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Nikofleks ointment: from what helps, application, analogs, responses

Nikofleks — ointment which active ingredients are kapsaicin, ethylene glycol salycylate, эtilnikotinat. Is the preparation possessing anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, the rassasyvayushchy and irritating effect.

Nikofleks ointment: from what helps, application, analogs, responses

Judging by the instruction the preparation contains the substances having vasodilating effect. Thanks to these substances on a place of drawing heat is felt. Ointment is applied at pain syndromes.

Ointment is very effective, the simplification comes after several minutes. It improves blood circulation process, warms that helps to eliminate inflammatory diseases of musculoskeletal system.


Ointment of Nikofleks for external application is issued in special tubas on 50 gr. Besides the main active ingredients in ointment there are even not less important components promoting fast recovery:

  • Tsetostearilovy alcohol. This substance is often used in cosmetology. Its main properties are: krovoostanovleniye, mitigation of skin, narrowing of a time, disinfection action.
  • Mineral oil. Microcells of oil are capable to enter interaction with organism cages, thereby causing their protective function. That is mineral oil helps an organism to be protected poisons, viruses and radioactive materials. And also it improves process of an exchange, strengthening blood system. Fights against infections. Is antibacterial and a resolvent, promotes fast healing of mechanical injuries, relieves of pain.
  • White paraffin. It is most of all used in physical therapy. Is the anti-inflammatory, soothing, weakening, restoring and wound healing means. Expands capillaries, small blood vessels. Improves a limfoobrashcheniye, weakens muscles, supports an intensive metabolism. Treatment by white paraffin accelerates process of accretion of bone changes, restores peripheral nerves.
  • Oil lavandovy. This substance is calming. Works, as a resolvent. Heals cuts, scratches and burns on skin.
  • The cleared water.


Generally the people who are actively playing sports use this ointment. Nikofleks apply at bruises and stretchings, inflammations of soft fabric. And not only. It is accepted at the following diseases:

  • Mialgiya. That is at severe pains in muscles.
  • At a tendovaginita in a phase of incomplete remission. Tendovaginit it is characterized by inflammatory process in a sinew and its cover.
  • Polyarthritis. This serious illness which means a multiple inflammation of joints.
  • Neuritis. This illness touches peripheral nerves.
  • Sciatica which is characterized by a jamming or an inflammation of a sciatic nerve.

Nikofleks ointment: from what helps, application, analogs, responses

How Nikofleks works?

Gel gets inside, irritating receptors of an integument and causing reflex reaction. As a result the skin hyperthermia develops.

Main objective of this preparation is activization and release of the central nervous system from an enkefalin and endorphin. Nikofleks does pain of less sharp or at all suppress it in defeat places. This process happens thanks to the irritating impulses in nervous system.


Treatment without control of the doctor, according to many patients leads to emergence of allergic reactions.

Nikofleks it is contraindicated to pregnant women and nursing. And also doesn't consult to apply this ointment if integrity of an integument is broken. At whom hypersensibility to a preparation, existence of sharp arthritis, bronchial asthma or aspirinovy, isn't recommended to apply Nikofleks. The course of treatment this preparation is also contraindicated to children till 18 years.

How it is necessary to apply ointment?

The anesthetizing tablets by efficiency don't lag behind ointment of Nikofleks. Unfortunately, Nikofleks is issued only in the form of ointment for external application.

If to follow the instruction, before putting gel it is necessary to wash out affected areas warm water to open a skin time. Then skin is wiped dry. And only after these actions put a layer of medicinal ointment.

To achieve the maximum effect from a preparation, it should be rubbed as it is possible more intensively. It is necessary to use this preparation no more than 2-3 times a day.

To warm muscular tissue before physical occupations, ointment is applied with a strip in 4-5 cm.

It is important to know that Nikrofleks's application conducts to strengthening of absorption of medicines. Therefore Nikrofleks shouldn't apply along with other preparations. Time between use of one ointment and another has to be not less than two-three hours.

That who is disturbed by painful feeling in joints, it is necessary to start the first three days to apply a preparation only once per day. In the next days on two times, it is desirable once in the morning and also in the evening.

After putting ointment it is desirable to wash away immediately it from hands to avoid hit of a preparation in eyes.

The expiration date of Nikrofles makes 5 years. The preparation is stored at a temperature below 25 degrees.

Nikofleks ointment: from what helps, application, analogs, responses

Side effects

Judging by responses, collateral reactions from this preparation are very rare. But they are. And the main thing from them is such case which is caused by an allergy at Kvinke's hypostasis.

You shouldn't worry if after use of ointment reddenings on places of drawing or unpleasant feeling, burning or a pricking are observed. These symptoms are quite normal, especially if it only the beginning of a course of treatment.

Overdose at Nikofleks's application it is actually impossible. And to this day there are no similar cases. But this factor doesn't allow use of a preparation in the absence of recommendations of the expert.

What tell responses?

Patients are very happy with Nikrofleks. More than 95% are happy with this preparation. Especially it is praised by athletes and people of advanced age. It perfectly helps to warm muscles both before physical activities, and after. Also it effectively combats osteochondrosis. Nikrofleks kills pains in a neck quickly enough. At many patients this preparation always is in the first-aid kit.

Thanks to a wide range of actions of a preparation inflammatory process calms down, and hypostases pass for short term. Quickly helps at ankle injuries.


The cost of a preparation fluctuates from 5 USD to 250. The price is acceptable, the preparation is quite available to everyone. One tube comprises 50 g. In a drugstore it can be bought without existence of the recipe of the expert.

Main analogs

It is considered one of the closest analogs "Menovazin". It is also active in impact on an integument, joints. Perfectly helps at races the tyazheniyakh and bruises.

At radiculitis "Kamfart" will be the most effective. He copes almost with any inflammations, the concerning joints. Promotes restoration of soft fabrics.

"Doctor Perets" will be also good means "Espol" or a plaster. Both means are made in Russia. Active ingredient of this preparation is kapsaicin. It also prevents emergence of pain syndromes.