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Sodium thiosulphate: application for clarification of an organism

Now the medicine doesn't stand still and promptly develops. Every day there are new unique medicines. Unfortunately, they not always help to cope with diseases. Then most of patients start using old all the forgotten medicines which promote effective treatment and have reasonable price in comparison with import analogs. It is possible to carry sodium thiosulphate to such means. It is in great demand and improbable popularity among many patients. Clarification of an organism and strengthening of immunity by means of thiosulphate of sodium is the safest.

Sodium thiosulphate: application for clarification of an organism

Data on a preparation

In what cases apply

Use sodium thiosulphate at various poisonings, arthritises, an allergy, skin rashes, itch, gynecologic and neurologic diseases.

What structure and in what let out

Contains in a preparation:

  • Thiosulphate sodium pentahydrate.
  • Sodium hydrocarbonate.
  • Water.

Medicine happens in the form of powders and solutions in ampoules on 5, 10, 50 ml. Is in packing on 10 ampoules.

Sodium thiosulphate pluses

The preparation removes toxins and struggles with infections and inflammations. And also doesn't collect in a human body. Medicine has the main effect to such bodies as a liver and intestines. According to many people, thiosulphate of sodium is quite normally transferred therefore it can be used for prevention. Having accepted a medicine for the purpose of cleaning of an organism, the health will improve, health after long diseases will be restored, inflow of forces and courage will be felt.

Thiosulphate of sodium renders the influence following:

  1. Reduces allergic rash.
  2. Promotes strengthening of hair and nails.
  3. Accelerates process of a metabolism.
  4. Removes slags and toxins.
  5. Improves a condition of an integument.
  6. Eliminates puffiness and circles under eyes.
  7. Restores work of internals.
  8. Promotes blood clarification.
  9. Prevents headaches and migraines.
  10. Promotes improvement of mobility of joints.

Means can easily cope with a hungover syndrome, normalizing a mental state at the zapoynykh of people. After cleaning of an organism memory and working capacity will improve.

Side effects and contraindications

Sodium thiosulphate quite powerful medical preparation. If it is incorrect to observe all instructions in the instruction, it is possible to aggravate a situation only. It is necessary to remember possible side effects. It is impossible to take medicine if is available though one of the listed points:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Feeding by a breast.
  • Chronic locks.
  • Allergic manifestations.
  • Liver diseases.
  • Individual intolerance of components.
  • Oncological diseases.

It is necessary to consider that at intravenous administration of a preparation, arterial pressure decreases. It can lead to nausea, dizziness, weakness, an easy fever and fatigue.

It is contraindicated to clear an organism to people with pathologies of kidneys and vessels. It isn't recommended to carry out procedure to small children, teenagers, patients with diabetes.

Sodium thiosulphate: application for clarification of an organism

Instruction on clarification of an organism

The clearing action is caused by contents of a preparation and connecting elements in it. Molecules of sulfur are strong reducers which can connect toxic agents. Use of internal solution of medicine leads to laxative effect. Subsequently toxic agents are quickly eliminated from an organism. Means blocks absorption of harmful elements in blood therefore the preparation is used at poisonings and intoxications.

Completely to revitalize an organism solution of a medicine use inside. In a glass with clear drinking water part one ampoule (10 ml.). Contents are divided into two receptions. One half is drunk before a breakfast, another before a dinner. For achievement of the best result liquid is accepted every day, without passing, within two weeks.

It is worth knowing:

  1. The preparation with especially bitterish smack therefore it is diluted with water and at will is jammed a honey spoon.
  2. At single reception it is desirable to use means in the evening in some hours after acceptance of food. As its laxative effect comes in 6 — 7 hours.
  3. During clarification of all organism it is necessary to use liquids (not <2 liters). Fresh juice, fruit drinks, herbal teas, compotes from berries will do good.
  4. There has to be a healthy full-fledged sleep, so process of clarification will be accelerated.
  5. During treatment it is necessary to do physical exercises on air.
  6. Taking this unique medicine, it is necessary to adhere to a diet and to use products which contain vitamins and minerals. To eat the low-fat grades of meat and fish steamed. To include in a diet of porridge and unsweetened fruit.
  7. To exclude alcoholic beverages, smoked and fried dishes, milk, sour cream from the menu. Still it is necessary to refuse from flour, confectionery, sauces on the basis of mayonnaise.

Clarification of skin

There is a number of the skin diseases resistant to internal treatment of thiosulphate of sodium. It is allergic rash, psoriasis, itch. We will consider in more detail.


At an allergy the preparation is accepted oralno on a half-glass by 2 times a day. If strong rashes which give complications torment, it is necessary to use medicine intravenously. In addition, it is possible to process the itching reddenings by the cotton wool moistened in medicine solution. It will help to remove hypostases.


At this disease of sodium thiosulphate is applied outwardly. On skin sites the preparation develops toxic substances which negatively influence scabby ticks. Parasites and their postponed eggs perish. For treatment solution is necessary 60%. It is rubbed serially in all parts of a body, then wait for full drying and repeat procedure. Duration of treatment makes 3 days.

Sodium thiosulphate: application for clarification of an organism


Treatment of this chronic disease makes 12 days. The ampoule with structure is parted in 100 pure ml and drunk for the night. When burning red spots process medicine solution. Thiosulphate of sodium has accumulative effect. After the appointed defeat course on skin will start descending. Patients have to repeat treatment 2 — 3 times a year.

Sodium thiosulphate for weight loss

This method is suitable for people who besides clarification aspire to ideal weight. For this purpose dilute 30 ml of a preparation with a glass of water. All liquid is drunk some minutes prior to a dream. So, it is necessary to carry out every evening exactly 10 days.

Opinions of doctors

One experts consider that this preparation has to be applied at heart diseases, infections of airways and internals. In their opinion, absolutely inefficiently to apply medicine oralno to clarification of an organism and they advise to use products in which cellulose prevails. Exactly in such a way it is possible to eliminate the substances poisoning an organism.

Other doctors support procedures with this medical preparation and recommend strongly periodically them to see off. Dermatologists and gastroenterologists are sure that thanks to a healthy, clean liver and blood it is possible to avoid various diseases.