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Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

We already got used that the manicure can quite be made and in house conditions. It is cheaper, more economical on time and it is more interesting. Besides the beautiful manicure the hands is a fine way to show the art and design talents. Therefore girls get home all necessary, including materials and tools for manicure, and with pleasure make up a marigold to themselves and girlfriends.


Sterilization of tools in salon

Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

The manicure will be beautiful only on a healthy marigold, and they will be those only at hygiene observance. Visiting salon, you for certain reflected that literally some minutes ago the master nails to one client processed, and now it takes the same nail file and sits down opposite to you. The first that covers us – fastidiousness. The second – fear for our health, after all isn't known, whether was at the previous client of diseases, such as a fungus or onihomikoz nails.

Obligatory disinfection

But it isn't necessary to worry. Sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools – a key stage of work of any beauty shop. This obligatory action after each service of the client. It is simple to wash out a file or cuticle scissors in water – insufficiently. It is necessary to make their processing in a special sterilizer. In other words, to carry out disinfection.

The device for sterilization

 Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

The sterilizer is the container with a tight cover. It small can also have one or two cameras. These devices by the principle of impact on tools differ: they happen ultra-violet and thermal. The first will sterilize tools by means of UV rays which effectively kill bacteria, and the second influence microbes hot steam.

Sterilization of tools in house conditions

Houses such sterilizer can not be necessary for you is it is too unprofitable. If you do manicure only to yourself, enough after each procedure it is simple to rub off tools alcohol, and once a month to boil them in the distilled water. Then to you no fungus and other diseases is terrible. If girlfriends often ask you to make by it manicure in house conditions, it is worth being reinsured and carry out physical disinfection (boiling) before and after procedure.

Disinfection of hands

Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions 

Hygiene has to be shown not only in sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools, but also in the personal plan. The master in salon before work processes the client's fingers special means from the sprayer. This is an obezzarazhivatel on the basis of alcohol. In house conditions for such disinfection any means on alcohol will approach: boric acid, vodka, cologne, etc. It will be quite good if you have also special antibacterial soap with which you will wash hands just before manicure.

Attention! It isn't recommended to use antibacterial soap regularly as it kills not only harmful, but also useful bacteria.

Sterilization by dry heat

 Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

Some resourceful women don't plan to spend blood for purchase of a sterilizer at all. After all disinfection can be made the "antiquated" method based on printsipeunichtozheniye of microbes under the influence of high temperatures. Manikyurny tools are simply doused by dry heat in an oven, as well as banks before rolling. We will tell in more detail as it can be done in house conditions.

It is required to us:

  • detergent (liquid perfectly will be suitable for washing of ware);
  • the tools intended for sterilization (metal nail files, scissors …);
  • baking sheet;
  • metal nippers or big tweezers;
  • kitchen mitten, tacks.

The beginning of process of sterilization reminds standard cooking: we warm an oven. There will be 180-200 degrees enough. While it is warmed, we wash tools from dust and dirt by means of detergent and flowing water. Dry we wipe them and we place on a baking sheet so that tools didn't concern each other. They will be sterilized 13-15 minutes.

Having put on a mitten and having used a tack, get a baking sheet with tools and let's them cool down. The oven can be switched off.

Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

Attention! It is possible to sterilize in such a way only metal tools! Cardboard and plastic files with a sand dusting can't be placed in an oven!

If you do manicure in house conditions infrequently and only to yourself, there will be once a month quite enough or even to carry out processing to two heat in an oven. It won't take a lot of time, and you won't need to hurry, unlike masters of salons it is simple to them not to do without sterilizer.

Except use of an oven, there is one more way as it is possible to sterilize tools for manicure.


 Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

That at boiling all microbes perish, all know hostesses. Why not to use this principle and when processing the manikyurny tool. Everything is extremely simple: we place metal files and scissors in the boiling water for 15-20 minutes. While there is a processing, prepare a wide towel. On it you spread out tools on the end of procedure of boiling.

Attention! Don't cool the manikyurny tool in cold water at all! Sharp temperature drop is harmful to metal!

Possible diseases

 Sterilization of the manikyurny tool in house conditions

Neglect sterilization of the manikyurny tool even in house conditions to become bytprichiny infections with various diseases. Skin round nails can have microscopic wounds where the infection can get. Of course, if you do manicure of the house only to yourself, the probability of infection with dreadful diseases (hepatitis, AIDS) is excluded, but various fungi and mycoses will appear easily. Therefore we don't neglect the basic rules of house disinfection.

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