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Clarification of intestines salty water in house conditions: exercises, responses

Clarification of intestines salty water came to us from the practician of yogis and it is considered very effective procedure for a conclusion of slags from an organism. The physiology of process is indisputable plus it: all unnecessary is removed by means of natural work of a digestive tract and not only with thick, but also from a small intestine that not provided by an enema. Yogis practice procedure at least 4 times a year during the off-season periods. Each person can clear intestines salty water without harm for health from 1 to 12 times a year, even without obvious need.

Clarification of intestines salty water in house conditions: exercises, responses


Essential indications for procedure are:

  • tendency to locks and the mode of a defekation isn't more often than time per day;
  • reaction to meals in the form of the increased gas generation and gripes;
  • problem skin, thus emergence of roughnesses has direct link with the use of certain products;
  • general malaise and drowsiness which often is followed by irritability and depressions — listening to itself, you honestly understand that the organism was tired;
  • allergy;
  • unsatisfactory condition of nails and hair.

Carrying out

Procedure demands thorough training, to begin which best of all with a spirit — can feelings will also not the most pleasant, but the effect has to please. Besides, it is necessary to take care of that in day of washing it wasn't necessary to hurry and fuss somewhere, to devote it completely to itself better. It is worth warning relatives about rest necessary for you throughout process. Procedure since morning and on an empty stomach is carried out, fresh air in the room will work favorably. So, algorithm of clarification of intestines:

  1. Preparation of salty water. It is very important that its temperature was no more than 40 degrees, it is most comfortable for systems of an organism. Recipe of solution such: 1 tablespoon of sea salt on pure liter.
  2. Relaxation and reception of the first two glasses of water — to drink slowly, but also not really slowly that liquid didn't cool down.
  3. The special exercises promoting efficiency of procedure.
  4. If at once it wants — to go to a toilet, then to repeat the second and third point until clear water starts leaving in the natural way.
  5. Use of toilet paper isn't recommended not to put mechanical damages which promote emergence of cracks in back pass.

Clarification of intestines salty water in house conditions: exercises, responses

It is probable that before full clarification at which for one procedure the digestive tract will be washed out completely and instead of defekation there will be at the end that solution which it is just drunk, it is necessary to practice not once. Anyway, it is necessary to listen to the feelings and at feeling sick to stop a session. Often beginners in clarification of intestines in such a way are pursued by nausea from the first drinks. To facilitate the state, it is possible:

  • to add to solution lemon juice — about 50 grams on liter of the used liquid;
  • to reduce a water concentrate by dilution.

Optimum exercises for procedure maintenance

Washing of intestines salty water not a sprosta is recommended to combine with physical activity — it always promotes acceleration of a metabolism, and in this case — to faster clarification. Best of all as much as possible the positive result will be promoted by such exercises:

  1. The standing position, feet on width of shoulders, hands are closed above, slow comfortable inclinations in both parties.
  2. The standing position, feet on width of shoulders, the left hand directly in the face of, right touches the left clavicle, slow turns in the parties.
  3. Prone position on a stomach, the person looks down, fingers of hands and feet rest against a floor, feet are a little divorced, approximately up to the width of shoulders, turns of the head and upper torso in the parties, trying to see opposite heels.
  4. Sitting position on cards, distance between knees and heels to 40 cm, a palm on a lap, turns of the case of a body in the parties with serial lowering of knees to a floor.

Viewing of video of instructions of exercises before their performance is recommended.

As how to eat after

Rice will be an ideal breakfast after procedure average degree of a razvarennost. It is necessary to avoid addition of spices, but it is possible to pour in a tablespoon of the kindled qualitative butter. Such meal will give to an organism necessary energy as it is the correct slow carbohydrates, rice will absorb salt from walls of a stomach and will provide feeling of satiety. Any boiled lentil, carrots, tomato juice, crude vegetables and fruit in small quantities will be good option.

Plentiful drink of salty water by all means will cause thirst which needs to be satisfied with still mineral water (best of all), the juice diluted with the same water.

After clarification of intestines in such a way, within at least 2-3 days it is necessary to refrain from meat, dairy, fermented milk and flour products. Approaching procedure it is conscious, expedient to adhere to the healthy healthy nutrition from now on, having excluded food garbage, sweets and other junk food. It promotes a zashlakovyvaniye because of difficult digestibility.


Having decided on clarification of intestines from slags salty water, it is recommended strongly to discuss a question with the doctor to whom there is a trust. Such procedure is strictly forbidden people with all serious diseases of a digestive tract:

  • ulcers;
  • gastritises;
  • cancer tumors.

Sessions of washing of intestines salty water are also contraindicated to who has frequent diarrheas, swellings or problems to appendicitis.

Clarification of intestines salty water in house conditions: exercises, responses


Each organism is individual and in own way reacts to washing procedures. At the people practicing clarification sessions in the above way of impression share on:

  • the positive — not at all it turned out from the first, but improvement of health, a condition of skin, nails and hair, normalization of a chair, feeling of ease and loss of weight is observed. Among the yogis who are successfully practicing high percent, vegans and simply supporters of a healthy lifestyle;
  • the neutral — because of nausea or unpleasant feelings from drink of salty solution procedure stopped and didn't repeat, there are also what had no desire to clear intestines;
  • the negative — it wasn't succeeded to gain effect from procedure and all process was followed by vomiting, some damaged back pass because of frequent defekation and impact of salt on a mucous membrane of intestines.

Victoria: "After the birth of the daughter problems with a chair began — for 5 days could not go to a toilet. I nursed therefore in every possible way I avoided drug intake. I learned about this way at a female forum, at first it was very skeptically adjusted and I didn't believe in efficiency. The husband went to one of days off to the parents with the baby to allow me to have a rest, and I was solved. It was difficult, the first time I mastered only 2 glasses of water, but the miracle didn't keep itself waiting long — in 15 minutes I sat on a toilet bowl. I practice once a month, together with washings I reconsidered and I adjusted food."

Victor: "the wrong way of life, irregular food and sleepless nights led to feeling sick, nervousness and constant weight in a stomach. Besides, there was a sticking-out belly. My child-hood friend is fond of east practicians and sometimes devoted me in questions of clarification of a stomach hydrochloric solution. Under its sensitive management I tried and felt long-awaited simplification. Since then I am cleared in the spring and in the fall, sometimes I go to yoga for restoration of sincere balance."