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Prevention of a breast cancer. It needs to be known surely.

Reasonable precaution and steady implementation of recommendations of the experts knowing how to prevent development of serious diseases, demand not only discipline, but also temporary, and and sometimes and financial expenses.

Prevention of a breast cancer. It needs to be known surely.

But taking into account consequences which often manage to be avoided thus, it is possible to say that the result costs the spent efforts. Especially in a case, so far as concerns prevention of breast cancer.

The factors influencing probability of development of a disease

To number of significant factors with which decrease in risk level of developing of an illness is directly connected, refer existence of regular intimate life, and also the child's birth till 28 years. Thus effective prevention of a breast cancer will be in case the woman nurses children. There is an opinion that the period of a lactation can promote the prevention of development of oncology, only if not less than 1,5 years last. Physicians on this subject have no exact answer, however the statistics is very evident: women at whom at least two children raised by breast milk are subject to risk of emergence of an illness twice less often.

It is impossible to neglect also elementary measures of maintenance of a good tone of an organism. Sports activities, rest in the fresh air, the correct catering services are important. Smoking and hobby for alcoholic drinks, the understood business, don't fit into ideas of a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended strongly to protect the nerves and to live without stresses.

Prevention of a breast cancer. It needs to be known surely.

Allow doctors to help in due time

Prevention of breast cancer will be really effective only with the assistance of experts of the corresponding profile. If the woman has no reasons to complain of health, visits to the mammologist can be made with a frequency of times a year, but at least. Ignoring of this recommendation after achievement of thirty years is absolutely inadmissible. Especially it is important for the women entering into group of risk in view of hereditary predisposition or high probability of development of an oncological disease. In that case the expert even can appoint operation on preventive removal of mammary glands. It allows to minimize risk of manifestation of pathology, though doesn't exclude it fully. Certainly, similar decisions are made only on the basis of careful inspection and in the presence of sufficient prerequisites.

It should be noted that at high risk of development of malignant tumors of mammary glands the probability of emergence of a cancer of ovaries is also great. As a result, at the end of the period of fertility operation on their removal is sometimes appointed.