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Potato juice: useful properties how to accept, contraindications

People eat potato, without guessing its usefulness. Its nutritional value and useful properties were opened by the agronomist Antoine-August Parmantie in the 17th century. It appears, potato juice contains many vitamins, bio - components and nutrients which are capable to improve exchange processes and to support activity of cages.

Potato juice: useful properties how to accept, contraindications


Juice of crude potatoes is enriched with the following substances:

  • minerals (iron, potassium, sulfur, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus);
  • powerful antioxidant, vegetable pigment (beta carotene);
  • vitamins of group A, B, E, C;
  • B9 vitamin.

At drink there is a digestible vegetable protein. Still it is the excellent generator of energy for an organism, thanks to the compounds of carbohydrates.

Than this drink is so useful? It possesses the following useful properties:

  • Improvement of functions of kidneys;
  • Stimulation of a vermicular movement of intestines;
  • Treatment of heartburn;
  • Treatment of frequent headaches;
  • Appetite increase;
  • Medical impact on heart;
  • Fight against oncology.

With the biological qualities and mineral structure juice from potatoes is one of the most valuable medical concentrates and the strongest activators the antivospolitelnykh of actions.

What treats potato juice?

Doctors widely use medicinal properties of this drink. In what its advantage and how it helps?

  • This excellent means at fight against an eructation and heartburn. Drink well clears all organism.
  • If (crude) to crush potato on a grater and to put the received weight to eczema, a burn or other damage of skin, they will quickly begin to live. Also you can impregnate a gauze in freshly squeezed liquid and tie with it the damaged site. Change a bandage each 5 hours.
  • Brings toxic substances and radionuclides out of an organism.
  • One course of a sokoterapiya facilitates and stops sharp forms of ulcers and gastritises. Liquid influences antiseptic and is soothing.
  • Lowers pressure and treats headaches. Use 100 grams of drink before food for couple of days.
  • The use of potato juice is useful for pregnant women. He rescues from heartburn and locks.
  • At hemorrhoids from freshly squeezed juice prepare a compress. Apply to the damaged skin site. You will lighten soon.

Whether can do harm?

You can do much harm to an organism if you accept potato juice incorrectly or in unnecessary time. In drink there is an overestimated balance of alkali which very much irritates mucous digestive organs. For example, with the lowered acidity it isn't recommended to person to drink juice from potato: otherwise acidity of a stomach extremely to decrease that will do much harm to an organism.

You watch that potatoes were high quality, after all juice is squeezed out of crude vegetable. And potatoes – it as if the sponge absorbs in itself valuable substances from the earth and air. The most effective drink will turn out from the potato which is grown up on the site and not exposed to chemical processing. Vegetables which are on sale in shops, on the contrary can contain the harmful substances and pesticides added at their cultivation. They are harmful to an organism.

Potato juice: useful properties how to accept, contraindications

Don't drink juice of potatoes which were grown up in the polluted places, at a roadside of roads and highways, near factories, plants. Potatoes absorb in itself harmful substances therefore juice from it can do much harm to an organism.

It is impossible to take the become green potatoes for preparation of drink – they contain many corned beef and if such to drink, it will lead to organism intoxication. The sprouted vegetables are also inadmissible because of the content of toxic substances.

It is bad to exceed treatment terms (are specified in recipes). If constantly to use potato juice, you will spoil to yourself a pancreas. You are treated half a year: begin in July and finish in February. Then in potato it will start being formed solanin. And it can seriously poison.


Because of potato juice it is possible to worsen health if to use it when:

  • you have a diabetes in a heavy form;
  • you have a lowered acidity;
  • your intestines are inclined to fermentation;
  • you have an allergy to potato;
  • you have obesity.

Don't start being treated by potato juice without preliminary consultation with the doctor!

How to accept?

For production of drink take two-three big potatoes (better that they had the extended form and pinkish color: in these tubers of greatest everything of vitamins), carefully wash out you (do not clean), cut out the sprouted eyes. Grate potato. Wring out the received weight through 2-3 layers of gauze fabric.

It isn't necessary to drink at once this liquid, in it still there is a large amount of starch. Wait no more than 3 minutes. If to leave drink for more than 10 minutes, it won't be suitable any more for treatment therefore its organic compounds will be oxidized and will collapse.

You can use only freshly squeezed juice of potatoes, but it tasteless. Therefore you can add to it other freshly squeezed juice: apple, beet, carrot. So treatment will be more pleasant. Besides in treatment of some diseases, mix from a certain juice will be more effective than separate juice of one product.

Pay attention: if you are going to do cocktail, consider the aforesaid and squeeze out potato juice the last when the others are already ready. You can load at once all vegetables into the juice extractor.

Potato juice: useful properties how to accept, contraindications

How to drink at certain diseases:

  • Gastritis, heartburn, dyspepsia. Drink on an empty stomach one glass, and then return to a bed. In half an hour you can rise and go to have breakfast. Repeat procedure each 10 days. Three courses are required.
  • The overestimated acidity. Drink 100 grams for an hour to food.
  • Duodenum, ulcer. Drink juice four times per day. The illness will pass through 3 weeks of therapy.
  • Pancreatitis. Drink juice twice per day in 10-15 minutes prior to meal. Volume: little more than a half of a glass.
  • Myoma. Use 250 grams of freshly squeezed juice on an empty stomach every morning. And so half a year. In few months myoma will decrease. 4 months later repeat a sokoterapiya course.
  • Inflammation of appendages, uterus neck erosion. 3 weeks drink a glass of drink on an empty stomach. You can carry out syringing for process acceleration.
  • Regular headaches. In day you have to drink three glasses of juice.

Treatment by potato juice – that needs to be known?

When you begin treatment, take the following into account:

  • You are treated until the end of winter. Then in a vegetable it is formed solanin.
  • Use pinkish potatoes. In it most of all useful substances.
  • You are treated only by freshly cooked drink.
  • Prior to the beginning of a sokoterapiya course (in 14 days) stop to eat meat, fish, spices, sweet, smoked. It is desirable that you passed to fruit and vegetable dishes.
  • Be used a straw to drink.
  • Vzboltayte drink before the use.