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From depriving ointment on skin at the person: TOP-5 the best means

To catch such unpleasant illness as deprive any person can. This disease isn't deadly to it, but can cause many problems. Various ointments can be applied to fight against it: antifungal, anti-inflammatory, hormonal.

From depriving ointment on skin at the person: TOP-5 the best means

What is deprive

Deprive is an illness which represents the joint group of several skin diseases having identical symptoms and manifestations. The fungus getting on skin from environment is a cause of illness.

Before starting using any preparation the doctor finds out the exact diagnosis and defines a look depriving. Using ointments not for designated purpose, can lead to an exacerbation of a disease and is considerable worsen a condition of the patient.


Deprive divide into types depending on the activator, concentrations, infectivities, types of rash. Disease factors also differ:

  1. The pink. This infiktsionno-allergic disease which is shown on skin the roundish shelled spots of a pink shade. The factor influencing its emergence is low immunity or a viral infection.
  2. The surrounding. On signs it is similar to children's chicken pox. From it the people who had chicken pox at which the organism didn't acquire immunity to an illness yet most often suffer. It is possible to catch through contact with the sick person.
  3. Otrubevidny. It is shown by emergence on skin of the person of spots of different color. The fungus is a cause of illness. Infection occurs through direct contact with the patient.
  4. The cutting. First of all the head integument is surprised. At the person hair start breaking and dropping out. Can proceed as without symptoms, and on the contrary, can cause considerable inflammatory process. It is possible to catch through contact with the sick person or a pet.

Effect of ointment in treatment of a disease

Ointments consist of the substances counteracting viruses which served as a cause of illness. Most often use ointments against a fungus. Their productivity consists that they prevent inflammatory process, eliminate rash and an itch.

In them use components on the basis of tar, sulfur or hormones. They differ in anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and bactericidal action. At the arisen itch, use antiallergenic preparations.

At a right choice of means from an illness there is a considerable simplification of a condition of the diseased.

The most effective

  1. Sulfuric ointment has very unpleasant smell, but thus is very productive at treatment. It is used at the cutting herpes. She fights against inflammatory process, dries, makes bactericidal impact. Accelerates healing of wounds, deletes a fungus. Apply it on affected areas in the evening, before going to bed. The course of treatment makes two weeks.
  2. Klotrimazol. She allows to recover in short terms from a disease because it destroys diffusers of harmful microorganisms. It is applied at treatment depriving, the fungus caused by defeat. Before application it is necessary to wash up skin soap, to dry up, put with a thin uniform layer. Then ointment needs to be rubbed in an integument roundabouts. It is applied from 2 to 4 times a day, for a month.
  3. Acyclovir. Modern means which quickly deletes the illness center due to dot drawing. It is necessary to apply on affected areas each 4 hours. Duration of treatment depends on extent of defeat, but averages two weeks.
  4. Triakort. From pink depriving hormonal medicine. Quickly takes off an itch and unpleasant effects on an integument of the patient. Ointment is applied with a thin even layer on the struck places by three times a day. If the center of organic character, ointment need to be put under a medical bandage. Treatment proceeds for a week, at heavy extents of defeat, therapy carry out within three weeks.
  5. Tselestoderm. It is used at treatment of shingles. This also hormonal means, on the basis of a betametozon. She removes inflammatory process, an itch, pain, hypostasis. To apply with a uniform layer on the struck places, within two, six days.

From depriving ointment on skin at the person: TOP-5 the best means

Depriving of ointment for treatment at children

For treatment of skin diseases and depriving at children apply the ointments based on vegetable natural components. Very often apply the following preparations:

  • Sulfur-tar, sulfuric or sulfur-salicylic. They prevent inflammatory process, an itch. Practically have no contraindications and side effects. Perfectly disinfect and quickly restore the damaged integument fabrics.
  • Tebrofen. Treats red deprive, it is combined with other medicines.
  • Klotrimazol. Helps at a multi-colored form depriving. It isn't soaked up in blood and mucous membranes. Practically has no side effects.
  • Naftifin, Lamizil. Cure otrubevidny deprive. Are applied with an equal layer on affected areas twice a day for two weeks.
  • Sinaflan. Hormonal ointment which can be applied to children is more senior than two years. Treatment lasts for two weeks.

Combination to other drugs

Practice shows that of ointment from depriving well are combined with different medicines, including with antibiotics. It is necessary to remember individual intolerance of an organism and contraindications which are specified in the summary to preparations.

It is necessary to understand that ointment can appoint the correct treatment and write out for this purpose only the expert, the dermatologist. The main danger of independent treatment consists that depriving symptoms of different types are very similar therefore at their use it isn't correct, it is possible to aggravate inflammatory process. At an early stage of a disease and competently appointed treatment to get rid from depriving not difficult.

From depriving ointment on skin at the person: TOP-5 the best means

Contraindications to application

When using ointment it is important to remember that as any medicine, it has a number of contraindications to application:

  • Hypersensibility of an organism to components;
  • Children of chest age can use not everything;
  • Renal failure;
  • Sharp purulent defeats;
  • Pregnancy and period of feeding by a breast;
  • Eczema, psoriasis.

All contraindications are specified in the instruction which is attached to means, or they were specified by the attending physician.

Side effects

At application there can be unpleasant side effects which can be caused by overdose or not the correct application.

Treat side effects:

  • Allergy;
  • Burning;
  • Strengthening of inflammatory process;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting.

Storage conditions and expiration dates

Ointments need to be held at t-20 °v the dry cool place inaccessible to children. At violation of storage conditions ointment can lose the medical qualities.

At acquisition of means in a drugstore it is necessary to watch an expiration date. It is specified on a preparation box. Usually the period of storage makes two years of date of production. On the termination of an expiration date it is impossible to use a preparation.

Use of a preparation without appointment of the doctor hazardously to health and isn't effective.