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Solkoseril ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Solkoseril — the ointment of external use accelerating metabolic regeneration processes in fabrics. The main component of pharmacological means deproteinizirovanny (proteins doesn't contain) haemo dialyzate of blood of dairy calfs. The full range of impact of a medicine on a human body isn't defined.

Solkoseril ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Impact on an organism

The considered pharmacological means makes the following impact on an organism:

  • improves regenerative and reparativny processes;
  • activates an aerobic metabolism and oxidizing phosphorylation;
  • delivers high-energy fosfatova to cages which haven't enough food;
  • accelerates association of collagenic fibers;
  • accelerates process of intake of oxygen to fabrics;
  • delivers glucose in cages;
  • keeps cages to which will pick up nutrients, viable.

Use of medicinal ointment is expedient at various damages, hypoxias and deficiencies of food of fabrics.

Full structure of a preparation

One gram of medicine comprises:

  1. The substance developed from blood of calfs. The considered component includes amino acids, nucleotides, oligopeptida and glikoproteida which make salutary impact on a human body.
  2. Preservative Methylparaben. The substance suppresses development of pathogenic microflora in a tube with ointment. Somewhat dispute of a mold in a preparation prevents germination.
  3. Preservative Propilparaben. The product suppressing development dispute of a mold in medicine.
  4. Sodium salt. The component (food salt) applied to dehydration for the purpose of giving of ointment of a necessary consistence.
  5. Karboksimetil of cellulose. The substance applied for maintenance of a necessary consistence of medicine.
  6. Sorbitol. The component is a thickener and represents hexatomic alcohol.

Such structure allows a preparation to make versatile impact on the damaged fabrics.

Indications to use

The considered means is appointed by experts at:

  • insignificant damages of integuments (grazes, cuts, scratches);
  • damages of anal pass (hemorrhoids);
  • trophic ulcers;
  • frostbites;
  • the nekrozirovaniye of soft fabrics which arose with a long pressure;
  • burns of various character;
  • psoriasis;
  • dry callosities;
  • existence of the wounds which remained after removal of birthmarks or warts;
  • dermatitis of various etiology;
  • the zayedakh in mouth corners;
  • allergic manifestations on integuments;
  • to chicken pox.

Pay attention! Use of ointment is admissible only on the damages covered with a crust. Otherwise use of the considered means is forbidden. Is admissible to apply Solkoseril in the form of gel on the becoming wet wounds.

Instruction on drawing

Means is recommended to be distributed a thin layer on previously cleared and disinfected damaged site. Procedure is made daily 2-3 times. For processing of a surface use of solutions of a hlorgeksidin or Miramistin is allowed.

Solkoseril ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Application in a proktologiya

The considered means is applied as part of complex therapy of hemorrhoids. Medicine restores a blood-groove, increases a tone of veins and improves functioning of vessels of a rectum.

The number of drawings varies from extent of development of an illness and its expressiveness. At a disease easy and moderate severity it is recommended to carry out putting ointment twice a day. Putting medicinal ointment needs to be carried out the circular massing movements.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology the considered ointment actively is applied to elimination of age changes of integuments. At addition of means Solkoseril in house masks is reached improvement of a condition of integuments of the person, hands and other parts of a body. Thanks to regeneration properties of a preparation the metabolism of cells of skin that leads to improvement of its color improves.

Cosmetologists claim that due to formation of collagenic connections, the considered medicine, can be safe alternative to Botox in fight against mimic wrinkles.

It is necessary to carry out use of ointment in the cosmetology purposes 1 time per day before withdrawal to a dream. It is necessary to apply means on the skin which is previously cleared of fat and pollution. It is necessary to carry out procedure not more often than 3 times a week.

For elimination of the coarsened skin standing, it is necessary to steam out feet, to remove the become horny cages of integuments by means of pumice and to put the considered means with a thin layer. After procedure it is desirable to put on cotton socks. It is necessary to make procedure before achievement of desirable result.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Data on negative impact on a fruit aren't present as it is forbidden to conduct researches on pregnant women. Application of a medicine during pregnancy is authorized only with the consent of the expert.

Whether the preparation in breast milk is soaked up and, what impact makes on the baby, it is also not known. In the period of a lactation it is necessary to discuss an alternative method of therapy with the expert or completely to refuse breastfeeding.


It is forbidden to use a medical preparation at an allergy to any of the components which are a part. At predisposition to allergic manifestations it is necessary to show care when using ointment.

Solkoseril ointment: from what helps, application, analogs

Negative manifestations

The medicine can make insignificant negative impacts on an organism owing to which arise:

  • allergic reactions (urticaria, dermatitis);
  • burning;
  • reddening.

The burning sensation has to stop 15 minutes later after drawing if it doesn't occur, it is necessary to stop use of a preparation. Any negative manifestation testifies to need of consultation at the expert.

Special recommendations

It is forbidden to distribute medicine on the polluted wounds as ointment doesn't contain antibacterial components and it can lead to origin of an infection.

At detection of painful feelings, reddenings, purulent and another separated from a wound, and increase of subfebrilny temperature, it is necessary to address immediately to the expert and to stop application of a medicine.

If healing of a wound doesn't happen within several weeks, it is necessary to address to the expert repeatedly.

Analogs of a preparation

It is possible to replace expensive Solkoseril with cheaper preparations:

  1. Aktovegin. The effective substitute of the considered preparation directed on therapy of wounds, burns of various origin and ulcers. The good result shows at therapy of diabetic polyneuropathy.
  2. Sagenit. It is used at degenerate changes of integuments.
  3. Redetsil. Use of pharmacological means is carried out at atrophic changes of integuments, psoriasis, a giperkeratoza, an ichthyosis, seboreyny and contact dermatitis.

That the analog of a preparation has the correct effect, it needs to be selected with the expert.