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Sharpening of the tool for manicure

Sharpening of the tool for manicure

The beautiful manicure gives to hands a well-groomed look. Plays an important role in creation of really accurate and refined registration of nails not only skill of the specialist in manicure, but also high-quality tools which are used in work. Nobody wants that in the course of carrying out manicure fingers were cut - or the cuticle was partially removed, differing in the "torn" edges. Not to allow a similar situation, masters periodically carry out sharpening of tools for manicure.

Equipment and features of sharpening

It is necessary to pay the decent sum of money for professional sharpening of stock. But such investment justifies itself as prolongs service life of tools. Besides well ground nozhnichka, tweezers or nippers don't injure an integument and don't harm to a nail plate.

Some try to carry out this procedure independently, in house conditions.

But about everything one after another. It is worth understanding subtleties of professional sharpening and implementation of such manipulation with own forces. Not all know how to avoid mistakes and not to spoil stock.

Going to a workshop on sharpening of tools for manicure, try to find responses and opinions of clients who already managed to use services of this expert. Don't trust the tool to the "wandering" masters who in search of clients pass from one beauty shop to another. They can carry out necessary procedure poor or simply put stock out of commission.

There are two technicians of sharpening of adaptations for manicure:

  1. With use of the special machine.
  2. Manually - or so-called individual sharpening.

If the master applies the first equipment, then your tools will be ground on the special equipment with application of diamond and polishing circles, and as the finishing phase — a felt washer. Such machine allows:

  • to return to tools former sharpness;
  • to even the edges of edges;
  • to clean jags and roughnesses which appeared in the course of use of adaptations for manicure.

It is possible to carry to the main advantages of an easel technique of sharpening:

  • saving of time — process happens much quicker, than in the manual mode;
  • exception of probability of infliction of harm to structure of edges.

But you shouldn't forget that during operation rather large number of an edge is cleaned. Tweezers, scissors and nippers can sustain from 8 to 12 such manipulations - depending on the size of edges.

If the master carries out an offhand grinding, then you should stock up with patience, after all he can spend for this procedure from 30 minutes to hour - depending on a condition of tools. Such process is carried out under a microscope, with use of diamond whetstone. The expert polishes each millimeter of an edge.

If you entrust the tool to the high quality expert, the offhand grinding will be carried out at higher level, than with use of the machine. If your adaptations fall into hands of the inexperienced expert, then there is a risk forever them to spoil.

Tweezers, scissors and nippers will be able to sustain from 25 to 35 such procedures - unlike the first option.

Once you consider in more detail, there is a sharpening of each tool for manicure.

Nippers for a cuticle

Process of sharpening of nippers for a cuticle is carried out in some stages:

  • There is an elimination of a side play.
  • Correction of a spring.
  • Removal of traces of a rust if it was formed in a usage time the kutikulnykh of nippers.
  • Sharpening of nippers for a cuticle from the inside, is paid to each plane separate attention.

That these adaptations well worked, without making negative impact on a cuticle, they have to differ in a sharp corner of a nose and the cutting edges, otherwise nippers will tear an integument.

Quite simply to check quality of the carried-out work — use a usual thin plastic bag. It is necessary to pull edges of such package between fingers and to try to cut it.

If kutikulny nippers were ground correctly, then you receive a section which differs in smooth accurate edges. If the tool "zazhevyvat" a plastic bag, so process of sharpening was carried out with violation of technology, and the master has to correct defects.

Instead of polyethylene for carrying out testing it is possible to use wet toilet paper or an album leaf for drawing.

Manikyurny tweezers

During operation the cloth of tweezers becomes rough, slides on a nail plate, without cutting off it. As soon as you notice such problem, it will be necessary to hand over a product on sharpening.

Sharpening the manikyurnykh of tweezers happens to application of a diamond file. This very laborious occupation, it will demand from the expert of certain skills and skill.

To check quality of the done work, it is also necessary to hold testing, but instead of a plastic bag more dense material - for example, an insulating tape or printer paper is used. You have to receive a section with accurate edges, without torn or the zazhevannykh of elements.


Glass nail files win popularity among specialists in manicure thanks to that this tool doesn't harm to a nail plate in a usage time. Nails aren't stratified, besides it is possible to saw such nail files in various directions.

Over time the abrasive surface of this adaptation becomes useless. It isn't obligatory to get rid of such glass nail file at all, it is possible to carry it in a workshop for sharpening. In skillful hands of the master its initial properties will be returned to this product, it can be used again.


If your tweezers which you apply to plucking out of eyebrows, ceased to take properly hairs (with its help it is impossible to pull out short filaments or to take pushkovy hairs), then it is necessary to grind the tool. The similar situation can happen and to tweezers for eyelash extension.

After implementation of sharpening of these adaptations pay attention to the next moments:

  1. Edges of tweezers after carrying out procedure of sharpening have to join excellently, without leaving chinks or any gaps, and furthermore distortions.
  2. On sponges of tweezers there shouldn't be agnails or elements which act. The working surface has to be rounded off, it will help you not to be traumatized an integument during wrest of hairs.
  3. Pay attention that the tweezers have to be ground so that to take filaments, but not to have a bite them. Otherwise the filament won't be pulled out with a root, and cut off. And shortly correction should be repeated. This rule also concerns also tweezers for eyelash extension. Possessing such shortcoming, this adaptation won't be able to take an artificial eyelash, and it will cut off simply.

If in use these tweezers underwent deformation, them is carefully curved or will align, returning initial appearance.

How it is correct to sharpen in house conditions?

Intending to carry out procedure of sharpening of tools for manicure independently, be ready to that you will need the special equipment. The machine for sharpening of tools has to have a diamond wheel.

Application of national " methods to cut a foil or an emery paper" can lead to breakage of the tool. The cutting part will be irrevocably spoiled, and it is necessary to get new adaptations.

Besides you will need some practice to achieve necessary effect.

Step-by-step process of sharpening of tools for manicure on the example of nippers for a cuticle looks as follows:

  1. Clean a side play. For this purpose it is necessary to take nippers for handles and to shake relatively each other. If you felt the movement, it is necessary to tighten the average screw.
  2. Make sharpening of an edge from the inside, trying to level the cutting edges.
  3. Further it is necessary to grind edges from the outer side, and also to correct tips.
  4. Squeeze kutikulny nippers and grind both edges from an external side, around their contact. Try not to break product geometry.
  5. The final stage carry out polishing of the tool, using a slice of skin or paste for polishing.

The manikyurnykh of tweezers most to carry out sharpening process much more difficult, you should be extremely careful and accurate that not to spoil them. Be ready to that on processing of this adaptation at you much more time will leave.

Useful tips

Sharpening process implementation frequency also depends on the correct and careful attitude to tools for manicure.

Here some recommendations which will help to prolong the term of operation of your adaptations:

  • You shouldn't beat out hairs, a thin skin or the cut-off nails from tweezers, nippers, and also tweezers about a table-top or a hairbrush.
  • It isn't recommended to carry out boiling of products. For elimination of microbes special devices are used to disinfecting.
  • It is better to store all the working tool in protective covers or cases. You watch that adaptations didn't adjoin with each other as it can become the reason of that edges will become blunted.
  • Nippers and tweezers can quicker lose sharpness if to put them on a table-top cloths down.
  • You shouldn't leave tweezers, nippers and tweezers for a long time in disinfectants as they too can lead to obtusion of sharp elements.
  • Carefully process articulate parts of the adaptations for manicure as between them fat and hairs constantly accumulate, reducing the term of operation of tools.
  • After completion of work and carrying out disinfecting procedures of a product it is necessary to oil.
  • You carry out timely sharpening at the high quality expert.

Correctly ground tools at care will allow you to create ideal manicure and will serve a long time.

How to grind you watch manikyurny nippers in the following video.