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Monitor cleaning of intestines: what is it, as do, responses

Monitor cleaning of intestines carries the scientific name a gidrokolonoterapiya and represents set of the carried-out measures for release of intestines from toxins, slags and other harmful substances.

Monitor cleaning of intestines: what is it, as do, responses

The history of release of a digestive tract from waste products of an organism totals not one thousand years as this process proved as one of effective in fight for improvement of the person. It is proved that mucous a thick gut is the major intermediary in a metabolism between contents of intestines and other bodies. Therefore the paramount purpose of its cleaning is elimination in it inflammatory process which negatively influences all organism in general. As a minor task it is possible to consider restoration and normalization of healthy microflora. In both cases monitor cleaning will render invaluable advantage.

Indications to a gidrokolonoterapiya

The list of indications for cleaning quite big that once again proves its positive action:

  • violation of functions of a digestive tract – locks, ponosa, gastritis, food infections and poisonings, an ulcer, pancreatitis and mn.dr.;
  • helminthosis – the illness caused by parasitic worms;
  • obesity;
  • bulimia – the episodes of an uncontrollable objedaniye which are replaced paranoid starvation;
  • hemorrhoids in an initial stage;
  • alcoholic poisoning or narcotic substances;
  • diseases of gynecologic character (endometritis; vaginit, a uterus neck erosion, etc.);
  • skin problems (acne illness; psoriasis, eczema, etc.);
  • headaches;
  • violation of a potentiality at men;
  • constant feeling of fatigue;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • meteorizm;
  • pregnancy planning;
  • decrease in the general immunity;
  • lumbar pains.

Also for prevention people who aren't disturbed at all by problems with health also can quite resort to it.


Whatever one may do, and process of monitor cleaning of intestines means intervention in an organism, making strongly impact. Therefore before procedure it is necessary to consider a number of contraindications:

  • good-quality and malignancies in a thick gut;
  • hemorrhoids in an aggravation stage;
  • urolithic illness;
  • umbilical and inguinal hernia;
  • intestines diseases in an aggravation stage;
  • heart attacks and strokes which are had earlier;
  • pathologies of cardiovascular system;
  • renal failure;
  • prostate adenoma;
  • bleedings of unknown genesis;
  • the age is younger than 16 years and is more senior than 70 years;
  • perforation of a thick gut;
  • recent surgical intervention;
  • anemia;
  • menstrual bleeding;
  • pregnancy.

The list of contraindications also extensive therefore it is necessary to approach procedure of monitor cleaning with special attentiveness.

Monitor cleaning of intestines: what is it, as do, responses

Preparation for process

In spite of the fact that procedure doesn't take a lot of time, it is necessary to be prepared for it carefully. It is necessary in order that cleaning took place with the greatest possible advantage for an organism.

First of all, in 3 days prior to visit of the doctor it is necessary to change the habitual food allowance: it is necessary to reduce significantly consumption of fats of an animal origin or at all to refuse them. It is also undesirable to accept flour products, fresh fruit and vegetables, sweet carbonated drinks and alcohol in food. It is possible to use the porridges cooked on water, low-fat meat and fish (but only baked in an oven or prepared in a double boiler), kefir with low interest of fat, crackers. Consumption of liquid has to be sufficient, it is recommended to drink usual water and green tea.

Besides, it is necessary to accept every day absorbent carbon – on 2 tablets 3 times a day.

Some hours prior to a session (at least for 4) it isn't recommended to use food at all.

Process of monitor cleaning

This procedure is carried out only in medical clinics on the modern equipment. The time of day can be chosen any, it has no value.

Paramount task of the doctor who will purge, the assessment of health of the patient at the moment is: its general state, measurement of temperature, diagnostics of a condition of intestines.

After that the expert selects solution, determines its necessary temperature. For each person washing solution has different structure, it varies depending on the purpose which needs to be reached.

Washing waters can include:

  • medicines;
  • sorbents;
  • sodium chloride (salt);
  • soda;
  • herbs;
  • the water enriched with useful minerals.

Temperature of waters depends on a muscular condition of a gut and fluctuates within 30-38 degrees.

Before a session the doctor has to tell about process of carrying out cleaning, try to appease concern of the person, to massage a stomach the easy movements. Safety regulations are surely sounded: is it is necessary in the maximum relaxation and not to make sharp movements that installation of tubes wasn't broken.

The patient lays down on a couch sideways or a back. Then tubes for supply of washing solution and an otkhozhdeniye the kalovykh of masses are carried out to a thick gut. You shouldn't be afraid to bring an infection through these hoses, because they strictly disposable, as well as tips to them. Further by means of the special equipment water supply in a digestive tract begins, it moves in the small portions, the maximum total during all the time – 40 liters. Along with it there is a pumping out the kalovykh of masses and products of withdrawal of activity. In process the strong discomfort isn't felt, besides the unpleasant smell as there is a strict tightness isn't observed. On time all session takes no more than 1 hour.

It is necessary to understand that for one visit of the medical center it is impossible to achieve full clarification of all departments of intestines therefore gastroenterologists usually appoint a course, individual for each person.

Monitor cleaning of intestines: what is it, as do, responses

After procedure

It is necessary to follow some rules and after the end of process of cleaning. In the first 2 hours after it reception of any food is excluded. Then in the first days the strict diet including low-fat soups, the ground vegetables after heat treatment (not fried is obligatory!), large amount of liquid. Then it is gradually possible to come back to the habitual menu, but it is worth adhering after all to several councils of doctors concerning food:

  • to limit consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks;
  • to lower the content of fats in a diet;
  • to use more products containing protein and cellulose;
  • to try to organize the food so that each meal was at the same time, thus process of digestion and "blockages" in intestines will be adjusted it is possible not to be afraid quite long time.


Monitor cleaning of intestines proved as one of the most effective methods of improvement. It is almost impossible to hear negative responses after a course of procedures. All people, having passed this therapy, they note that as though anew were born, found feeling of ease (and no wonder, after all for a course of people loses flesh to 5 kg). Besides, patients note improvement of work of a stomach, skin gets the equal shining shade, the general health improves.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that this way of clarification suits all who has problems with a digestive tract, categories of the persons predisposed to them, and also those who for the general improvement wishes to get rid of long-term deposits in the intestines.