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Tampons with Levomekol: application in gynecology

For treatment of the majority of gynecologic diseases antibacterial preparations are used. One of the most effective – Levomekol. In gynecology tampons with Levomekol are often applied. Their use has the features about which it is necessary to know not only to experts, but also ordinary people. After all treatment is quite often carried out at home.

Tampons with Levomekol: application in gynecology

What effect Levomekol has?

Many diseases of gynecologic character are caused by various infections. At first the inflammation center is formed, and further there is a distribution of pathogenic microbes in sexual ways. The woman will feel unpleasant feelings. Levomekol – the antibacterial preparation possessing a broad spectrum of activity perfectly struggles with an infection. It is reached at the expense of the main active components of ointment – chloramphenicol and methyluracil.

Chloramphenicol is received in the artificial way. It has antibacterial effect. Its functions:

  • doesn't allow bacteria to breed in an organism;
  • interferes with production of protein at pathogenic microorganisms;
  • eliminates the microbes caused by an inflammation.

Thanks to that chloramphenicol has an artificial origin, it can destroy a large number of microbes, beginning from simpler, finishing steadier against many antibacterial preparations.

Methyluracil renders the following effect:

  • improves development of immune and blood cages;
  • promotes acceleration of healing of wounds;
  • reduces an inflammation
  • Thanks to the structure Levomekol promotes:
  • to elimination of pathogenic microflora in sexual ways;
  • to removal of an inflammation;
  • to immunity increase;
  • to acceleration of healing of skin, mucous membranes that promotes fast recovery;
  • normalization of a metabolism on affected areas.

For this reason it is appointed often at various defeats of infectious character.

Tampons with Levomekol: application in gynecology

Application in gynecology

The main task of a preparation – to eliminate an infection. Diseases of such character often meet in gynecology therefore ointment is widely used here. Diseases of bodies of a small pelvis which have inflammatory character, happen specific and nonspecific. The first are called by the microbes which are present at an organism, but not at a large number. At their decrease in immunity becomes more therefore there is a disease.

But Levomekol well copes with diseases of nonspecific character. As such pathologies are considered:

  • vulvit, vaginit;
  • disbioz vaginas;
  • gonorrhea;
  • uterus neck erosion;
  • defeats of herpetic character of genitals;
  • damages of bodies of a small pelvis.

Levomekol has symptomatic effect, that is removes the main manifestations of a disease. Ointment influences the reason of emergence of pain and other unpleasant feelings – eliminates the microbes which caused an inflammation.


In the instruction to medicine it is specified that people are forbidden to use ointment, at which hypersensibility to its components. If the person already had an allergic reaction after use of ointment, it is forbidden to apply on affected areas it again. It can cause such dangerous complications as Kvinke or anaphylactic shock swelled.

When ointment is used for the first time, it is necessary to watch closely a condition of the patient. If his health starts worsening, it is worth visiting the doctor immediately.

Important! Not all antibiotics can be applied on integumentary fabrics and mucous. Levomekol for these purposes it is authorized to use therefore he was widely adopted in gynecology.

During pregnancy and feeding by a breast

Ointment makes local impact. It is appointed to pregnant women because system absorption of components of a preparation is minimum. The medicine minimum will get into a blood-groove of the child.

When feeding the breast to some women can demand Levomekol's use. Ointment is appointed at patrimonial injuries, and also complications of infectious character. The preparation possesses low extent of absorption therefore risk hit of its components in breast milk decreases.

Pay attention! Ointment Levomekol it is impossible to use a long time for treatment of infections. It can cause accumulation of substance in an organism and intoxication.

Side effects

There is a number of complications which the preparation can cause:

  • manifestation of an allergy in the form of rashes;
  • the giperemiya and itch where is put ointment;
  • hypostasis of hypodermic and fatty cellulose;
  • violations in work of a liver, kidneys because of long use of a preparation.

By-effects can arise owing to a variety of reasons – hypersensibility to preparation components, its wrong use, and also because of associated diseases. For this reason it is necessary to know how it is correct to apply ointment, and also tampons with Levomekol.

Tampons with Levomekol: how to use

At the pathological states connected with genitals often to patients tampons with Levomekol are appointed. In most cases procedure should be conducted independently. To achieve desirable medical effect, it is important to follow the following rules of application of tampons with ointment:

  1. First of all the toilet of genitals is carried out.
  2. It is in advance necessary to prepare wadded tampons. Length them has to make 1,5 cm, and diameter – 5 mm.
  3. It is necessary to apply plentiful amount of ointment on wadded tampons.
  4. Tampons need to be entered into a vagina, having left them there for 7 hours. Therefore procedure is recommended to be done before going to bed.
  5. In the morning or on the expiration of the put time it is necessary to take tampons, then to carry out a podmyvaniye of genitals.

Pay attention! It is necessary to carry out procedure 1 time per day. The course of treatment has to make 14 days.

Many diseases of genitals of inflammatory character can due to the lack of the correct treatment cause infertility. And tampons with Levomekol – very effective, and, above all easy way of treatment of various infections.

Tampons with Levomekol: application in gynecology

Pluses and minuses

In gynecology other preparations also are applied to treatment of diseases of infectious character. Therefore, how to choose this or that means, need to define its positive and negative sides in an individual order.

Levomekol's pluses:

  • rendering the combined action;
  • it is authorized to use during pregnancy and a lactation;
  • has few contraindications, and also side effects;
  • low cost;
  • children can appoint.

Levomekol's shortcomings:

  • possesses smaller efficiency unlike system antibacterial preparations;
  • it is possible to use only after consultation at the doctor;
  • risk of emergence of allergic reactions;
  • it isn't always convenient to apply in gynecology.

Before starting treatment by Levomekol, it is necessary to be convinced of safety of a preparation, especially, if you are going to use it for the first time. Also don't forget to pass consultation at the expert.