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Miramistin at the milkwoman at women: how to apply to treatment?

The milkwoman at women, provides a lot of discomfort which can develop into a serious problem with health. For its treatment the fair sex prefers to use medical preparations, and they except medical effect have a set of by-effects. Miramistin from the milkwoman one of popular ways of therapy.

Miramistin at the milkwoman at women: how to apply to treatment?


Miramistin the universal remedy, a preparation apply at treatment of a different type of pathologies. It effectively fights from different type bacteria, viruses, fungal illnesses. Besides, it is the anti-septic tank having the regenerating properties. Not seldom gynecologists apply medicine to treatment of diseases at women. Miramistin from the milkwoman is used also, is frequent as vaginal tablets with candles.

The preparation is presented on shelves of pharmacy chains in several forms:

  1. Ointment. Use at the started illness stages when on bodies there are ulcers. It is applied with a thin sphere on the damaged sites which it heals. For treatment of vaginal candidiasis ointment isn't used inside.
  2. Spray. Appoint at candidiasis for an irrigation. The nozzle with the batcher which prevents overdose of a preparation is included in the package.
  3. Solution. Apply to syringing, or in the form of compresses.

Miramistin at candidiasis

Candidiasis or the milkwoman is an illness which was supported by each woman at least once the life.

Symptoms of the milkwoman are:

  • Itch of genitals
  • White curdled allocations with a sour-milk smell
  • Reddening also I swelled vulvar lips
  • Pain at sexual intercourse and an urination

At the milkwoman at women doctors often appoint Miramistin in connection with his ability to suppress viability of fungi.

Miramistin at the milkwoman at women: how to apply to treatment?

During passing of a course of treatment of the milkwoman which lasts 7-14 days (it is dependent on an illness stage), the following effects of action of means are felt:

  • The preparation quickly removes an itch;
  • The making components of medicine oppress activity of fungi, without influencing negatively an organism;
  • Possesses the regenerating functions, thanks to them means heals damaged mucous and restores microflora of a vagina;
  • The therapy course appointed by the gynecologist needs to be passed completely, despite the come improvement.

At treatment of candidiasis Miramistin appoint in two ways:

  1. Independently, as antiseptics for the termination of development of pathology and reduction of number of causative agents of a disease.
  2. In a complex with other medical preparation as the catalyst, accelerating medicinal properties and effect.

Rules of use

The preparation Miramistin was developed in the eighties, and for many years is effective, safe in treatment of the milkwoman, it has a set of advantages, such as:

  • Absence of an allergy;
  • Wide range of application;
  • Absence of irritation of the mucous;
  • Anti-inflammatory action;
  • Safe structure, without toxic substances;
  • Udobnost in use;
  • Sale in drugstores without recipe.

Despite means advantages, it is medical medicine and it needs to be used, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Not to exceed the dose appointed by the doctor;
  • In the presence of individual intolerance to stop application, will address to the treating doctor.

Burning when using it is necessary to endure and continue treatment.

If to adhere to recommendations and to follow appointments of the doctor the milkwoman will recede within a week, and won't disturb any more.

How it is correct to treat the milkwoman?

The medical preparation Miramistin remarkably copes with antifungal function, Candida has high extent of destruction of mushrooms of a sort. At a candidiasis course of treatment doctors advise to use means, combining with antibiotics, then efficiency in battle with a disease becomes much higher. It is very easy to use medicine, it is necessary to smear simply with mix external genitals, or to make syringing, thus to use special solution. Before starting syringing, the prepared syringe for this task is recommended to be boiled, for the purpose of disinfection work. If to carry out such process there is no opportunity, it is better to buy the sterile syringe in a pharmaceutical booth.

Procedure of syringing needs to be carried out step by step:

  1. To get spray Miramistin or solution.
  2. To prepare the syringe, or a special nozzle.
  3. It is more convenient to carry out procedure lying horizontally on a back, having placed feet as it is possible more widely, having bent knees.
  4. To enter a little Miramistin as it is possible more deeply in a vagina, to wait a couple of minutes for absorption, to rise vertically, allowing excess liquid to pour out.
  5. Before manipulation of syringing it is better to make processing of bodies broth of a calendula or St. John's Wort.

Not to break microflora of a vagina you shouldn't carry out syringing more than 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Miramistin at the milkwoman at women: how to apply to treatment?

By means of Miramistin it isn't dependent on a stage of neglect of the milkwoman, within several days it is possible will get rid of the symptoms providing discomfort, but thus the course of therapy needs to be finished, will refrain from sexual contacts.

If treatment is interrupted, from it there will be no advantage, and symptoms of a disease possibly to return even in more serious form after a while, than previous.

During menstrual days treatment of the milkwoman not to be spent because of a large number of allocations medicine has no opportunity harmful to influence harmful microorganisms.

Important: If the woman has a diagnosis candidiasis, treatment needs to be carried out together with the sexual partner.

Miramistin to pregnant women

Emergence and development of candidiasis in pregnant women increases several times as immunity weakens, and the hormonal background gets off. Miramistin without any negative consequences for new life and for available without problems will cope with the milkwoman, but it is authorized to apply him in the second trimester, after the 14th week.

Miramistin in the form of ointment and solution is applied during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast without emergence of any risk. Syringing by the gynecologist isn't appointed, at pregnancy it is contraindicated in connection with possibility of penetration of medicine far deep into of a vagina.

The treatment term, form and dose of medicine is appointed by the attending physician. That there was no overdose by a preparation, and the allergy didn't develop, future mother needs to adhere to appointments of the gynecologist observing it with an accuracy.

Irrespective of degree of a disease of candidiasis, means Miramistin will help to cope with it for the short period of time. Safe means is also to women during pregnancy.

Despite efficiency of means and its minimum collateral action to self-medicate, isn't necessary.