increase risk of emergence of heavier by-effects.

Overdose by vaginal gel wasn't registered also risk of its emergence minimum, almost impossible.

Metrogil gel vaginal: instruction on application, responses

Positive responses among consumers

Metrogil – the preparation which well proved in the pharmaceutical market enjoys popularity, and with an ulterior motive! Gel rather effective and inexpensive, it became a stick — a lifesaver for women and girls who at least once faced infections of microflora of a vagina. Use it with recommendations of the doctor.

Marine, 25 years: "The first time I faced with the vaginity. Run to the gynecologist, I made tests, she appointed gel Metrogil and tablets with the same active ingredient. It was treated all put course – week. I held on. Of course, it not the most pleasant treatment, but it is worth it, it is convenient to enter gel, doesn't smell and there is no color, for me the most important. Strongly the linen doesn't soil. I recommend, well I helped me, now disturbs nothing."

Oksana, 33: "Long ago I suffer a bacterial vaginosis, there is periodically, very unpleasant phenomenon. Metrogil, after him rescues analyses pure, there are no these terrible symptoms. A course, as a rule, within seven days. Good preparation, effective."

Anastasia, 27 years: "After long-term treatment by medicines the intestinal dysbiosis developed, and from not from where there was a vagina dysbacteriosis. I started a situation, there were all most awful signs (an itch, a smell). The doctor registered after dab Metrogil, was treated carefully, was afraid not to get rid of this disease. In parallel I drank tablets. Completely I completed a course, I didn't pass. After two days passed all unpleasant, symptoms disappeared, but don't stop being treated by it. Dab is pure, I am happy. Metrogilu's thanks, cheap gel and undoubtedly the useful!"

Vasilisa, 21 years: "Planned medical examination began, and after delivery of analyses at the obstetrician-gynecologist to me gave a piece of paper where it is written that at me revealed a bacterial vaginosis though I didn't even suspect, many allocations were simple. The expert appointed gel vaginal under the name Metrogil. I came to a drugstore, low cost confused, now everything is so expensive, especially, preparations to female health. I bought, I started applying before going to bed. Three days passed, the linen is a little soiled, but plentiful allocations disappeared. Slightly more than a week was treated, it was pleasant that there is in a box a special batcher, it isn't necessary to look for and most to subtilize adaptations. Treatment went off with a bang! It appears, still there are available and qualitative preparations in our country, gel surpassed my expectations."