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Ovulyatorny syndrome: symptoms, duration, treatment

Ovulyatorny syndrome – the phenomenon provoking emergence of the unpleasant symptoms connected with an ovulation. The ovum in the ripened look leaves a follicle. The follicle gradually grows, over time bursts. The ovum passes into an abdominal cavity. This syndrome – not an illness, but brings serious discomfortable feelings to the girl.

Ovulyatorny syndrome: symptoms, duration, treatment


The symptomatology happens various character. Seldom there are at each woman identical feelings during an illness, but there are some characteristic symptoms:

  1. Morbidity in the lower part of a stomach. Arises on the right side or from the left. Depends on an ovary where there was an ovulation.
  2. Pains in a sacrum, a groin, lumbar department. At physical activity, long walking the symptom amplifies.
  3. Discomfortable feelings during sex.
  4. Weak releases of blood from a genital.
  5. Feeling sick, nausea, occasionally vomiting.

If there are similar feelings, it is worth reflecting that it is ovulation symptoms.


Experts don't define the illness reason, in it there is no sense. There are some factors contributing to an indisposition:

  • Frivolous trauma of walls of ovaries. Occurs during an ovulation. This trauma is a source of pains. Here treatment isn't appointed, pains pass.
  • The abdominal cavity is angry. Blood appears in a small pelvis.
  • There is a strong sensitivity to pain.
  • Solderings. Internals start growing together with each other. It can be dangerous, difficult to reveal this process.
  • Sharply changed way of life, emotional shocks.
  • Sleeplessness, stresses.
  • It is a lot of physical activities.

The syndrome proves at women at any age.


The doctor makes the diagnosis, having done the following actions:

  1. Analyzes morbidity in a stomach, a sacrum, a groin. Investigates the nature of releases of blood and other symptoms.
  2. Asks, how regularly there are pains.
  3. Analyzes a way of life of the patient. Here habits, food, other diseases, the undergone operations enter.
  4. Asks questions concerning periods, its terms, length of a cycle, a postoyannost.
  5. Palpation of an abdominal cavity.
  6. Measurement of temperature in a vagina.
  7. Carrying out ultrasonic research (small pelvis).

The expert can attract to research of other doctors. The surgeon and the urologist will exclude, or will confirm other diseases with similar symptomatology. Diagnosing an ovulyatorny syndrome, the doctor needs to exclude the diseases provoking pains in a small pelvis. The effective and giving a full picture means – ultrasonography of area of a small pelvis. Will help the doctor to consider and understand that in an organism there was an ovulation. Pathologies are excluded.


This illness isn't considered a serious illness. Concrete therapy in this case is absent. Similar symptoms the set of other diseases possesses. Symptoms thus are facilitated:

  • It is necessary to refuse sexual communications temporarily. Sex shouldn't be some days.
  • To exclude physical activity, any loadings. You shouldn't be engaged during this period in fitness, run, carrying weights.
  • Reception of the medicines weakening severe pains if they are present. Usually the professional has to appoint them.

Ovulyatorny syndrome: symptoms, duration, treatment

Preparations for relief of symptoms

At pain use of drugs is allowed:

  • Baralgin. Perfectly kills menstrual pains. In it there are analgetics and spazmolitik. Is accepted on one tablet.
  • Mirren. A basic purpose – a contraceptive. Helps to get rid of pain. It is recommended to use to the giving birth women.
  • Perfektil. It is actively used for weakening of feelings at an ovulyatorny syndrome.
  • No-shpa, nurofen. Effective spazmolitik.

Illness duration

It is necessary to understand accurately – the serious condition has to last not more long than two-three days. Otherwise there is an occasion to go to the doctor not to start serious diseases with similar symptomatology.

What complications or consequences can be

The painful ovulation isn't capable to promote complication development. Consequences can be unpleasant if the incorrect diagnosis is made. At belly-ache it is easily possible to be mistaken in definition of a disease. Consequences are possible:

  1. The reduced activity;
  2. Decrease in a libido. Depression;
  3. Impassability of pipes;
  4. Working capacity deterioration;
  5. Apopleksiya of an ovary.

If in due time to exclude the reasons of violations, complications won't be.

Similarity of symptoms with other diseases

Sometimes various manifestations of an ovulyatorny symptom confuse to other serious illnesses:

  • Inflammatory process in appendages;
  • Extra-uterine pregnancy;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Cyst on an ovary;
  • Appendicitis;
  • Cystitis;
  • Ulcer in a gastrointestinal tract.

At the repeating pains which aren't facilitated thanks to reception of analgetics and spazmolitik, high temperature, strong vomiting and other symptoms it is necessary to consult immediately with the expert.

Prevention of an ovulyatorny syndrome

To minimize manifestation discomfortable and pain, it is recommended:

  • To watch a menstrual cycle. It becomes to trace approach of an ovulation.
  • During an ovulation to refuse any physical activity.
  • In the presence of a strong pain syndrome and other symptoms it is recommended to register in consultation with the expert. The doctor will check, whether apopleksiya.
  • Continuous visits of the doctor - the gynecologist.

Ovulyatorny syndrome: symptoms, duration, treatment

Who more than others is subject to a syndrome?

The similar state can arise at the woman of any age, but is more often – at those who is more than 50 years old. At this age of pain at an ovulation arise because of:

  1. Diseases of infectious character. It is transferred sexually;
  2. Oral contraceptives are cancelled;
  3. Endometriosis;
  4. Constant stresses and depressions;
  5. Sleep disorders;
  6. It isn't enough vitamins, minerals in an organism. Occurs because of diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, various diets;
  7. Too strong physical activities;
  8. Abortions;
  9. Serious intellectual loading.

Similar problems can serve as the reason of painful course of an ovulation.

National ways of treatment

Methods of traditional medicine are directed on elimination of pain.

  • Effective remedy – a salt hot-water bottle. Removes spasms, expands vessels, promotes relaxation in muscles. Salt is warmed, filled in a towel and strong ties. To put in the lower part of a stomach. Means is forbidden to be used at a temperature.
  • Are useful during a tray syndrome. To add couple of bags of a camomile to water, to allow to be drawn. To fill cinnamon. It is possible to take a bath about ten minutes.
  • When the ovulation is expected the calendula will approach. The tampon from a grass is used. Kills microbes, anesthetizes. The calendula is ready, the gauze falls to infusion, then is entered into a vagina for a couple of hours.

As can influence pregnancy

Similar illness – not an obstacle of long-awaited pregnancy. In case of the serious, in time not revealed pathology, intervention of the doctor is necessary. Therefore at the symptoms described above it is necessary to address to the doctor. Before pregnancy inspection is recommended to each woman.

The Ovulyatorny syndrome can't adversely affect a female organism. It is a frequent problem of women, from it about 70% of a female half suffer. This state isn't pathology therefore treatment isn't appointed. It passes some days when the ovulation is finished later. For pain relief analgetics or spazmolitik are accepted.