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Thermoblanket for a wrapping: application, responses

Recently among adaptations for a wrapping the thermoblanket enjoys the increasing popularity. It finds broad application both in cosmetology salons, and in house conditions. It is idle time and the option which isn't demanding additional efforts for a set of cosmetic procedures.

Thermoblanket for a wrapping: application, responses

What is it?

The main idea of this cosmetic device is an arrangement of special heating elements under dense fabric of a blanket. Initially similar adaptations used in medicine, for treatment of respiratory diseases. In the modern world the thermoblanket found big application in cosmetology. It is used effectively for fight against any esthetic imperfections.

The best way of disposal of excess fat is a physical activity. At run and other physical exercises fat turns into energy due to which the body of the person heats up. A problem that at a modern rhythm of life is sometimes very difficult to find time for full-fledged sports loadings. Also all conveniences in our life limit physical activity of people. For example, cars, public transport and elevators. The thermoblanket provides the correct and uniform heating of a body which promotes disposal of excess fat. One procedure of a wrapping can replace five kilometer jog.

The simplest thermoblanket consists of one section with uniform heating on all area. The two-section blanket has two zones of heating which can work independently from each other. The modern thermoblanket consists of three parts. The first part covers a breast, the second – a stomach, and the third – feet. Has function of regulation of temperature in each of these zones separately. Also modern devices provide adjustment of duration of heating. It allows to direct the maximum efforts specifically on a problem zone.

The thermoblanket for a wrapping is made of water-repellent fabric from within. It promotes creation of effect of a sauna. Outside has the thermoisolating layer. It, in turn, interferes with heat exit to a blanket surface. The heater role is carried out most often by infrared thermal beams. They have ability to get into a body on depth from 4 to 10sm. At the expense of it more than 500 kilocalories for one procedure are burned.

At the expense of special flypapers the thermoblanket can be used on any figure. Also one of advantages is that it doesn't demand special leaving. Rather carefully to wash out it warm water with soap and to rinse.

Thermoblanket for a wrapping: application, responses

Procedure of a wrapping

Before procedure of a wrapping in a thermoblanket it is necessary to clear skin by means of any skrabiruyushchy adaptation. For bigger effect apply on problem zones special thermo - gel and wrap them in food wrap. Further it is necessary to choose the necessary temperature and duration of procedure, depending on desirable effect. The qualified cosmetologist will help to choose the correct temperature for each type of a wrapping. After that the person is wrapped up in a thermoblanket and enjoys procedure. Wrapping duration usually makes 40-50 min.

During procedure there is an effective heating promoting weight loss and disposal of excess fat. And the person simply lies at this time under a blanket.

After procedure it is necessary to remove a film, to take a shower and to wash away thermo - gel if it was used.

Unfortunately, after the body gets to the usual temperature environment, there is a narrowing of vessels and hypostasis of problem zones starts coming back. For this reason the greatest effect is reached only after passing of a full course of procedures. The wrapping course usually consists of 10-15 procedures. They are carried out every other day. For maintenance of good effect after a course of procedures it is necessary to repeat a wrapping approximately once a week.

Effect of a thermoblanket at a wrapping

The thermoblanket influences not only appearance of a body, but also a set of biological processes of the person. Besides the general weight loss there is still the whole list of the main spheres of influence:

  • Strengthening of processes of microcirculation and metabolism;
  • Decrease in body weight;
  • Blood circulation increase;
  • Removal of excess moisture and toxins from cells of a body;
  • Improvement of effect of cosmetic creams and gels for weight loss;
  • Disposal of cellulitis;
  • Help in treatment of catarrhal diseases;
  • The weakening effect.

It is worth noticing that weight loss with use of a thermoblanket practically doesn't make sense without observance of a special diet. It is very important to watch the food and to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to see the maximum effect of procedures of a wrapping.


The thermoblanket is a safe cosmetology device. Often clients of the cosmetologist have fear that it can strike blow with electric current during procedure. However you shouldn't be afraid of it as values of current it is reduced to the level, safe for the person.

In spite of the fact that use of a blanket is absolutely safe, there are situations at which it is necessary to refrain from a wrapping:

  • Sensitivity to the increased temperatures;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Age restrictions to 6 and after 60 years;
  • Special sensitivity of skin;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • Endocrine diseases.

Many who undergoes procedure of a wrapping with a thermoblanket for the first time, notice some discomfort. It is connected with not habit of a body to be influenced by such high temperatures. But over time the body will get used to procedure from discomfort there will be no trace also.

Before use of a thermoblanket in living conditions it is necessary to study surely the instruction of the producer and to consult with the doctor!

Thermoblanket for a wrapping: application, responses


The market in this sphere offers a set of various options of thermoblankets for a wrapping, with rather extensive price range. On what the price can depend:

  • Use purpose. The cost of household devices usually many times is less than a cost of thermoblankets for commercial use.
  • Functionality. The price varies also depending on model and its opportunities.
  • The sizes also play a considerable role in installation of the price by the producer.
  • Thermoblankets make both in the domestic market, and on the foreign. It is natural that the price of a foreign product will be above domestic analog.


  1. I completed a course of procedures of a wrapping with a thermoblanket in salon half a year ago. The excellent effect, remains on long. Procedure painless also doesn't bring discomfort.
  2. I bought a thermoblanket home for disposal of cellulitis. Effect tremendous! I delighted! I thought I won't be able to return to a body a former look any more, however the thermoblanket proved me the return.
  3. After the first procedure I didn't notice effect. Only skin became more pleasant to the touch. However, having completed all course, I can tell with confidence that the effect is. I am happy with the spent time and means.
  4. After the first procedure with a thermoblanket I began to panic. As this procedure caused in me quite unpleasant feelings because of so high temperature. But already I got used to the middle of a course and could relax. I remained results it is happy.