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Sorbents for cleaning of an organism: TOP-5 list of preparations

The problem of effective and safe cleaning of a human body of various toxins can become actual because of food poisoning, sharp intoxication. Deterioration of health quite often is results of gradual accumulation of the harmful substances arriving from environment. In such situation sorbents come to the rescue, but their application will be useful only at a right choice and competent reception.

Sorbents for cleaning of an organism: TOP-5 list of preparations

Types of sorbents and their appointment

Depending on the main active agent neutralizing toxin distinguish the following types of sorbents:

  • the coal. A basic component of these preparations – absorbent carbon. Are applied at food and alcoholic poisonings, an abdominal distension, other signs of violations of work of a digestive tract;
  • PVP-sorbents. The main active ingredient – the kollidon synthesized in laboratories. Indications to application – serious toxic poisoning, acute infectious diseases;
  • the silicon. The organic sorbents intended for the solution of problems with work of a digestive tract;
  • the magnesium-aluminum. Complex organic sorbents of a wide range of activity. Differ in high efficiency;
  • sorbents on the basis of a sukralfat. The specific preparations applied to an intestines detoxication at gastritis.

In consciousness of the modern person the stereotype that natural organic substances is better, more effective, safer, than the synthesized preparations strongly took roots. In a case with sorbents it is incorrect. Intensity of their action is various, at heavy intoxication or existence of chronic diseases of reception of natural sorbents can be insufficiently.

Besides, sorbents use the different principles of neutralization of toxins:

  • absorbents – toxins are attracted to a surface of particles of active ingredient, further together with them are removed from an organism in the natural way;
  • adsorbents – absorb toxic agents, neutralize them, then are removed from an organism;
  • chemical absorbers – enter active reaction with toxins, neutralizing them;
  • ionites – start ion-exchange processes as a result of which toxic agents are quickly removed from an organism.

The understanding of the mechanism of action of a sorbent also should be considered at its choice, as well as the purpose of reception of a preparation.

Generally there are 5 main reasons for reception of sorbents. In each of them the choice of the most effective preparation is required.

Sorbents for cleaning of an organism: TOP-5 list of preparations

The best at banal food or alcoholic poisoning

At emergence of characteristic symptoms – an abdominal distension, diarrheas, nausea, a headache, weaknesses – it is necessary to take the emergency effective measures of a detoxication.

If toxin got to an organism through a stomach, optimum options will become ordinary absorbent carbon (for increase of superficial activity of substance it is possible to pound it to a powdery state) or so-called "white coal" — an effective silicon sorbent. Their reception is allowed people of all age. These natural absorbents work quickly, reliably, safely.

For children till 3 years, pregnant women and the feeding women Enterodez — delicate means, effective for household cases, will approach.

The most effective at an allergy

Allergic intoxication demands other approach, than food poisoning. It is necessary to neutralize harmful substances which allocation leads to serious violations of activity of internals. Therefore complex cleaning of an organism for which the preparation Enterosgel is effective is required.

Enterosgel is issued in the form of gel or paste, is suitable for reception to children and adults. Often it is used in complex therapy, combining with other preparations for treatment of atopic dermatitis, allergic piodermiya, manifestations of intoxication of a liver, other internals.

High-speed at poisoning with drugs, poisonous plants and alcohol

Such situation demands acceptance of emergency measures as can be fatally dangerous. Therefore right after a call of the doctor, waiting for arrival of physicians it is necessary to take urgent measures. At poisoning with drugs, plants, alcohol it is necessary to suspend process of absorption of toxins in blood and their penetrations into bodies and fabrics.

Optimum option is the preparation of Polisorb which is applied to intake, and also to washing of a stomach and further therapy. It is an effective silicon sorbent which connects poisons, quickly brings them out of an organism.

Long reception of Polisorba (more than 2 weeks) can worsen absorbability of calcium, and also some other microcells. Therefore this preparation should be considered only as a method of rendering the emergency pre-medical help in hard cases of poisoning.

Optimum at viral diseases and bacterial infection

Activity of pathogenic organisms breaks intestinal microflora of the person, also antibiotics can cause similar effect. Apply to prevention of the discomfort caused by the dysbacteriosis and other phenomena accompanying treatment of various infections often Polifepan.

This preparation in a complex influences everything toxin, softly, effectively neutralizes them, helping to restore the normal environment of intestines. However, the wrong dosage of a preparation, non-compliance with the mode of reception can lead to locks and other unpleasant consequences. Therefore only the doctor has to carry out purpose of a preparation. Especially as Polifepan is appointed in the course of therapy of viral diseases and bacterial infections when the patient is under medical supervision.

Sorbents for cleaning of an organism: TOP-5 list of preparations

Effective sorbent for complex cleaning of an organism

Sorbents can be applied without existence of any symptoms of sharp intoxication. In modern conditions in an organism of any person slags, toxins, salts of heavy metals, other harmful substances gradually collect. Therefore in the preventive purposes for clarification of an organism use sorbents of complex appointment. Among preparations of the last generations it is necessary to pay attention to ion-exchange pitches and alginic acid.

Ion-exchange pitches on the basis of which means Holestiramin (Kolestiramin) is created, effectively remove bilious acids and delete deposits in intestines. Such deep cleaning well influences health, increases immunity, improves activity of a gastrointestinal tract and other systems of an organism.

Preparation of the alginic acid received from seaweed is Algisorb. Active ingredient of this sorbent is capable to connect and bring out of an organism of salt of heavy metals and even radioactive isotopes. Reception of this sorbent can significantly improve health of residents of megalopolises and industrial centers, and also is positive affect human health which professional activity is connected with metallurgy, transport, sources of radioactive radiation.

Sorbents – not food additives which can be accepted uncontrolledly, experimenting dosages and duration of the use. At a serious poisoning, symptoms of dehydration, high temperature to the expert it is necessary to address for consultation immediately, not to self-medicate.