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Sterilization of tools for manicure: as well as than to process and disinfect devices in house conditions

Each well-groomed woman watches closely a condition of nails. Manicure — the same important procedure as toothbrushing, a shower, a hairstyle. Accurately processed nails — a sign of neatness and cleanliness. Unfortunately, in the course of manicure it is possible to catch an infection, skin diseases. Therefore in work with a nail plate it is necessary to observe sterility.

Sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools in salon

In any manikyurny salon the skillful master will put nail plates in order, will make a color covering and even will decorate a marigold with intricate design. Alas … often we forget that, except the listed actions, it is important to carry out disinfecting of working tools. High-quality processing of devices — here that distinguishes the competent specialist in manicure.

Sterilization of tools for manicure: as well as than to process and disinfect devices in house conditions

All manikyurny tools have to be carefully disinfected not to bring an infection

In professional beauty shops seriously approach sterilization and disinfection of tools. For this purpose carry out a package of measures:

  • presterilizing cleaning — processing of tools by method of their immersion in disinfecting solution for time designated in the instruction to a preparation;
  • sterilization — disinfecting of tools high-temperature influence by means of the professional equipment;
  • additional disinfection — disinfecting of hands and a working zone of the master.

After the first stage of cleaning tools carefully wash out water and wipe sterile napkins. Then, for the following stage of disinfecting, devices place in a professional sterilizer. Time of carrying out the second stage of cleaning depends on a look and brand of the equipment, it is necessary to follow simply the instruction to the device. Use some types of sterilizers.

Ball sterilizer

Ball (quartz) sterilizer — the compact desktop device with which disinfect the tools damaging an integument by means of high temperature.

Sterilization of tools for manicure: as well as than to process and disinfect devices in house conditions

The ball sterilizer is easy to use, effective in fight against pathogenic microorganisms

Feature of a ball sterilizer that it disinfects not all tool, but that part which contacts to skin during procedure. The principle of operation of the device — heating of the quartz balls located in a sterilizer tank.

Simply to work with a quartz ball sterilizer:

  1. Before the first use of the equipment open a cover and fill a tank with the quartz balls which are included in the device package.
  2. Close a cover and turn on the device by means of the button on the case.
  3. Heat to the necessary temperature — it will occur in 10–12 minutes.
  4. When the indicator goes out, open a cover and put in the device of accessory to sterilization.
  5. In 15–20 seconds take out them and begin work.

It is necessary to use a quartz sterilizer just before application the manikyurnykh of tools. It allows to destroy quickly and effectively pathogenic microorganisms. But, unfortunately, tools in the device quickly are deformed and become dull.

Remember that such equipment suits only for devices from a heat resisting medical alloy.

Sukhozharova case

Sukhozharova the case also disinfects manikyurny accessories by method of heat treatment. Tools place in suhozhar completely and subject to temperature influence. Time of carrying out procedure depends on equipment model — on average from 1 to 2 hours.

Sterilization of tools for manicure: as well as than to process and disinfect devices in house conditions

Sukhozharova the case will qualitatively sterilize metal tools by means of temperature processing

To keep sterility of tools before arrival of the client, use so-called kraft-packages in which put devices right after disinfecting. The master opens kraft-packages in the presence of the client. The sukhozharovy case has two main minuses:

  • the equipment is quite expensive;
  • sterilization in a sukhozhara takes a lot of time.


In salons also use UF-sterilizers — the truth, only for storage of the disinfected devices. Ultra-violet radiation effectively destroys carriers of bacterial and fungal infections, but keeps danger of infection of HIV and hepatitis. In the UF-sterilizer process tools from any material — their quality won't suffer.

Sterilization of tools for manicure: as well as than to process and disinfect devices in house conditions

The UF-sterilizer is used for additional processing of paper files and storage of the sterilized tools

Sterilization in house conditions

Many do manicure to themselves or clients in house conditions. Therefore ways of disinfecting of tools are actual at home. If your manikyurny set serves not only for private use, surely buy an inexpensive professional sterilizer. House ways of sterilization don't guarantee elimination of microbes. The ideal decision — purchase of a compact ball sterilizer.

If you do manicure only to yourself, adopt councils for sterilization of tools without the professional equipment. At home it is necessary for disinfecting:

  • to process tools spirit solution before procedure;
  • to sterilize dry heat or boiling.

Disinfecting by dry heat

Easy and effective way of disinfecting the manikyurnykh of accessories — dry heat. It is necessary:

  1. To warm an oven to 200 °C.
  2. To wash out manikyurny tools flowing water with detergent use.
  3. To wipe accessories dry and to spread out on a baking sheet, at distance of 5 cm from each other.
  4. To place a baking sheet with tools in the warmed oven for 15 minutes.

Remember that it is possible to disinfect by method of dry heat only metal tools. The nail files from a cardboard and plastic having a sand dusting can't be subjected to influence of high temperature.

Disinfecting of tools boiling

As well as dry heat, boiling it is destructive affects viruses, bacteria, mushrooms and other pathogenic flora. For sterilization you will simply boil water in small capacity and place tools for 15 minutes. Then lay out them on a pure towel, let's dry. It is necessary to boil also only metal products.

Files from a cardboard and plastic, and also a bafa, it is necessary to process special disinfecting spray.

Video: disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of accessories

To protect itself or clients from viruses and bacteria, carefully disinfect and sterilize manikyurny tools. Looking after only the nails, you can manage make-shifts for disinfecting of a manikyurny set but if the manicure becomes to strangers, not to do without the professional equipment. To neglect rules of sterilization and disinfection, even in house conditions, it is impossible. It is fraught with dangerous diseases.

  • Author: Viarika Tepishkina