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Salicylic ointment: from what helps, application, responses

Salicylic ointment was nominated proceeding from Latin "salix" ("willow bark"). Ointment is good means of the help for the person. This means is involved at treatment of various skin diseases (for example, at elimination of a callosity). Salicylic acid – an active element of ointment which helps to cope with diseases. Key influence of ointment: removal of an inflammation and disinfecting of the chosen area.

Salicylic ointment: from what helps, application, responses


There are two main kinds of ointment:

  • The sulfur-salicylic. Such kind of ointment is statistically often used when there is an illness called as psoriasis. This means is used only for external application. Key elements: salicylic acid, sulfur and vaseline. On concentration the preparation happens 2% and 5%. Sulfur which is a part has to be applied on a skin site. After that there will be a necessary chemical reaction during which sulfides and acid will be emitted (pentationovy) at the expense of which useful impacts of ointment are made (for example, antibacterial).
  • The salicylic and zinc. More pertinent to call this kind of ointment paste because of density of its structure. Eeto means intends only for external application and is often used at treatment of psoriasis, and also other diseases of an integument. Key elements: salicylic acid, zinc oxide, vaseline and starch. The first component provides anti-inflammatory influence, and zinc dries skin.

Principles of influence and scope

Acid is an active element as a part of ointment which allows to eliminate an inflammatory symptom. Other elements of ointment provide keratolichesky influence which leads to peeling of numb sites of skin, its updating.


  • infectious diseases of skin (the used concentration of ointment – 2%, 5% and 10%);
  • acne rash;
  • rashes of various character.

Restrictions on application

This medicine shouldn't be applied, if:

  • Other medicines of similar action are used.
  • There is an allergy to ointment components.
  • There is a renal failure.
  • Ointment storage conditions were violated (to hold at a temperature no more than 25 degrees).

Besides, at use of ointment, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • It isn't recommended to apply a preparation on warts in a front and genital zone.
  • It isn't recommended to apply a preparation on hairy warts, and also on birthmarks.
  • Not to put a preparation on some injured skin sites at the same time at treatment of children.
  • To put a preparation in number of no more than 5 ml at pregnancy, on limited sites of skin.
  • To wash out a mucous membrane cold water at hit there of ointment.

Combination with other medicines

Combination of ointment with the following preparations is allowed:

  • Vaseline.
  • Corticosteroids, steroid hormones.
  • Birch tar.
  • Bepanten plus.

Side effects

Ointment involvement (in particular in big concentration) is capable to lead to manifestation of side effects, such as feeling of burning on the damaged covers, and also feeling of irritation and an itch.

Salicylic ointment: from what helps, application, responses

Method of application

Medicine is intended only for external application. Inside it is forbidden to accept it. Before putting ointment it is recommended to consult with the medical expert.

Medicine as follows is applied:

  • The injured covers of skin are cleared of dead parts of skin.
  • A thin film of ointment is evenly applied on the injured covers.
  • The layer antiseptics is applied on open wounds.

It is recommended to apply this medicine of days at night and to cover the put layer with the sterile napkin fixed by a bandage it allows to achieve the best effect at treatment. It is necessary to replace such bandage daily either once in two or three days.

It isn't recommended to use this means on inguinal sites, and also on natural new growths of hairy character. The amount of the ointment used per day shouldn't exceed 10 ml (with pregnancy existence – no more than 5 ml), application duration – no more than 21 days.

Preparation of skin before application

Before using medicine, it is necessary to carry out cleaning of an integument with special preparations which will be executed cleaning of skin, and also will open a time. All this will lead to the best absorption of ointment, and also will improve the movement of blood in the lower hypodermics, by means of its movement of oxygen to the injured fabrics will become more effective.

For achievement of bigger effect optimum to put this means after visit of a bath as the steamed-out skin will absorb more actively in itself medicine and its components.

In the presence of swellings and bubbles on skin sites from burns or from callosities, it is required to make their opening, to carry out processing by an antiseptic, and only then to put medicine.

Salicylic ointment: from what helps, application, responses

Application at skin diseases

At treatment of skin diseases consults to apply a preparation of 2% of concentration. Sequence of actions for elimination of a problem:

  • To apply antiseptic cream within a week.
  • After achievement of visible effect to put the first layer of medicine.

Use of ointment is made the drying impact therefore for people with sensitive type of skin, it is worth limiting the applied amount of ointment.

At such diseases as psoriasis, an ichthyosis or seborrhea is admissible to dilute medicine with vaseline. It leads to the best effect from the carried-out treatment. Also it is necessary to dilute with vaseline medicine if on the injured covers the visible irritation is observed. Vaseline will help to change concentration of ointment and to reduce the level of inflammations.

At burns it is necessary to apply a preparation of 5% of concentration, at elimination of callosities – 10% concentration, at elimination of warts for bigger productivity it is recommended to use 60% concentration of a preparation.

It is important to remember that duration of use of ointment shouldn't exceed three weeks.

Ointment or acid?

Besides ointment in drugstores it is possible to get acid at the heart of which spirit solution contains. The principle of influence of acid is similar to the principle of influence of ointment, key difference goes on a method of application.

It is productive to apply acid to elimination of warts and at ear otitis (it is recommended to dig in in an ear to six drops before going to bed).

The acid difference from ointment consists that the first often is a part of other medicinal and cosmetic preparations. Differs in the bigger using force.