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Tools for manicure

Tools for manicure

The successful person is given out by beautiful hands. This rule equally both is applicable to the woman, and to the man. The manicure allows to give to hands a healthy and well-groomed look. Quality of procedure in many respects depends on tools for the manicure and materials used in work.


The manicure includes such components as cutting of nails to the necessary length, giving of a form, removal of a cuticle, and also massage, a srub and a mask for skin of hands. On average, procedure of manicure is carried out each two weeks that allows to support hands in perfect tune. Allocate the following types of manicure depending on technology of the execution demanded the equipment and materials.

The cut

This look is considered classical. The master in salon can make cut manicure or everyone is independent. At first hands steam out in a tray with addition of soap and salt. From professional tools for procedure you will need scissors, tweezers, a nail file. At first it is necessary to remove an old covering, to cut off and straighten nails. With warm water of a brush it is necessary to keep in a tray 15 minutes in order that the cuticle became soft and it could be cut off easily. The final stage on the dried-up and previously fat-free nails applies a varnish or other covering.

The advantage of this type of manicure is its ability to change the even most started nails.

The cut manicure is easy performed by and doesn't demand the expensive equipment. It is necessary to carry injury risk to shortcomings during the work with the cutting subjects.

The European

Such manicure is carried out without the cutting tools. For a softening of a cuticle special means which is put round a nail is used. Then the become horny skin is removed a wooden stick. Not cut manicure is suitable for well-groomed hands. Plus is also lack of opportunity to be cut at procedure.

The hardware

This manicure will require the professional device with various nozzles mills. It is applied most often in salon. By means of nozzles it is possible to polish qualitatively a nail plate, to give to nails any form. The hardware manicure completely excludes opportunity to be cut. The risk of infection with an infection too is absent. The cuticle is removed carefully. It promotes that skin ogrubevat less.

Spa manicure

Perhaps, the most fragrant type of manicure. In addition to removal of a cuticle and trimming of nails drawing various masks, srubs and lotions for care of skin of hands and nails, a parafinoterapiya is added. The natural ingredients which are a part of cosmetics such as milk, extracts of plants and seaweed, minerals, help to fix problems of stratifying and fragilities of nails. It is possible to carry its duration to shortcomings of procedure – more than 2 hours.


This look is directed on complex restoration of nails and food of skin. Association of not cut method of processing of nails and a Spa program allows to solve problems of cracks, fragilities, stratifyings of nails. Procedure very pleasant and surely includes a tray with oils and massage by warm sacks with salt.

Hot manicure

Such type of manicure is considered medical. Hands plunge into a tray with warm oils and special means for 15-20 minutes. Skin is filled with nutritious vitamins, minerals. Hands become gentle, nails stronger. This procedure in a winter season when hands need additional leaving is especially favorable. Procedure has a number of contraindications, such as a varicosity, diabetes and other diseases.

What are necessary?

Professionals in manikyurny business don't advise to buy ready tool kits – they, as a rule, poor quality and a subject you will hardly use the majority. It is better to buy tools separately, choosing that will be ideally suited for you. Conditionally materials for manicure can be divided into some groups depending on their appointment.

Polishing of nails

For giving of a form to nails and their polishings will be required nail files and bafa. Nail files happen metal, glass, wooden, ceramic, plastic and others. Glass nail files, according to professional masters, only the advertizing course. As practice shows, in work they are absolutely useless. With a metal file only the professional can work. It is necessary to file a nail such tool in a special way, otherwise it is possible to injure a nail plate. The best option – files with an abrasive covering. Thickness of a dusting is measured in the gritakh. So, the tool with a high rate will be suitable for polishing of nails and giving of gloss to them. The file in 200-400 grit perfectly will cope with registration of nails, giving of a form to them. The tool to 180 grit is used for building and work with artificial nails.

Recently electric files for polishing of nails are popular. They are effective and safe in use. Most often such tool is used for creation of effect of saloon procedure at home. The professional manicure will require some files of a different indicator grit. One tool it is impossible to execute all arsenal of works. To polishing of a nail plate it is applied baf. It has four parties, each of which is followed by the description of sequence of use.

It is worth making a reservation, polishing even healthy nails it is necessary not more often than once a week.


Under this name the whole group of tools of different function is joint. The most popular of them are:

  • pusher – tools for moving away of a cuticle. They can have a square form or to be rounded off depending on a shape of own nails;
  • the scraper – is used for clarification of a surface of the nails infected with a fungus. For healthy nails such tool is used extremely seldom;
  • spear – a so-called narrow rake with round edge for removal from under nails of the died-off cages, dirt, dust;
  • the curette – the tool for professional manicure which one edge is rounded in a shape of a nail. The curette is used for removal of a cuticle and clarification of spaces under nails.

The cutting

This group includes scissors, tweezers, trimmers, nippers for manicure. In not cut manicure the cuticle is "dissolved" a special remuver on the basis of lactic or fruit acid. Then the become horny and softened skin is deleted with an orange stick. The trimmer has a V-shaped form and is ideally suited not only for removal of a cuticle, but also processing of a prinogtevy hole.

Scissors for a cuticle unlike that are used for cutting of nails, have narrower bent edges. It is very convenient to remove previously removed thin skin them. Tweezers and nippers are also subdivided into tools for a cuticle and for processing of nail edge. The cut manicure to all other requires a tray for a skin rasparivaniye.

Electric equipment

The hardware manicure is carried out without use of tweezers and scissors. All procedure is carried out on the special device with different nozzles – mills: for removal of an old covering, for processing of the cut-off edge, for okolonogtevy space and a cuticle, for polishing etc.

Use of the device allows to avoid traumatizing and cuts. The leather processed by the electric tool ogrubevat less that allows to keep more long manicure the fresh.

For procedure of manicure in house conditions it is possible to manage the small device of small power. Among its advantages – rather low cost, compactness, ease in the address. The only condition – needs to be done a break in work each 15 minutes. It will protect the equipment from an overheat and the device will serve long.

The professional device for manicure differs in a large number of nozzles and high power. Often the equipment for salons is supplied with additional functions, such as the vacuum cleaner for collecting dust, pedal control and protection against an overheat. As for nozzles, diamond will be suitable for professionals – they perfectly process free edge and delete the become horny skin. Diamond mills are more durable. For the beginner it is better to choose ceramic nozzles – they safer.

For building

Building and registration of nails requires a special lamp for drying, and also various tools for a decor:

  • dots – the device reminding the handle for a varnish set with its help are created a miscellaneous like circles;
  • wide and thin brushes for material and registration of a nail plate;
  • acrylic brushes – are intended for a list by acrylic paints;
  • templates for a service jacket manicure;
  • toothpicks, needles, sticks for patterns.

The complete list for house use

For house manicure it is absolutely optional to have all arsenal of means for saloon procedure. It is enough to get high-quality basic tools and raskhodnik. The list of necessary materials looks as follows:

  • scissors and tweezers for manicure. These tools have to be made of stainless steel and are ground manually. It is desirable to get the tool in specialized shop. The cost of scissors is rather high, but also will serve the high-quality tool very long. The pointed scissors it is convenient to clean the prepared cuticle, to give the form to nails. Tweezers are intended for more rough skin and those sites where to scissors not to reach;
  • nail file. One nail file from abrasive material quite will be suitable for house manicure. Acquisition of the two-sided tool with an abrasive covering of different density on each party will become the successful decision. Such nail file it is convenient to give the form and to polish nails;
  • baf – desirable, but optional means;
  • orange stick. It is possible to get a set of sticks of different length and diameter. The wide party it is convenient to remove a cuticle, sharp – to clear dirt and dust from under nails. Sticks are made of antiseptic wood therefore are completely safe and hypoallergenic. As the tree well absorbs water, orange sticks disposable in order to avoid reproduction of bacteria;
  • brush for removal of nail dust;
  • antiseptics. Even if your tool is individual, nevertheless it is necessary to wipe it liquid for cleaning. This procedure will allow to avoid reproduction of bacteria in the damp environment. In house use purchase of an ultrasonic sink is optional at all – this accessory is applied only by professionals;
  • tray for hands;
  • expendables, such as gloves, wadded disks, sponzh, towels;
  • material for a covering and a decor of nails (varnishes, cliches, brushes, etc.);
  • oil for a cuticle. Ukhodovy oil is irreplaceable for qualitative manicure of hands, it well nourishes and changes skin.

For storage of a tool kit it is desirable to get a convenient handbag, a case or a cosmetics bag. Tools will always be in one place and near at hand.


As it was already noted, manikyurny the tool has to be quality. Yoko can be distinguished from popular producers of the equipment for salons, Samaraprof, Metzger, "Sphere", "Erudite", Eclat, Zinger, Merz.The Yoko trademark offers the wide range of nippers, scissors, tweezers from Japanese steel. The tool is known to sharpeners. The company offers an exchange of the device which broke within a year from the date of purchase that is very convenient. Goods price the very budgetary. Besides the tool, Yoko offers all arsenal means for building and modeling of nails, materials for a pedicure.

The Russian company Samaraprof is engaged more than 5 years in sale of devices for manicure and a pedicure, furniture and accessories of domestic and foreign production. The goods of high quality are presented at low prices. The Metzger trademark – the Russian supplier of the tool of a premium class from producers of Germany, England, France, Italy. High quality steel of the international class conforms to all quality standards. The cost of the tool is high.

It is possible to distinguish production of Eclat and Zinger from tools of the European quality. So, Eclat scissors have diamond sharpening and are made of high-quality surgical steel. For house use it is possible to recommend production of "Staleks" and "Erudite" – the professional instrument of handwork made of quality stainless steel. Such accessory will serve to you very long.

Suppliers and producers offer all range of production for manicure, including furniture, expendables and means for cleaning of the tool.

How to choose the best?

At a choice of nippers and scissors it is worth paying attention to quality of steel and convenience of stay in a hand.

Scissors – the main tool for trimming of nails, it is possible to delete with them also a cuticle. At a choice of the tool you shouldn't save, best of all to get goods in professional shop of a known brand. As obligatory addition to high quality of steel the guarantee on an accessory will serve. As a rule, it remains year from the date of purchase. Nippers represent the connected tool which edges are directed down on 5 mm that allows to make capture of skin and its removal. Qualitative nippers have to be sharp, it is good to cut, but at all not to cling and not to tear skin is can serve as the reason of traumatizing skin and entering of an infection.

Edges have to be closed strongly, without leaving a gleam. At a choice of nippers don't hesitate to take goods in a hand, after all everyone selects an accessory under itself(himself). It is worth paying attention to type of the connecting mechanism – spring or a clamping plate. Nippers with a double spring are very convenient in use and perfectly will suit beginners. Cost them, of course, is higher than the usual. Length and a form of handles can be various and depends on individual preferences.

Good nippers have to lie conveniently in a hand, have smoothness of the course. Pay attention to that springs easily met and were not hard. As for appearance, it is worth paying attention to that the subject had no chips, jags and other defects. You shouldn't choose the easiest nippers – the tool has to be felt in a hand. Besides ease can tell about a cavity of a subject and doubtful quality material of which it is made. Upon purchase of the tool it is better to give preference to subjects from surgical steel. Such nippers will serve many years, it is easy to clean them.

How it is correct to use?

In order that the tool served you long time, take care of its storage. It is best of all to keep nippers and scissors in a case, it is so possible to avoid chips when falling a subject. The special silicone cap which is put on an edge too will prevent the tool from possible breakage as a result of unsuccessful falling. An important factor of long service life of the tool is its use to destination. So, scissors aren't intended for cutting of fabric, an adhesive tape, paper. Nippers for a cuticle aren't intended for a podstriganiye of nails, from it they will quickly become blunted and the term of their operation will be reduced.

Over time it is possible to notice that scissors began to cut badly, and nippers became blunted. If on a surface of the tool there were specks, it is sure sign to carry them to the master. It will make sharpening of the cutting accessories or will execute diamond polishing. After recovery procedure subjects will shine again and will provide good manicure. Pushera and a shovel too since it is necessary to sharpen. It is necessary to make regular cleaning and disinfection of the tool. Custom water won't be suitable for these purposes – the device will rust. On the contrary, in a case water hit the tool well is dried up the hair dryer.

Before and after each use nippers, scissors, shovels and pusher need to be wiped alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen. Also well for this procedure special means will be suitable for destruction of microbes and mushrooms. It is possible to get them in a drugstore.

If earlier the tool wiped alcohol and use boiling to relieve it of mushrooms and bacteria, now exists more modern ways of disinfection of accessories:

  • ultrasonic cleaning is intended for small party of devices for processing of nails. By means of an ultrasonic wave liquid vibrates, the tool is perfectly cleared by fluctuations of dirt even in hard-to-reach spots.
  • ultra-violet radiation. By means of an ultraviolet it is possible to make quartz treatment of tools. Thus they have to be in the device 40 minutes.
  • sukhozharovy case. The greatest popularity to disinfecting of the tool in salons applies sukhozharovy a case. In it it is possible to place big party of the tool, a shortcoming is sterilization procedure time – about two hours. Be careful, only certain alloys of cobalt and Japanese steel are suitable for such method, other metals can be unusable.

For disinfecting of the tool in house conditions it is possible to advise the next way – periodic drying in an oven. The tool which is previously wiped by alcohol is displayed on a leaf and placed in an oven for 20 minutes. The correct use to destination, careful storage and disinfection will help to keep good operational characteristics of the tool for a long time.

How to choose tools for manicure, you learn from the following video.