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Sterilization of tools for manicure

Sterilization of tools for manicure

Saloon procedures stopped being the privilege of exclusively wealthy people long ago. On the contrary, now practically each girl goes to manicure, a pedicure, visits the cosmetologist, the massage therapist or spends time in SPA. The cosmetology centers are associated at us not only with beauty, but also with purity and as can be differently – after all all procedures which offer there, anyway concern personal hygiene. For this reason post-and preprocedural preparation of tools and the equipment is very important. Today we will talk about disinfection and sterilization of tools for carrying out the manikyurnykh of works.


The manicure is a procedure at which carrying out on tools and the equipment there are small parts of biomaterial of the client. And after all any, even the smallest droplet of blood or almost invisible scale of skin can store in themselves harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. For this reason the SanPiN the manikyurnykh of accessories developed certain requirements to disinfection and sterilization.

By the way, it is necessary to distinguish these two concepts. Processing of surfaces and tools special means for destruction of pathogenic microorganisms is called as disinfection. But she isn't able to cope with pathogenic microbes. Sterilization kills all known viruses, mushrooms, priona, bacteria and disputes. Not for nothing the word "sterile" means "disinfected, the purest".

Types and technology of processing of devices

It is possible to carry out procedure of sterilization of tools in several ways, each of which has the features, advantages and shortcomings. Don't stop the choice only on some one of them, and get some adaptations for processing of different tools better:

  • Sukhozhar or sukhozharovy case. One of the most effective sterilizers killing microorganisms by impact on them by means of high temperature. But not all manikyurny accessories are capable to sustain such sterilization. In a sukhozhara only that are made of cobalt alloys or Japanese steel are processed, the others after such processing can "die" together with bacteria.

For full disinfecting of tools 20 seconds there are enough. It is categorically forbidden to leave them in a sukhozhara after processing.

  • Oven (oven). Yes, yes, you shouldn't be surprised – the usual kitchen oven can also serve you as a sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of accessories! For carrying out this procedure wash up tools in flowing water, wipe dry and place in the oven which is previously warmed to 220 degrees. In 15-20 minutes pull out. Don't use cold water for cooling.
  • Autoclave or steam sterilizer. It disinfects tools by means of hot steam (to 134 degrees). They need to be spread in 1 layer, previously having washed up and having dried. Process of sterilization in the autoclave lasts 20 minutes.
  • Glasperlen or ball sterilizer. Represents the capacity from metal in the plastic case filled with small balls from quartz glass. This device is equipped with heating elements which after its inclusion in a network influence these balls and they heat up to temperature of 240 degrees for half an hour. After that there previously cleared and dried up manikyurny accessories (only the metal are inserted!) also are half an hour more there. Further they need to be taken out and washed out in disinfecting solution and it is possible to use.
  • Ultrasound. Cleaning happens to its help as follows: in the special container the disinfecting liquid is filled in, tools give all the best there and it is located in an ultrasonic sterilizer which deletes pollution by wave vibration influence. Copes even with the corrosion phenomena.
  • UF-sterilizer. As it is clear from the name, fights against microorganisms by radiation by ultraviolet rays. Well fights against a rust.
  • Chemical processing. Not the most popular method of sterilization. The matter is that for destruction of all harmful microbes and viruses quite aggressive reagents and special conditions are required: the certain room, the capacities steady against their influence, overalls for the personnel, suitable storage conditions. Not each salon is able to afford to carry out such procedure especially as there are much more available and not less effective methods.

When processing is carried out, the tools are packed into special bags. Them there are some types:

  • Kraft packages. Are pressurized by means of paper clips and help tools to keep sterility within 3 days;
  • The stuck bags. Sterility term duration in them – 20 days;
  • Packages from paper with thermal welding. Tools store sterility within a month in such tight packings.

Than to process?

Manikyurny accessories have to pass some extents of cleaning of harmful microorganisms before the master uses them for designated purpose. Presterilizing cleaning consists parts of the died-off skin and biological liquids at a distance and represents washing of tools in flowing water with use of simple soap. Pure accessories are loaded into a sterilizer, pass global processing from all bacteria and viruses then are packed into tight bags. And just before procedure they pass the last stage of disinfection. Also it there passes the workplace and hands of the master and the client. The following preparations are for this purpose used:

  • Neosteril colourless. It is applied to express disinfection of working surfaces, the equipment, tools. Contains alcohol. Quickly dries and doesn't demand washing off. Possesses a broad spectrum of activity (the set of kinds of fungi and viruses, including, AIDS, hepatitis, a rotavirus kills; bacteria and microbes). Doesn't demand airing of the room after processing, it is possible to use even at visitors;
  • Neosteril blue. The disinfector for hands of the master and client. Represents ready solution with which it is necessary to wipe hands just before the beginning of procedure. Also this liquid possesses wound healing action. Is absolutely safe, doesn't cause allergic reactions and irritations on an integument;
  • Dezekon, Dezefekt, Dezekon-OM. Preparations for disinfection of tools. They are similar on the properties. Represent solutions of the special disinfecting chemicals which are poured in a tray and there all tools give all the best. After processing their careful washing in flowing water is necessary.

Dezekon can use within a month, Dezefekt and Dezekonom-OM – within 2 weeks then solutions become useless and need replacement.

Main stages

It is necessary to disinfect and sterilize tools in a certain sequence. All process takes quite long time therefore each manicurist is obliged to have some sets of tools on change. So:

  • After you finished procedure of manicure, all used tools need to be washed out carefully in flowing water with soap, deleting visible contaminations;
  • Further they are located in a tray with disinfecting liquid and are maintained in it certain time;
  • The disinfected tools are located in a sterilizer. There they pass global processing from all harmful microorganisms;
  • After that already sterile accessories are packaged and packed into tight packages for preservation of the purity;
  • Just before the following procedure at the client the package is opened and tools are again processed by means of alcohol or disinfecting solution.

How often have to be processed?

In general, all manikyurny accessories are subdivided into 2 look depending on production material – they happen porous and nonporous. Porous is most often tools for single application or reusable, but demanding special cleaning. Nonporous – reusable and it is easy to clean them. Therefore before starting procedure of disinfection and sterilization, it is necessary to specify, this or that adaptation belongs to what version and proceeding from it to take further actions:

  • The fabric, wooden and absorbing belongings to porous subjects, such as nail files (the majority since is also metal), sponzhik, wadded and "orange" sticks, tissues and towels, bafa for polishing belong. They need to be thrown out after the first use (except for files, but it is necessary to look how they transfer disinfection and if the surface starts collapsing after contact with liquid, they are also subject to utilization).

If you use fabric towels in work, they need to be erased in the washing machine with use of powder at the end of each working day.

  • Nonporous accessories most often happen metal, plastic, glass or fiber glass. Mills, manikyurny tweezers and nozhnichka, various brushes concern to them. They need to be sterilized and disinfected by all above-mentioned rules after each client.
  • Subjects, for example, the gels which aren't contacting to an integument, gel varnishes, acryle, color nail varnishes don't transfer harmful microorganisms and therefore don't need sterilization.

Processing in house conditions

The technique of performance of sterilization of tools in house conditions depends on the one who else, except you, uses your accessories to manicure. If you don't give them to anybody, as the disinfector use solution of ethyl alcohol and wipe them after each procedure. Once a month it is desirable to boil them within 5 minutes. If all members of your family use the same manikyurny set, then more serious sterilization is necessary. And with it you will be helped by a kitchen oven.

It will be necessary for you: good means for washing of ware or liquid soap, an iron baking sheet, tacks and mittens.

Warm an oven to 200 degrees. Until it is heated, properly wash out all tools in flowing water with soap, remove dirt. Wipe them dry. Spread out on a baking sheet, observing a distance in 5 cm between them. Place in an oven and take there within 15 minutes then get it. This time will be enough for full disinfecting of tools.

Remember that this method of sterilization approaches only for metal subjects! Plastic and cardboard files with a dusting can't be placed in an oven!

Besides dry heat, there is one more method of house sterilization – boiling. Pour water in a small pan, you will boil it and ship tools there for 10-15 minutes then accurately get, spread out on dry rags and properly dry.

Don't neglect procedures of disinfection and sterilization the manikyurnykh of accessories at all! Thus it is absolutely unimportant, whether you do manicure only to yourself or you accept clients as the professional. Hygiene – guarantee of health!

You learn answers to questions of sterilization of tools for manicure from the following video.